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“ KBOX KBOX! (: ”
Saturday, April 7 |8:36 PM

"Qiqi, you every time go to X Box one right?" Tanqing.
"Huh? What X box? *excited*" Shiqi.
"You every time go there sing song de" Tanqing.
"OH, you mean K BOX!" Shiqi.

That's kinda funny, lol.

Mummy's bf, Mum, and me. (:


Anws, celebrate Jinghao's birthday today.
I was sooo "excited" I can't sleep properly.
I reached Somerset at 1:50?
Then waited for Qing, this time she was kinda on time.
We walked our way to Cineleisure.
I was kinda feeling rushed because we're meeting the guys at 3pm.
And we didn't have enough time to shop for Jinghao's present.
Basically, I was jumping around because I was feeling anxious.

lols, qing told me he liked those sleeveless shirt?
But it costs 30bucks, so I didn't purchase it.
You can say I'm soooo money minded or xiao qi.
But you see, I'm still forking out money for kbox,
at least more than the rest. ;D

So I ended up with this black shirt.
Headed to More Than Words, to buy a box for the shirt.
Well, all of it was too cartoony.
Haha, qing told me it was okay, so heck care, I bought it.

So we hide in the ULU staircase to fix the box,
the box was sooo freaking hard to fold can?
Some more need scotch tape, lols.
We were sweating like mad pigs in the staircase already.
HAHAHA, ended up kinda okay lah.
With some ends of the box out of shape. ;p

Ran in the rain to look for Birthday Cakes.
Tsk, ran all the way to some hotel for cake, and they said
"Sorry madam, you need to pre-order one day before"
So we risked our lifes by JAY WALKING on the busy road.
We were considered kinda lucky that there were cakes in Taka.
Then Jinghao called qing. (FYI: It was already 3pm)
So we ran back to Cineleisure again.
Haiz, we were really sweating like pigs.
& the f_____ lift is sooo damn slow.
But the kbox we booked is at level 8!
There's so escalator access to there.

Waited at least 10mins for the lift, tsk.

Met Masa, Gideon, JJ, Mingjun @ the lift.
What a coincidence uh!
Don't know all of them except Masa & JJ.
& at the first look i thought Mingjun was Masa wearing contacts.
Anws, Mingjun looked like Mengzhe to me!
HAHAH, not the size lah.
It was the eyes. :p

So when we reached Kbox, the birthday boy was all alone waiting for us.
Lols, entered the room & Jinghao commented something funny.
"This looked so weird lah, looks like some prostitute lounge."
Why? Cos there were only two girls!
Xianning & Xuanwei was late.

I felt so extra cos' all the people invited were Jinghao's friends & his gf.
I wasn't really related to him in one way or another.
Ohoh, the first song they played was... Cun Zai by 5566 !
Damn shocking, hahaha. It's just weird.
Nothing much happened lah, just sing lor.

We pretended that we went to the washroom but instead we went to collect the birthday cake.
Argh, rushed our time over there again.
Met Xianning in the lift(@ Cine) , lol.
Hahaha, so we told them that we went to look for Xianning.
Told the Kbox person to bring in the cake @ 4.30...
But some how there were some kinda miscommunication.
It came in rather late.
Plus we played the Happy Birthday song at the wrong timing!
Ohmg, it happened two times! Super paiseh.

Hahaha, JJ so outcast lah.
And the people kept bullying him..
Kept saying "JJ sucks" & "Here got 5 girls and 4 boys!" (But there were 5 boys and 4 girls)
HAHAHA, and JJ chose Angela's C Da Diao to sing!
Ohmg, that's sucha cutesy song!
And he was tooo shy to sing it. :p

Basically that was it.
Xuanwei came and went for a short while.
Xianning left early too.
The guys left at 6.30 (they had some school concert) , and i left 3 mins after them.
LOL, why would i be a LIGHTBULB over there?

Headed to the Somerset Mrt & saw the guys.
Ohmg, I didn't wanna say Hi to them or something.
Cos y' know it's kinda extra & weird lah.
So I walked the other side, thinking that I'm on the right side of the track.
Boarded the train and realized that i was on the wrong side!
LOL, alighted the next stop and trained home.

Thursday, 5th April.
Ooooh, had class partayye.
Class as in Magic Class for my CCA.
Hehehe, I was soooo scared to perform okay.
The first time I did the One Hand Knot thing, i failed.
Lol, so paiseh.
But we emerged the champion for our group. (:

So we had to perform on the stage.
Damn scary please.
So many people watching you on the stage, luckily it's a group thing.
Guess what?
We got the Second for the whole Interact Club!
I was super happy. (:
We received Pringles as our presents. (:
Hehehe, that was all.

Friday, 6th April
Happy Good Friday!
I'm not a Christian, but I came from a Christian School (Sorta)

Went to Ikea with my mum and y' know who.
He needa get blinds for his office.
Yeah, then had dinner over there.
Then 'Masa' called me.
Asked me what I was wearing and wanted me to wear skirt.
LOL, but it was jinghao who prank called me lah, tsk.
He's still denying it, wth.

Took neos with mum and y' know who.
Then watched The Number 23.
Stupid show, hahaha. It's sooo normal. :p

I'm feeling kinda empty now, shall update when i feel ohkay.

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