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“ suitcase of dreams ”
Monday, March 12 |1:43 AM

You packed your suitcase of dreams
And left me here, or so it seems
You said you'll be back before tomorrow
All I wanted is that you will let me follow

You talked of things you have to do
Things I couldn't or shouldn't do for you
You talked of things you dream of having
Things that I tried but can't seem to be giving

But even in your dream when we are apart
You probably know it deep in your heart
That I will see you tonight
Under the tree in the fields of white


Ohmg, I'm bored but I don't feel like sleeping at all.
Tell me what can I do besides Foruming, Friendster, Blog-hoping, Photoshop-ing?

I'm so sick of those already.
I really wanna photoshop but you know, it's sooo boring without brushes.
Gimme links or something to do please?