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“ Byebye term two. hello holidays! ”
Friday, May 25 |5:07 PM

I'm going to plan my holiday & do my holiday homework like after this or else if I'm too into the Holiday Mood/Mode, it'll be tough for me to finish my work.
Yes, I hope I can stick to my plan.

Argh, y'know what, I think I'm just going to throw my idea for the previous layout I posted in my blog.
Waste my effort? Yeah, I think so too.
But Photoshop is freaking pissing me off.
It gets stuck at some point of time, so I can't edit it to the way I want already. );
I think I should just stick to BlogSkins or make one imageless one.

I Give Up.

Ohwell, the term/semester is coming to an end.
It's like ..few days ago, it was just the start of 2007 and then now it's the June Hols.
What does that mean? Holiday homework, home-schooling (sorta), PARENT MEETING SESSION!
We have it EVERY YEAR, and the teachers/principal/whoever who organised the parent meeting session didn't say it was compulsary, but the teachers say "If you're parent don't come, you MIGHT not get back your report book."
Argh, what's the difference in saying that it's compulsary?
It's much alike FORCING our parents to meet the teachers.

HAHA, but the good thing is that there's no school on the last day of school!

Ohkay, so an overview for my results.
I'm quite happy with my results, currently.
Since I've mugged like crazy during the exam/common test period.
How could I possibly not study when my friends around me mug like crazy (with the exception of VIVIEN HO & NG SHER MINH, lols)
So yeah.
I failed one subject - Elementary Mathematics.

Positioned 7 in the class, Qing's 9 and vien's 3plus, heck care that sm. LOL.

English: 56 (C5)
It has always been borline passes & around the C grade, there's nothing much I can say here.

Chinese: 58(c6)
Because my teacher can't teach & I don't have Chinese tuition. Everyone pons her lesson, like hello? Only 10 people came for class, how pathetic.

Literature: 69.6
Quite happy for my lit this term even though I didn't score well when I added the marks together. Topped the class for lit common test, I was damn shocked. I didn't believe Mrs Ong coz' she said "And I THINK shiqi got the highest too." I wasn't elated till I saw the mark sheet, haha. I've improved alot because I used to get 14-15/25 for my lit, but now i've got 18/25, yay! Was shocked cos I didn't even read the book! OHMG. haha, I'm a talented lit writer, am I am I?! LOL.

Add Mathematics: 76 (A1)
Whooo, just high enough for an A1! (: Although I didn't listen in Ms Chew's class cos' it was simply too noisy, I still managed to get an A cos' I practised like hell at home. Qing's first in class (for common test) as usual & I got third. Only a handle of people passed Add Maths. );

Elementary Mathematics: 45
It's how meraculous how I failed E maths but passed Add Maths with an A1. How ridiculous! Adults have the mentality " If you pass Add Maths confirm can pass E Maths de!" Bullshit, it's not even related in anyway besides inequalities. Stupid KOH MEI CHIN & her biased. She purposely minus marks from Fiona's paper because she's from B class. That caused Fiona her A2! WTH, and for your info, Fiona's answer was correct, KOH MEI CHIN didn't want to give her the mark.

Combined Humans (Social Studies/Geography): 65.8
Topped the class for Social Studies (common test), Gloria topped the class for the whole thang. Could have gotten another A but because I scored soo badly for my geography, it pulled everything down. I've got 65.8.

Combined science(Physics/Chemistry): 65.something
Did kinda badly for Chemistry, but physics was okay(comparing with my class standard, haha!) But I'm still not happy with my Chemistry marks! );

Ohkay, so on the whole.
I think this term's grade is OHKAY.


It's gonna start next monday.
And there isn't any PL girls.
I tell you the reason why.

I'm not saying that PL girls can sing damn well t get into Top20, but I'm telling you why they evapourated from thin air since the 3rd round.
Some of them can go furthur, but the school just... );

Oh shit you.
No one from our school (PLMGSS) got into Top 20, all got kicked out @ the 3rd round. (How coincidental is this?)
Once I thought my school didn't had girls with reallyyyyy good voice to impress the judges,
but I thought I was wrong when I saw the good comments about Julie.
Even the reporters were shocked that she was out from the contest(from her blog)

Was she really bad she got kicked out from the 3rd round or is it just my school?

Oh yes, let me tell you. It was my school.
One fine day Mrs Jacob came up the podium and said "I know you girls took part in some campus contest, but if you want to take part, please bear in mind you're represeting the school. I don't want to see you with thick make up, dyed hair, improper uniforms... etc."
OH, so you want us with :
Super high belts like those Korean Outfits is it?
High socks like the Japs?

Just after her "talk" about the contest, all of our PL girls miraculously got kicked out of the next round.
How coincidental is that?
Someone told me that the school didn't allow the students to take part in the contest, therefore told/called(whatever they did) to eliminate the students from PL.
How sickening is this?
Shouldn't the students have their own freedom? How can they(referring to school) restrict them to take part in any competitions?
They think that competitions like this isn't good. Why do they think that way?
They think that only AH LIANS take part in these competitions to gain fame.
Oh, so they think girls from RGS are AHLIANS? (no offence okay. ;D)
What the hell is wrong in their minds?! Can't they be more flexible?

Firstly, who the hell knows that Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School exist in the first place.
By (the students) participating in the contest, the media/fans/whoever gains interest in our school/know our school exist.
Here we can portray our unitedness by supporting this student who gets into Top20.
And if she tops the contest, it will bring glory to the school.
What's so bad about it in the first place?

Is it even wrong to have a passion for singing?
What is wrong with singing? There is nothing bad about it, not as if we're going to gamble?
Stupid principal and her old way of thinking.

To those who wants to take part in Campus Superstar 3(If there is):
Strongly recommend you to transfer school before you join, or else you'll just be kicked out. UNLESS our principal is fired.

I've never took part in such contest (as if i got the guts! haha)
Just trying to speak up for my fellow schoolmates who innocently got kicked out even though they had the talents.
Even though they might not get into Top20 if the school didn't do this, but still..
It isn't good to PO MIE someone's dream like that.
How sickening.
What's wrong with my school lah.
Singing is a good hobby.