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“ I thought I was brave today. (: ”
Saturday, May 26 |10:55 PM

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If it stays, it'll smack right in the middle.
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But nevermind, it's long since I made a skin.
And it's really random. Nothing related to idols.
I'd like some comments, thanks.
I know the colour combi sucks, haha.

Hmmmm, the text area here look greenish.
But when I use my comp, it isn't.
So yeah, tell me if it's greenish at your side k?
And there's like only TWO IMAGES! what happened to my third one. :/

Supposedly supposed to cut my hair today...
But instead I tried on contacts & had my ears pierced(second hole)
Oh yeah, I think I should give myself alot alotxzx of claps.
Hahah, I was shocked by my braveness, courage, (insert a adjective please, my English sucks) too!
Who cares if it's painful or what, lol.

Laopo decided to meet me today @ Compass Point, 2:30pm to do our homework.
Ohwell, I think I shouldn't call them laopos. How do you differentiate anyway.
The laopo here refers to Qing by the way.
Let's get back to topic. (:
Then mom brought be there to get my contacts at around 2?
The first optical shop was ridiculous ohkay!
Firstly, told me there wasn't any contacts that suited my eye, cos I had shan guang.
Secondly, we needed to pay a consultation fee of 40bucks!!
What the hell. Doesn't it come together with the contacts? :/
Cheat my money isit? I go and sue you ah, haha.

So we went to the usual optical shop we usually go ( The one I made my glasses previously)
My mom said the guy that served us was handsome, ohmg, like shit.
Something wrong with her eyesight.
My mom was damn hilarious! She saw him serving other customers...
Then she suddenly walk away when she saw this fat guy (also from the optical shop)
Ohman, I said :"Ma~ How come you walk away?"
My mom: "I want that guy to serve us lah."
Me:"Eeyer, you so bad, the poor uncle. "
My mom: "Aye, go and check lah. He okay already tell me."
LOL, what the hell right!

Went into the shop, my mom talked to that guy then he transferred us to another girl.
LOL, so all my mom's effort went down to the drain.
Did the usual stuff everyone will do before they try on contacts.
So just nice when I wanted to try on the contacts.. Qing msged me.
Called her then she came to look for me.
So embarrassing! Haha.
Did the usuals then went off.
I had a hard time wearing them and taking them off!
Haha, the girl was like: "Relax, relax. You're still very nervous."
I still think glasses are easier and clearer cos contacts I'm wearing don't have shang guang.

OH! That reminds me of... S.H.E!
Bauch and Lomb. (however you spell it)
Ohkay, I forgot the exact phrase.

Parted with my mom then went to "Bits and Pieces" to pierce my second ear hole.
Qing: "You really wanna pierce?"
Me: "Yeah."
Qing: "Haha, you just wear contacts, then you wanna pierce."

Called up my mom to inform her.
Then she said "Ah? You can take it anot? You just wore your contacts!"
HAHA, they've got the same reaction!
And before she came down to see my pierce my ear, I had it already done.

Ohmg, It was damn scary.
I could hear the sound of the "gun" before the woman pierced my ear.
It was gave out some sound... like getting the gun ready kinda sound, then suddenly, "BANG!"
Oh, & it's done.

I'm so sorry Qing! As that gun thingy pierced the hole in my ear, I think my fingernails made it's mark on your hands. Hehe.
Sorry and thanks for being there, so I could pinch you. LOL. I know you won't read it anw, you're so not a blogger, haha.

It's itching now.

I want the Shrek Ears!
But it's out of stock!
Macs was soooo hot so we shifted to BK instead.
Did our work, played GameBoy. (Oh there's a GameBoy craze in school!)
Tempted by the food.
So I bought Whopper and she bought Mushroom Swiss.
Argh, the Whopper was so damn big okay! Her Mushroom Swiss is pathetic.
I'm still full cos' of the Whopper. (And It's like 123456789 hours after that meal.)
I didn't know Whopper was sucha big serving! Cos' I always shared it with my mom and someone, so it wasn't that big.
I'm sucha lousy/dirty eater. Made sucha big mess, due to the sauce inside the burger.
I'm not gonna eat Whopper alone anymore!

Went to Arcade after BK and doing our hwk.
Played some games and went home.
Oh yeah, will upload the pics tmwr or monday. (:
Cos the printer isn't with me now. It's in my mom's room.

I have to sleep early tonight, cos' there's tuition tmr morning @ 9:30am.
So torturing & my eyes are painful right now.

Cheerios to all. (:
Good night.