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“ DoubleHasty. ”
Friday, May 4 |11:45 PM

Y'know everyone's super busy, sometimes you feel like you're not cared for and no one bothers about you.

Busybusybusy week.
Had Literature, Social Studies, E Maths, Add Maths common tests.
Two more papers to go! (:

Add Maths is sooo many times easier compared to Elementary Maths!
You must be thinking: Shiqi's wrong in her head!
But yeah, I really do think so.
Maybe cos' I practiced tooo much of Add Maths and neglected E Maths.
Some may say: If you can handle Add Maths, you'll be able to handle E Maths.
I don't think so. The topics aren't exactly RELATED!

Next Monday marks the last day of my common test, HURRAY!
I'm left with my combined sciences - Physics (AH!) and Chemistry.
I don't think I have enough time to revise this weekend!
Tomorrow is set aside for Grandmother's Day Lunch?
I know lunch don't take long, but with all those delidali auntys and my MUM, I can just forget about studying lah.
My whole Saturday's gone.

Mrs Tay (Cell Group Teacher) told us to pray everyday till our next meeting so that we can see God's true self.
Yeah, something like that, haha.
Owell, and I did! I guess Qing did also, not sure about Charlene.
I'm a free thinker, but somehow, being in a Christian School for *counts* 8 plus years, you actually do feel that you're like a half Christian.
That's kinda weird I know, but I still do pray occasionally at nights.

Anyhow, there's Sec Three Camp right after CTs (Not exactly, but for the Bio students, yes)!
See how tight the schedule is?
CT ends at 7th for me, 8th for Bio students.
And guess what? SEC 3 CAMP ON WEDNESDAY! 9TH OF MAY!
That's like one day FREE for me.
Camps are troublesome, especially those adventrure ones.
Cos' I abhor them. (:

Cheerios people, sleeping is important @ this time.
I'm derived of sleep. :-P

Oh hello again.
Supposed to study Physics and Chemistry like NOW, can't be bothered for now.
Mug tomorrow lah, hahah.

Went to Qing's house to study last saturday to study.
Ended up using the computer, watching SLITHER & STAYING OVER!
Didn't do much, haha.
Ohkay the above is random lah, lol.

Anws, few days ago, I chanced upon this song TING YUAN WEI REN TAN JI TA.
The website says that it's by S.H.E, but somehow it didn't seem like it was.
But still, I think the song is nice.
And today i just realized that it was the demo version, haha, how slow!
Somehow I think the demo version is nicer.

S.H.E Version.

Demo Version.

I wanna hear the complete version of Wu Yue Tian!
Sounds nice to me. (:

I like Cyndi's Yue Ding.
The rest of the album so far ohkay only. ;-P
Oh and Angela's Jue Bu Sounds berry familar leh.
Don't you get into my nerves!
Gimme my own damn bedroom so you can sleep yourself ohkay?
I hate it when you rush me to bed.
You lie down on your bed and then wait for me to sleep,
so what's the point of rushing me to bed when you can't even sleep w/o me?
You came home late yesterday so it isn't my fault you're tired.
I wanna study for God's sake, why are you forcing me to sleep?
Stupid mother.