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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

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“ I was late! ”
Wednesday, April 11 |3:53 PM

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Try this. (: Cute and simple concept. Kills time.

Zohmg, I was late (uhm, not really?) today!

The usually-early-bird-me actually was almost late today!
I woke up (naturally) to the horror seeing the sky already in the shades of blue instead of black.
Normally, during school days, i'll see the sky most probably dark,
But it was BLUE this morning.

At that moment I thought I was dreaming, lol.
Checked my phone for the time (it was 6:48) and then checked my alarm(in the phone).
Well oh well, I was really really late.
Ran to the toilet, changed my clothes and then rushed down.
The best thing of all is that MY MAID DIDN'T BOTHER TO WAKE ME UP.
What the hell?

My alarm didn't ring for I Don't Know What reason.
Qing called me, she thought I disappeared.

Tommorow is sports day.
Urgh, friday is Napfa 2.4km.
Monday is Napfa 5 items. );

Where are youuuu? I'm still waiting. (: