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“ Throw it out the window! ”
Tuesday, May 15 |4:19 PM

Haha, watching Spider Lilies (Ci Qing) now.
The planes flying past is damn irritating, tsk!
National day coming up or what? Why so many planes.

Suddenly I miss all my exams. (and of cos CAMP!)
It's just weird coming home NOT STUDYING.
I've got nothing to do at home, seriously nothing.
& you know I don't hang around after school.
It's just so boringggg.
I miss all my camp instructors especially AJI!
Someone told me she spotted 3 of the camp instructors @ Kovan Macs yesterday!
But Aji wasn't there, but I still do miss them!

Everyone (almost) blogged about the camp!
Some were short, some were long..
Well oh well, if you wanna read more about the details of camp go to anna's blog !

Oh man, it's really weird.
Every time a friend introduces some new online game to me,
I won't give a damn.
But somehow I'll download it for fun & get addicted to it.
What the hell.
And the friend who introduced the game isn't addicted to it anymore.
I'll be playing alone.
Why? Cos' I'm really bored at home.

Exchange Love/Huan Huan Ai will be screening real soon!
Oh man, I can't wait for it !
It seems interesting. Imagine Mike He acting sissy and Rainie acting man.
Ohmigosh, I can't wait!

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Eeeewer, I ain't gonna bother about you.
Tsk, stop assuming things!