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Saturday, June 30 |3:55 PM

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I'm supposed to be sleepy now, but I'm not. I woke up at 1pm today! (Youth Day hols you see) I'm growing fatter and fatter. I need to learn how to control my diet so I can wear and squeeze in clothes, lol. YAY! I finalllyyyyyy finished geral jie's skin. I took like how long can. I feel accomplished I don't know why. Now i feel like changing skin, cause my skin looks HORRIBLE! Ahhhhhh. Maybe if I have the time, I doubt so. Busy busy busy.

New tuition tmr with Jinghao's brother. From Pauline(Miss her!) to Mavis to Mr Cheung to Jinghao's brother. I'm tired of changing tuition. And I can't always suit your schedule right? I know you're busy, but I need to have my own time too! 8pm for tuition is really late okay. );

Quote of the day: I'm running and not quite sure where to go
and I don't know what I'm diving into.


28th June: Happy birthday Masa,
29th June: Happy 7th month Qing and bf, (7th Month sounds so creeeepy. Happpy 7th anyway.)
30th June: Happy birthday (tmrw) Ruiling. (Ha! I don't even talk to her. Not a single Hello.)

Wahseh. I can remember dates lor. Didn't realise it until Esther commented "You can remember Birthdays!" yesterday. (scroll for yesterday's post at the bottom if you want.)


30th June

Why do I look so not like me here? Haha.

Someone said I looked weird here. Haha.

Cherry Top!!! I want. >;/

Aiyeh, I look fat lah.

Shoppppingggg @ Wisma with my mom. Had a tiff with her again. ); Nevermind. Shopppinggg was great, tried on loads of clothes, but didn't get any. ); Bwahh. I think I saw Regina @ Esprit, haha. I'm not sure thou.. Camwhored in the dressing rooms, haha. I loveee the Cherry Top!! Mom wanted to buy for me, but I rejected. Tsk. So stupid of me. My hotpants! Ahhhhh.

I'll upload the pics later. I need to eat my dinner first. Haha.

29th June

Pardon the act cute-ness. Haha. Notice my fingernails. That's all you need to do. (:

My number tag. Fingers remember? (:

I came in the 43th!

Yeah heh. Fingernails painted.

Today's Walk-A-Jog Day! Hahah, I met up with Sher @ Compass to take cab together. I wore just fbts and house t-shirt there. (which wasn't allowed) I saw many Pl-lites wearing the pinafore over, but heck care lah. Like the prefects will catch. ;p So I met her and we took the cab. It was a Mecedes Taxi, but the cabby was quite weird. He asked us "Where is carpark C2 at?" Helllo? We're not the street directory, how we know? Then he asked us "Girl, can you help me to check where is carpark C2 on the map?" Gosh, taxi leh!
East Coast Park very hard to go meh? Guess how much the cab cost? $18:30! Gosh, ultimate crazy cabby. He went all the way to Changi then East Coast Park. That's the ultra long way okay? Arghh.

Ohmg, yay! I finished my 3.5km walk today!

I'm sooo glad that Qing wasn't in the competitive runners catorgary. She was supposed to be, but something wrong with the list. If not for her, I'll be damn lonely with Sher. She's like... grrrr. pissing me and Qing off lah. Did crazy things on the way. Tessa Tay was sooo funny! Haha. She went "Who's feeling unwell?" then we raised up our hands. She saw and gave us that WHATEVER LOOK. Hahaha. Saw her in heartland just now. Know what? Jamie Chan actually ran the 3.5km when she's a mass runner! She wanted to prove that she can run, ohmg. And she got first, but... no prize. (lol) The first NP cadet was Clare, Maureen, someone, Mei Ee & Vivien! The rest I don't know. The first few was quite fun. We were ka jiao-ing them lah. Maureen's the best, she talked. The rest ah, dao us. Mei Ee okay lah. Hahaha. Vivien is the worst. Mei Ee was near a bunch of guys. Then sher asked "Are you damn irritated by them?" Mei Ee:" Yes." talked awhile then before I went I said... "HAPPY ADMIRING THEM HOR! " damn loud somemore. I wasn't like this in the past lah. Don't even dare to say one. Then today abit 'open' hahaha. Then Sher went "Shush. Say so loud" What the hell lah. Saw Vivien, ran to her and..."VIVIEN! Come come, we help you clean your sweat! Hahaha. Want water? We help you." She wanted to say something, then I said "I thought you wrote in your msg, cannot talk? Haha" Then she give us the dao face, ignore us lah. NP girls so pathetic, must stand until so straight. haha

We walked past the Sec 4s! (They left earlier.) Then Ilysa, Debrorah, Jocelyn, Christine came. They over took us lah. Then we were trying to not let them overtake, hahaha. Saw Qing's senior, Ruiyi. Lol, she damn funny. But they only took pics. Eh, then we saw another bunch of guys running. (From some school) Then we went "JIAYOU HOR!" Hahaha. Then "OLEY OLEY OLEY." Yay! I love walking with Qing lah, sher so boring one. hahaha. She only know how to complain. Then we finally reached the end. I was the 43th sec 3 student to reach there. Sher 42nd and Qing 41st! I was supposed to be 42nd lah. Tsk. Split me and Qing up. Hahaha. Okay, I was elated cause I was one of the last the previous Walk-A-Jog. Gosh. I helped my Lee House earn 2 points! Lame.

