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Wednesday, June 20 |12:12 AM

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Ohkayohkay. I just realised that it's Duan Wu Jie today instead of Zhong Zi Jie. I make silliest things out of myself. Ohyesh, I've got something to ask you all. (:


This is a two letter word. What is it? Hahahah. I wonder what's your answer(s).

Something really coincidental happened this afternoon. Vivien texted me "What hairstlyle should I cut ah?". Oh well, I thought I didn't want to reply her, cause it's rather redundant. I left my house and saw this sign "New saloon opening on XX/06/2007" (couldn't remember the dates, haha.) I turned to the right and I saw this Zinc bag girl with brown shirt and fbt. And the name "Vivien" came to my mind. Then my natural reaction is to shout Vivien, right? Yeah, I shouted. Then my mom honked. Vivien almost turned but I looked at the other side. (cause I didn't want pearlyn and moykit to see me wearing shades, weird i know, hahaha) I was then Zi-Highing to myself in the car. My mom went to the nearby market to bank in some cheque and guess what? Vivien went there to cut her hair! But I left already, lol.

That's soooo freaky I don't know why. She asked about hairstyle then I saw the saloon, and next second I saw her! Gosh, freako. Talking about hair, I wanna cut my hair too! I know I just had a haircut like 3 weeks ago? But it's really sotong-ish now. With all the curls at my shoulder area, I'm like grrrrrr. I have natual curls. o.o I didn't know that till many many hairstylist told my mom "Your daughter ah, got natural curls eh." I thought it was a good thing. But hmmm, is it? I like people with curls. But nice curls, mine's like messy/awful/ugly curls. But it isn't that obvious lah. I'm the only one who didn't rebond my hair, like you see Sherminh, Qing & Vivien. Hahaha, no way i'm going to spoil my hair. I'm a anti-rebonder! Just look at Sherminh's hair lah, become Lion liao. Singapore's one and only human lion = Merlion! Hahahah. Oppsie.

By the way, Qing just msged me that she lost her match against Cherie! Ohmg. Cherie so small sized, how can she beat Qing lah. If not for that JC person who didn't go for the match, she wouldn't have got a walkover and played with Qing. (I Guess) Stupid stupid stupid JC person, hahaha. Cherie's like from my school previously and she's now in Sports School. Bleah, Qing said she's changed alot & daoed people from PL. Oh! And she trains with Masa, like 2 to one coach or something. So Qing has got some "insider" to inform her Cherie's status, lol! Qing said it's a repeating process, like banned from going out and stuffs. Fret not! Jinghao still can go and visit you like almost everyday when he can right! Luckily you two gong kai and let your mother know. If not can't even meet each other... Hahahah, and you'll see me in school like for 5 days a weeks from next week onwards. (I scared you see me see until sian lah.) Ohyeah, Jinghao lost too. Telepathy perhaps? Haiyah, I'm supposed to msg him and consol him at this hour (11:34pm), tsktsk. Qing asked me to consol him, so I am going to consol him like noww. Gosh, both of them must be super sad lah. Hahaha, I know you don't read blogs, but heck care lah. I write for ghost to see. (:

Hahaha, since I've been busy the whole day, I didn't go for class outing! Oppsie. I know i know i know. I haven't went for any class outing except one, cause Ms Tay was leaving us. ); Didn't go class outing cause my "clique" didn't go at all. Example: Qing, Vivien, Amanda Chen, Malar, Wan Leng, Sharlene, Mei Ee, Mabel(?), Sherminh. Plus me, that makes like one quarter of the class absent! Hahaha. And and, evon's not going too. Pfffst. So we're helping Gloria & her gang to pay for the food and stayover uh? Tsk. Amanda called me last night and pleaded me to go with her! Hahaha. Prefect don't go for Class Outing ah! She told me Bernice called her and she thought all of us going, so she confrmed that she'll be going. Then to her HORROR, almost everyone she knows not going, hahahah! Stupid girl lah. I'm supposed to keep it as a secret, cause she's really really super scared that the others know that she's fake-ill. Hahaha, what kind of prefect is this uh. ;p

Bwahhh, I can't contact esther! tsktsk, supposed to tell her where to meet and what time tmr. ):):): Esther! Where are youuu? Still outside with Fangyi to celebrate yeah? And your handphone is like no battery or what? hahaha. Ohkays, nevermind. I just contacted her like few hours ago. Yay! We're gonna spend some time together for like two days? (: Hehehe. CAMWHORE CAMWHORE! (: I needa go shoppingggggg, how how how? It's like the Great Singapore Sale, but I've yet to shop like anything. Money-less you know. I'm having Financial Crisis currently. I need new clothes and bags and everything, ohyeah.I'm materialistic, but I can't afford to be one.

