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Wednesday, March 14 |1:10 PM

Blogger spouted, and now is Starhub.
Arghhh, I'm feeling really pissed now.

(1) Stupid Internet Connection
(2) My computer account. (I AM NOT THE ADMIN)

tsktsk, this stupid admin thing is blocking me from almost everything ohkay.
I can't go Live msger,
I can't download windows media player 11,
I can't have access to any files.
I can't install anything.
Can't view youtube on firefox.
I can't send damn files to anyone.

That shows you don't trust me at all.
tsk, I don't download illegal stuffs or what.
Neither do I make the computer corrupted by downloading weird stuffs.
It's just the computer.
Even now, I DO SEE POP UPS.
What's the point of making a limited account for me lah.
It will trouble you more and more because i will piss you off by asking you to install programmes for me.
And how long is it that you need to help me install one pathetic programme?
Very very long.
That means it'll also piss me.
So why don't you just change my account and stop this frustration please!


I DO and Do Not thank you for reasons.
Thank you for the LCD and Thumbdrive and my daily expenses and taking care of my mother.
And i do not wanna thank you for making me so fed up because of this.

I am so pissed with you now
Or at least lemme install whatever programmes that is needed for me first
THEN you can change my account to limited and delete whatever you think is illegal.
I know you're sorta pro in computer, tsk.
OR please just disable the freaking firewall that is also pissing me off.
I NEED TO DO MY PROJECTS, and how am i supposed to do when i can't send any files uh.
What you're doing is for MONEY and what I'm doing is for my results.
And it's important that I need certain programmes.
Now i can't even edit the C DRIVE files, then it's like nothing to me .