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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

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“ Mother's Day! ”
Sunday, May 13 |5:14 PM

Sugary sweet! Awwww.
I love the MV loads! (;

My bestie doesn't tell me anything.
I get most of the info from her bf, how weird.
& she sneaked in a M18 movie "28 Days Later"
Ooohyeah, she's THAT mature, hahah.
Mother's Day is disastrous.
I don't think I wish to treat her dinner for Belated Mother's Day already.
She said: "Come and help me push the computer over"
Shiqi: "Orh" (And I thought It was the computer I was using, so I didn't mind)
After few mins...
Shiqi:"What do you mean?"
She said:"Don't need le lah"

And wth, my computer is all gone all gone all gone all gone!
Since you don't need anything in that computer.
Eg: Photoshop, Firefox, Msn.
Then jolly well give me back my computer.
& Hello? You're not even using the printer since you disconnected it with the printer.
Then give me back!
All you need is a computer not a computer that has softwares that you don't even need to use!
What's the problem with me/her?
I shouldn't be like this!
Come on, common tests are over so why am I so agitated?
I'm feeling sad for no reason & I'm crying now.
What's the matter with me?
I could have been happier if YOU weren't stressed up and give me attitude.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers/moms/mums/mummy on Earth!
(To those in Mars too!)

Hey, it's mother's day yet the whole world (people in my house) are sleeping like pigs!
Ohmigosh, I seem to be the only one awake here. );
No one seems to be excited for mothers day!

Oh, btw is it MUM or MOM ?
Pardon me for sucha stupid question.
I've been spelling MUM all my life & suddenly everyone around me is spelling it MOM.
How could I live my life spelling MOTHER (mum/mom) wrong all my life?
Someone correct me? It's an incorrectable mistake, haha.
Been using MUM all my years, it's hard to change y'know.

Mom(left) & Grandmother(right)


Happy Mother's Day especially to the above two!
(1) Grandmother (Maternal side) ♥
(2) Mother! ♥♥♥♥♥

Cos' they're the only two motherly figures I look upon to.
Oh, don't bother about Paternal's side. I bet they forgot I actually existed.

Here's the short message for my mum even though I know she won't see it.

Happy Mother's Day! (:
I know I haven't been a G-R-E-A-T daughter recently(or maybe always), but you have always been a G-R-E-A-T mother. Always there for me even though you might be harsh with your words at times.

"臭鸡蛋!" Meaning Smelly Egg for direct translation.
"快点睡觉啦!" (Faster go and sleep)
"下来吃饭!" (Come down and eat!)
"你的好介绍啊!" (Good recommendations)
"Got drink water anot?"
"Next time don't ask me come here already lah!"
"We always in a rush one leh"
"Why never bring tissue paper? Ask you bring never bring?!"
"Let me put my cosmetic pouch in your bag.." I say "NO" & we start we quarrel.
"Help me rub garlic leh"
*Use tissue to clean utensils*
-Dried Oats on Newspapers

(Oh man, I can't think of any bad qualities of you now!)

Apart from your lack of IT knowledge, patience(sometimes only), punctuality I don't see why you aren't a good mother. (:
We're always bickering over tiny weeny matters when the both of us are in a rush, haha, see the resemblance?

Never once did she push me to study nor did she scold me for going to autograph sessions/concerts. She's not those that will stop you from going out or what. She was the one who introduced late night movies to me and arcade.

Hello? Tell me how many mother will bring their child to arcade, pool, kbox, autograph session, late night movies, beach @ night to throw sparkles and go crazy?

Sometimes she's more like a friend to a mother. I should be 1 out of 10000 to get such a mother. (: My mother is hip, she is hop(doesn't make sense uh), she's fashionable, she's cool and hot! Oh man, she's like my friend/sister.

Just in short.
MOM I LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