Shiqi :D
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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

“ Bubblybaloony or kusocandy,, I MISS YOUUU~ ”
Monday, April 9 |7:35 PM

The most random thing I heard today.

"GIRLS! i've been standing here and timing you all but NO ONE ... Not even ONE of you..... took notice!"


" Today...... is a sad day for PL"

Ooooh you POWERLESS Discipline Master-Mr Tang.
Just because no one listens to you... IT IS A SAD DAY?!
What the hell.

Mr Tang has loads to learn from Ms Gan.
She's soooo POWERFUL.
Not even a word from her, and the whole school is quiet.

I LOVEEE MS GAN, the cutie cutie. (:

I miss you my bubbblybaloonyyy.
); Schools nothin' without you.
Love loads.


Painted my toenails RED!