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“ Laopos. ”
Friday, May 18 |9:30 PM

Ohkay, finally had the time to do a skin. (:

Preview One.

Preview Two.

Personally prefer the first one to the second one.
Didn't had any ideas, so it was rather simple.
Please do tell me which one is nicer, thanks! (:


Inspired by S.H.E Lao Po song.
We were listening to this particular song during C.I.P & decided to call each other laopo.
Welcome to my laopo family.
Qing, esther and vien/vivi/viv. :D
I love my laopos!
"Eh, tomorrow free not?" -shiqi
"Why?" -qingqing
"Wanna go out? Aiyah, don't want lah, sure as Jinghao come along, I so extra" -shiqi
"Okok, we go out tmr." -qingqing
"Jinghao gonna ask Harris to come along" -qingqing
"Oh. I see. I'm sucha busy person you know right? I got alot of things to do, very busy lah. Don't disturb me, and you know that my mom won't let me out. I'm sure of that!" -shiqi
"Aye, I don't care, you just come." -qingqing
"Oh man, I'm super busy can. Got C.I.P on Saturday, still haven't do research. I am busy!" -shiqi
**wasn't really the actual convo, but I can't remember the exact words. Remember? I have short term memory. (:

& So we cabbed to Cine right after school ended.
Which is 2:30pm, coz' Mrs Ong was busy keying in Secondary 4 marks, so we had two free periods.
Jinghao booked a show @ 3pm, so we didn't had a choice but to cab down.
Oh! & did I mention that we tied French Plaits? yes ,we did, thanks to sm, but still didn't like the idea of her touching my hair, like ewwww!
Heck care her.

So met Jinghao & Masa (Changed Harris away, lol) @ Cine.
They ended lessons @ 1pm, how unfair! We end @ 2:40pm.
Watched Blades Of Glory.
It's real hilarious although the story plot is cliche.
Two enemies teaming up for Nationals in (insert the sport please, I have no idea what's it called) and won.
But it's really really funny!

"Loitered" around Orchard Road coz' we didn't know where to go.
Headed to Heeren and guess what?!
Qing & I saw our camp instructors outside Heeren!
Awww, I so miss camp days.
Kinda weird we kept meeting them on streets, like the case of Kovan Macs, haha.
Recognized them coz' of their Orange Company Tee, lol.
Saw Wayne and another orange shirt guy (I don't know who) and a bunch of guys.
Qing waved to Wayne, and I didn't think that he recognize me out of 200students. So just smiled and continued walking around.

We're like walking with NO AIM NOR TARGET.
You walk into shops, touch their items, comment "So cuteee!", "eewww" and walk away.
Best of best we're like two LIGHT BULBS there for Qing & Bf.
The feeling's just weird, plus I don't kinda talk to him.
& He walks kinda slow due to his injured leg, didn't know I'm supposed to wait for him or what, coz' Qing & Bf walked damn fast,
I didn't know I'm supposed to catch up with them, or slow down for Masa.
But he managed to catch up with me every other Escalator, lol.

Qing wanted to sit down, but didn't had a venue/chair(?)/place for her to sit.
"If you don't know where to sit, then we'll sit here(we're in the middle of the road) okay?"
And Jinghao sat down. Ohmg, so funny!
Decided to go to Taka's fountain to sit.
But ended up walking around doing the same thing.
Touch, comment and walk away, lol.

Heh, we kept staring at mirrors coz' of our hair.
It was damn messy okay! Haha.
Plus that Jinghao purposely made my hair messy. );
Tsk! Went to sit at the fountain.
Stoned, pebbled, rocked, diamonded, whatever lah.
Jinghao held Qing's hand so she'll stand, then she held mine then she wanted me hold Masa's (I think).
And I thought I was bad by not doing what she wanted. Opps.
Then sat outside Taka and stoned again.
Haiyo, we're like loitering around not doing anything productive.

And then we went home at around 6:50pm or so.
Qing & Jinghao took different side as us.
Bidded goodbye and.. end of story.

Phew, I was damn insociable yesterday.
That's me anyway, always insociable. );

Qing msged me and it stated "... If you accidentally in love with him must tell me k? ..."

Ohmg, and what, I realised that Qing's phone tou pai Masa & I!
Okay, I knew it actually, but I thought she deleted already.
I look so unglam okay!
Best thing was that I knew she was talking photo but I didn't smile!
Second "BEST THING" was that Vien saw that photo, and I guess that she's kinda big mouth.

Oh whatever, I shan't bother about it.

Ooohyeah, see you read and read everyday.
I pity those two eyeballs. Give them some rest yeah?
Happy 15th birthday! Be more matured!

Went to Pulau Ubin for C.I.P today.
Wasn't as bad as I thought.
Despite, the really hot weather & long hours of work.

I think we're the most fortunate ones.
We had the air conditioner, chair & table (for my group).
Yippeee, so it wasn't that bad.
We blasted our MP3s, sadly I didn't brought mine (Didn't know we could use it) .
Used handphones and MP3s like nobody's business. (That lasted for last 2 days in school, coz' of sec one camp. No prefects!)
Argh, the prefects will be back in action next week!
Can't use hand phone/MP3 freely in class anymore.
Got caught for long fingernails once again.
& I just knew that we'll get a talk from the teacher after getting caught for 3 times.
Shit, I got caught how many zillion times already!?
I think I should start cutting my nails short. (From start of Term 3)
I am damn freaking pissed with NG SHER MINH.
You're damn irritating.
I wanted to be good to you, but it seems hard because of your attitude.
No one likes you here. You're so extra. Shoooo away from me.
I think you've sensed it that we didn't really like you.
From the actions - Showed qing and vien my msg but NOT you.
- They had nicknames! You don't.
- Hate occasions I had to be with you alone. That sucks.
- Never ever took the initiative to hold your hand when we 3 did.
- Cold to you
- Rejected it MOST of the time when you asked me out.
- Wasn't bit happy that you asked me out for anything.

Hello? Wasn't everything Obvious enough?

I think I better go and sleep.

Cheerios readers. (: