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“ Guessing time! ”
Friday, March 23 |6:23 PM

Guess guess. (:
I'll post the answer up, probably next week.

Ohmg, I've got a small list of contestants from my school!

(1) Zenia
(2) Shi Ying
(3) Jasslynn
(4) Pearlyn (Pamela's Sister)
(5) Julie
Another 3 anons from Wang Lao Shi's class, according to Sher.

That's quite cool. (:
Hahah, Zenia got out already.
I'm not sure of Pearlyn, but the rest are in for second round!
Shi Ying's from my class! Hoho.
I hope she gets in for the next round(s), but ermm, she has WAWA ying, I don't think she can go far.

Oh, and I think Jasslyn can sing.
(From past two years of singing competition in my school)
But I don't know her, lols.

Another girl called Julie, got in too.
Ohmg, she was even featured on the Channel U website.
That's abit shocking, hahah.
Yeap, the picture on the bottom is her!
She's a part time model, Dadong's fan & a __bian.
I think she has a high possibility of getting in, lols.
(Just my point of view, hurhur)


It'll be cool if there's one from my school this year, lols.

Taken @ NEWater. (:

I've miraculously survived through my first week of Term Two.
Things got kinda bad in school.

(1) English Teacher got stricter.
(2) Chinese presentation.
(3) Debate
(5) Project Work

Let me elaborate more.
Point one, Mrs Ong wants to conduct spelling in my class.
That's so primary school.
We're even gonna go back to GRAMMAR-GOOD-OLD-DAYS.
But that's all for our good right?
I love Mrs Ong for one reason, SHE TEACHES & CARES.
My English dropped from a B to low C last year.
Why? Cos my teacher never teaches.
She craps the whole lesson, or sometimes NOT even coming to classes.
I want to improve my English. (:

Point number two.
Taybeekee is sucha G-R-E-A-T teacher. (note the sarcasm)
She is getting into my nerves.
One day I'll erupt like a volcano.
TBK expects us to memories the whole passage and wants all five people to read it unanimously. Obviously we'll go in different speeds, how to talk unanimously?
The whole point is that she asked us to rehearse it for her today, when the actual thing is on Tuesday.
I'm not pissed because she asked us to rehearse.
I'm pissed because she's only doing this for her own sake.
(There will be VPs coming to our class to see the presentation)
So she just wants to show that she can teach very well.
Other classes don't even have rehearsal, and they don't need to memories.
That's unfair.

Point 3 - The Literature Debate
We were grouped in fours & then given a two poems.
We're the proposition, so we need to go FOR the poem.
Showing that it has more loneliness in it.
It's supposed to be like The Arena.
Ohmg, and you know I can't rebut or impromptu.
So I was kinda stressed up.
We were given the poems on wednesday & we had to present it on friday.
It's a short notice, isn't it?
We had to go to NEWater on Wed & most people had CCAs on Thurs.
So that leaves us with little time to discuss.
And guess what? It is counted in our CA!
So I was kinda stressed and pissed for these two days.
Oh well, it's over. Ms Kaur said it was good.

Point number four, Project Work.
Project Work sucks BIG TIME.
Especially when my teacher's Mrs Jacob!
Honestly, I do have phobia of her.
She's like so damn exaggerating & her standards are damn high.
We only started PW during Sec 2 & she thinks that we did it in Sec One.
She expects us to know everything and what to do, but we don't.
We're supposed to organize a funfair, argh.
So shit.


Just the starting and yet we've got sooo many things to do.
And my cough got worst.
Adding on it, I'm having a flu too.
I'm going to do my NYAA physical component tmr.
Also, buying my mum's present plus catch Bean's Holiday with my girls.
(excluding you know who)

I want to recover!