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Monday, February 5 |4:38 PM

Nanny Nanny Poo Pooo~
I can finally blog now!
Though i have tests and work to do later...
Hahas, tried zillion of times yesterday, but i can't see the freaking Word Verification. );
Since i can, i should blog, in case i can't blog tmr.

I'll treat my every post as if it's the last one.
I'll learn to treasure my blog, hahas.

Pokays, you know what i'm gna do.
I'll use my "TIME MACHINE".
*POOF* (I'm so freaking lame.)

28th January 2007. / Fahrenheit autograh session
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Maureen and Me.
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Maureen, Vivien & Me.

Woke up at 8 for tuition and guess what?
Tuition was cancelled. :p
Hahah, not for my mother and vivien, i would have gone there to queue already.
Anws, so i went back to my hse to take a nap till 10pm.
Fetched vivien at the market and then we went to IMM.

I was kinda shocked knowing that NO ONE was outside queueing and there weren't barriers.
(I didn't know it was indoor, hahah)
And so I just blurly walked into IMM.
Like two lost sheeps in a shopping mall.
Then I saw this bunch of girls holding Fahrenhiet's poster.
So obviously they were gg for the a/s right?
Why would they be there soooo early?
So I pulled vivien over, she turned 180 degrees. (she was walking another direction)
Followed them... Then i was like

"VIVIEN! Don't follow until like that can?"
Shiqi: Don't need so obvious lah!
Vivien: Oh~ *strolls slowly*
Shiqi: WEI! Why so slow?
Vivien: You say don't so obvious what.
Shiqi: Later lost them how? Hahah.

This part damn funny.
So we reached that place.
Wow, the queue was sooo long.
Spotted Carmen... She's sooo evil, don't let us cut her queue. );
So we were like soooo far from her.

The security guard then moved us to the letterbox area.
Super stuffy in there. You know... Girls talking talking talking...
giving out carbon dioxide and blah blah.
Hahas, then maureen (momo) joined us.
Plus her sister(Nikki) and don't know who.
Went over to macs and looked for her.
Meanwhile, I saw this lady who dropped her pad on the floor!
Hahah, she pretended nothing happened and walked away.

So we took our macs and queued for the washroom.
Vivien went in first.
Wahseh, the queue damn long.
Hahah. Someone even thought that i was queuing.
So she queued behind me! LOL.
Settled down at the letter box area.
Nikki and friends went shopping.
We took turns to shop.

Walked into comics connection.
Hahah, they were like playing Fahrenheits song.
Me and momo screamed in the shop lah.
Hahah, vivien was sooo embarresed.
Lols, so we sang along with the song .
We looked like some despos looking for Fahrenheit's pic.
Can't find yalun's and wuzun's.
I didn't buy anyway.
I know i won't like them for long, hahah.


Went back to that stuffy place then we read the Singapore Ghosts Story.
(Nothing to do what)
Few minutes later, I heard some people shouting.
Then I saw this very familar back.
And so.. It's was the both geraldines. :p
So qiao lor...

Blah blah blah~

Luckily Nikki came back early..
Lucky Momo rushed her Sister back.
If not... We won't be able to cut the queue!
I know this is sinnful.
I can't help it.
It was that qiao.
When we left the place we walked somewhere near the food stalls.
And the queue was moving.
So we just squeezed in lor.
Upgraded from the 11plus to the 10 plus.
Cos we just behind carmen.
Saw Julie and friends.

Waited like sardines and Fahrenheit finally came!
Hahas, screamed like mad womans.
Managed to get my autograph at about 8 i think.
Or 7 plus? Cos i reached home at 8:30.

Lols, saw quite a number of people hugging them.
And i really asked Yalun if i can hug him, lol.
Hahah. I was kinda angry? :/
Lols, i was saying: I don't care lah, whatever it is i'm gna ask yalun if i can hig him.
Momo: Hahah, i want to hug him also.
Shiqi: Hug all better. :D
Vivien: Siao.
Shiqi: But i don't want yiru, hahah.
Vivien: You very bad leh.
Shiqi: I don't care lah. I MUST ASK!
(This is weird... because i don't even do this to 56, lol)
Out of no where. :D

Talked to Wuzun, Yalun & Dadong. ((:
Lols, I think i was talked quite softly, so Wuzun can't hear me at all.
And he came nearer. Awww, so sweet.
His eyes are like soooo tremendously big!
3 to 4 times bigger then mine!
His nose is soooo sharp!

Pokays, so i really asked Yalun if i can hug him.
Sadly... His answer was: err... cannot eh. ________ ( I forgot what he said. ) Sorry... Thankyou.
Hahah, he's hand was stretching out to me for quite long and i was like kinda blur.
Somemore my hand got sooo many things.
To be specific, one ticket! LOL.

I told Dadong that he was shuai!
He's reply was "BU HAO YI SI LA"
Hahas, he shake people's hand like some grandpa.
One hand shaking, one hand patting on my hand. :/
But he's very friendly.



3rd Feb/ Denise's aka Tan Qing's/Bestie's birthday.

Image Hosted by
Bestie. (: [ESTHER]

Image Hosted by
is that me? :/

Image Hosted by
The other machine is better. (:

Went out with Esther in the afternoon to Bugis.
Shopped for quite some stuff.
I didn't bought anything though.
We took neoprints too. :D
Initially, we were supposed to take a mrt to YCK.
Then we realise that we would be late if we did so.
So we stopped at City Hall and took cab from there.

Her bf reached much earlier compared to us.
Hahah, we reached there and guess what?
She can't be bothered to entertain us.
We were like at the door for sooo long can.
Okays, played PSP and blah blah.
Esther's PSP is sooo cool! (:
I loveee the gameeee.
Poor bf, all alone at the computer, hahah.

Then we left her place at about 7?
Esther and I took Denise's mum's car. (with her dad)
And she took her Bro's gf car.
So we were, once again, left aloneee.
Couple car vs Friends/ Old couple car.

Went to east coast to eat dinner and then left.
So boring right?
Just dinner and nothing much at the beach.
Except taking pictures. =.=

Went back to her hse, cut the cake and POOF.
Everything's gone.
And guess what? Denise's mother actually allows her bf to stay at her hse.
Supposed to sleep diff room de, then ended up in the same room...
Hahah, that's so weird.
Her mum is NOT supposed to act that way lo.
Her mum is supposed to be strict lor.

Denise's mum (DM): *To esther and me, cos denise is in some room with her bf*
You know, cannot let them stay in one room. Cannot let anything happen. Hahah.

Walks out of the room to denise's bro room.

DM: Aiyah, okay. *to her bf* Her brother say sleep here better. Sleep sofa no good.

Walks out and walks in.

DM: Your clothing lah.. I tell you ah. I will spot check okay. ONE PERSON ONE BED!

Hahah, this part damn funny!
One bed so what? The bed is connected, they can sleep on that line, lols.
Anws, it's O.O.P (out of point)


4th feb
Had tuition and guitar.
Denise even brought him to my hse!
Lied to the guitar teacher that he is her bro.
She'll have more "Brothers" to come.

Congrats to Daren or Darren.
Oppsie, whatever, I meant CHEN SHI WEI ...
Eh hey, Weilian must be super jealous over him.
Shi Wei was signed under Warner and Weilian is signed under music street/____/____
(Not sure also, but Shi Wei's one better)
And i think the previous pss was kinda weird lah.
Most of the time when they talked about top 2, there will be this 'extra' person out there.
But then this time there was only Daren/Darren and Diya.
Weilian must be jealous, haha.

I thought of a whole lot of things to type but i forgot.