I loveee Huan Huan Ai aka Why Why Love. Ohman, I loveee it when Mike He and Rainie act together! Hahaha, it's so weird saying Mike He, I wanna type XiaoMei but XiaoMei & ChengLin doesn't match somehow. So I typed Mike He, and if I typed Mike, it'll look weird. Hahaha, I don't know why. :p Can't wait for the next episode! Gosh, hahaha. I remember this "我有一个向往呕吧桑的心!" (I wanna become a Auntie) Hahahah, so cutee, now I'm addicted to the Ou Ba Sang word, I keep calling my mom that, hahah. & Jia Di gonna go to E Shao's place next episode! I want her to end up with Mike He again, although ChuanYi's quite handsome too. **drools** It's kinda like Devil Beside Me or is it Devil Beside You? Hahaha, sorry I forgot. You see, they gathered the same main actress/actors - Rainie, Mike He & Kingone. And as usual, Kingone's the gooody gooody guy that Rainie initially likes. Mike He's the devil! Hahah, Don't you think bad guys are cutee? I mean those like Mike He, haha. "Nan Ren Bu Huai, Nu Ren Bu Ai." And, Mike sorta owns Rainie here like in DBY! gosh. Hmmm, but Rainie's alittle different here. She's the cutesy, dreamy typa girl in DBY, but she's very very hardworking here. She doesn't daydream the whole day, but thinks of paying the debts. Ohwell, I thought Rainie would end up with Mike He in the end. Hahaha, the ending part (what do you call it? Haha. The part they play the song and shows some clips?) has a part where Mike He holds Rainie's hand, both watching the Ferris Wheel. Romantic! (: But what's so nice about seeing (just plainly) seeing a Ferris Wheel? hahaha. It looks like DBY somehow.

I thought I read about some News that Rainie and Mike were going to switch bodies. But I heard that the old script was cancelled. Hahaha, I thought the odl script was much more interesting! Switching bodies! Haha, although it isn't practical. Still, I loveee the show now. (: Haven't watched Shi Shen yet! Gosh, what kinda Renfu fan is this? Okay, I'm not really a fan of his anymore. Not that crazy currently. Who knows? Hahaha.

Oh, I watched Golden Music Awards (Jin Qu Jiang. Is the English name right? Hmm. ) Hahaha, the re-telecast of it lah. Channel 49's like forever replaying award shows. Hahaha. At least for a week. The minute you turn on the television, you'll see the Golden Music Awards, haha! I find it amusing. Oh, the minute I turned on the tv, the presenter shouted the name "LEE JIU ZHE!", then I see the whole stadium (soz, for being too exaggerating. haha) cheering and screaming as if it was like some BIGGG and I mean BIGGGG thing happened. Nicky went hugging here and there and MaChi Da Ge & Gang were tearing(?) Big guys don't cry.... I went like -___- when I saw what's happening on the tv. Forgive me. (: Being still half asleep and all, "What the hell" came through my mind. What's sooo happening lah. It's just a award, a award! I was thinking that they were siao. Ohkay. Then he gave his speech and everything, he almost cried I think. Then it was the advertisements, and back to the awards. The presenters then gave out the "Best Something Female Singer". Oh, then I realised that Nicky got the Best Something Male Singer award. No wonder they were sooo happy. It was kinda unexpected. I didn't see the nomitees, but I think there should be people like Jay Chou and LeeHom and maybe Stanly. Haha. Oh and Jolin got the Best Something Female Singer award. She was shocked, herself. And I thought to myself, "Oh gosh, Jolin's so fakeee. She should have expected that she'll get the award right? What's with that 0___o face of hers? Not like she never received the award. Tsktsk." I saw yesterday's wanyu, then I realised that it was her first time being nominated and she got the award. No wonder she's sooooo shocked. Hahaha. I thought I was silly, oh gosh. Congrats to whoever who won, I didn't watch the whole thing. Tooo boring.

Anws, I think I've changed my style of blogging. No more...

Yeah, today's a good day uh.
Cause I went shopping, hahaha.
I bought blah blah and blah.
Gosh! So happy!

Bye to that type of style. Hahaha. But this style is chunkier, and I bet anyone gonna read it. Hahaha. Hey! Typing in Wordpad is nicer than Blogger! (: Hahaha, I feel like someone now, cause her blog uses Arial font too, haha. And ohmygosh, I didn't know I could type soooo long! Hahaha. Don't bother reading lah. Would even anyone read? lols.

Ohyeah, remember the PENISLAND thingy! I wanna see your reactions/answers! Hahaha. I'm off to photoshop some Dadong skinny for geral jie now! Hahaha. I feel sooo stressed up cause I couldn't think of designs. Oh gosh. Insiprations come to me nowwwww. Summon them over to me, come on come on! Hahaha.

Cheerios people.