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Thursday, May 31 |4:41 PM

I'm gonna blog later after I come back.
Outing with ESTHER was great , believe me.
Received the pics already! (:
Will blog later, I promise.

& Siao, my mother thought tdy was deepavali.

Oh hello, Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, was out with my mom. (:

Met up with Esther @ Bugis on Wednesday to watch Pirates.
Watched the 4:10pm show.
Then we camwhored in the neoprint shop and the hotel's toilet.
Suddenly there was sooo many people coming to the toilet, so we decided to go Bugis Street.
The weather was damn hot, & Bugis street is like Air-conless except for some parts.
Esther got the shirt she wanted, haha.
Shopped for awhile then rushed back for the show.
Haha, the seats were quite in the front.
Wah, neck & butt damn pain after the show.

After that we went to look for rings.
Then we went to had our dinner @ Swensens
Realised that we didn't had enough money so decided to eat the ice cream only.
I had Banana Spilt and Esther's was.. ermm I forgot the name, opps.
Esther was talking about Etiquette.
And said that if we did this *gesture thingy* the waiter will give us our bill.
So I just ermm sort of tried out then the waiter saw me and we started laughing.
He went back in.. ( I thought he ignored me, and I was damn unhappy)
&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;& He came out with the bill.
I was laughing like mad lah.

Then shopped @ Bugis Street again.
Everywhere was S.H.E's music, and it got kinda irritating.
Then went home @ late 8, missed 2 MRTs, cos it was too crowded.
Oh yeah, we had our friendship ring. (: But it's ermm too big/small/whatever for us.
Think I'm gonna but a string or something and make it a necklace.




Vesak Day.

Went to Far East and Marina Square with my mom.
Shopped awhile at Far East then went to Marina Square for dinner.
Dinned at DIAN XIAO ER. (;
Ohmg, it was damn delicious, but the price was.. really "NICE" too.
Yeap, then while we're collecting some voucher, this guy asked us to help him cos' the guard didn't allow him to queue.
And so we helped, then another woman asked for a favor too.
Then this guy and woman quarreled cos they asked the same person.
Their policy is "one person one voucher"
So I sorta helped that woman.
Wlao, she questioned me lah, i think cos she didn't know that I helped her collect.
"Then you? You don't have the receipt right?"
What the hell.
My mom told her that I helped her, then didn't help the guy.
She was damn angry lah.
Then keep asking me.
I was damn unhappy too, then I said.
" GAN MA YAO BANG NI?!" (Why must I help you?!)
Wlao, then we walked away, stupid idiots.
Want vouchers go collect yourself lah.