Had some ceremony thing, then went home. Met up with Chloe. Then waited for my mom quite long. While waiting we painted our nails with nail polish. Then we saw a bunch of Korean guys. Then we tried talking to them... example "A NEO HA SE YO!" (How do you spell that? hahaha) We attempted to say hello for several times, they ignored us. Haha. We shouted to them, then they ignored us lah. Tsk. Ate 2 ice creams, sat and stoned. Didn't take any group pics with anyone. I had some alone. (:


28th June
Oh, it's Masa'a birthday today (technically TODAY. haha) and Charlene Yong. (I think). Hmmmm, anyone else? lol. Happy birthday once again.

We're so natural.

This is tuition.

I feeeel so paiseh now, cause I don't know what the hell did Qing msged Masa (using my phone!) And he didn't reply, I think he thinks I'm a freako. Hahaha. Qing typed something like.. "What do you mean by lucky & something." hahaha, then he never reply liao. I don't type like that one lah. & just cause she forced me to msg him "Happy birthday, I knew it cause I saw on friendster." Then I had to add him on friendster and wish him happy birthday again. So weird lah, like you view the profile but don't wanna add as friend, hahaha. I see that there's some people from our school who knows him. Mainly people from badminton and Tao Nan. Example: Qing (obviously), Joyce(?), Alyssa and Kelly. Hahaha, rest I don't know liao.

Okay, today was okayy. Protected the damn egg tray today lah, didn't want Sher to look at it. Hahaha. Then Interact didn't use it, grrrr. Instead, we were having Sec 4 farewell. They were uber late. >.< Disrupt my whole schedule, haha. Qing's mom couldn't fetch us, so we had to take cab. CCA at around 6:30pm then rushed home. Ate and waited for her to come my house, then we took cab to Telok Kurau. Vivien didn't believe that we were actually in a cab! Hahaha. She commented that I looked weird. Cause I wore differently. Brought Twisties to eat during tuition, both of them didn't eat before tuition, oppsie. I prefer tuition with Qing only. (:
Ohyeah. Took some pictures in the kitchen, lol.


Okay, I’m once again pissed with my mother. What the heck is wrong with her? I can’t stand it when she talks on the phone with other male colleagues (is that how you spell it?) like that. Grrr. It’s just sooo wrong especially after she finally confess (finally, cause I knew it long ago) that quite a lot of guys like her. Arghh, I don’t know why but I don’t have a good feeling about this. They’re younger than Uncle Blue leh, I’m scared that the same thing gonna happen again. I can’t help but to think that way. 1) My mom has been talking on the phone for a long time. 2) The messages in her phone sounds wrong.. 3) The way she talks to her ‘Boss’ isn’t formal at all. Why the hell does her boss still need to attend lessons? Something’s really fishy. Ohwell, I tried eavesdropping my mom in a very obvious way. The second time her ‘Boss’ called she went out the car and walked into the building. I followed her, she gave me that face, then I ran back into the car.

Screamed and shouted like hell. I hate being myself. I hate being like that. All I want her to know is that I KNOW THAT A LOT PEOPLE LIKES HER. And I’m just trying to assure myself that things ain’t gonna happen the same way. But I hate the way I tried to affirm myself. Then I cried all the way until I reached Taka. That’s super long okay. Plus the waiting time of Uncle Blue and the traffic jam plus my mom talking on the phone (with some client). Ahhh, I hate myself. I tried to stop crying but then when I read the msg from Esther & Qing, I had emotional breakdown againnnn. Every time I stopped crying, I read the msg then I start crying again. AHHHHHH. I am sooo emo. I’m afraid history will repeat itself. I’ve finally accepted the fact that my dad was womanizing and my mom had another bf. (Situation before divorce) Then now? I had enough of this already. I’m tired and exhausted. I feel like running away from reality. ); My mom asked me “What did I owe you lah!! Why do I have to listen to your nonsense?!” I think I should have answer..” You owe me a happy family.” (same to my dad if he ever bothers.) I’m happy the way I am, don’t make anything worst pleaseeee. I rather you stay at home and slack instead of going out to work, with so many suitors. I had this. Why can’t you just be some aunty and housewife? Stop attracting unnecessary attention from your male colleagues! I reealllly don’t want history to happen. But you call me “TOO SENSITIVE.” Ahhhh. I hope things aren’t happening the way I think it is. );

Thank you Esther! Thank you Qing! Thank you sooo much for being there. You two know my situation the best. (: Thanks! Loves. (I can’t do that heart shape thingy with the 3 and arrow. It’ll corrupt my whole post. I don’t know why. )

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