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Friday, June 15 |12:00 PM

Monday, 18th June
Pokays, I'm feeling much better now. (: Now I have a major problem.
To go of not to go for class outing tmrw.
I always wanted to go for class outings, but Qing's having her match tmr(She'll be coming late, and I think I would have gone home alr), Sherminh not going(claims that her mom don't allow, I just she just feels it's boring). That leaves me with Vivien. & she's sucha boring fella, I feel so lonely with her alone. That's why I don't know if i should go. Meiee & Wan Leng not going too, bwahhhh.

My weeks super busy.
Monday- Finish all my hwk.
Tuesday- Class Outing (If I go)
Wednesday- Farming!
Thursday- Farming!
Friday- Literature Project
Sunday- Project Work

Leaves me with only saturday. And hello, my chinese project isn't done at all. JILL KOHHH!

Say I'm emo, I don't care.

Father's Day sucked a whole lot. (1) I've got no father to celebrate with. Nor did my father showed even a tweeny part of fatherly love. Stupid Jerk. (2) I'm emo & pissed with my mom now! (3) No one's there to console me now. (4) Best of all, my Bestie went to watch DVD with her Ang Moh cousin, Hannah. (5) Want to cry also can't, cause my mom keeps walking in and out. Can't I have some privacy, own room, own computer & printer(?) and study table? It sucks a whole lot.

I don't know what's wrong with me lah. My mom said she was PMS. So what? She can PMS, I cannot is it?! Stupid shit. I'm damn pissed with her okay. Arghhhhhhh. Wanna talk to someone also cannot. & I have to act like I'm strong. I'm not please. I need someone with me nowwww. Definitely not my mom, thanks.

And yah, I don't like short post now. I like to edit, lol.


19TH & 20TH OF JUNE.

TIME: 3:30pm


Ohmgawsh, I'm feeling velly velly moody now. Thanks to my mom. (sense the sarcasm).

I know the Judge ordered/let him meet me twice a week. & He has to contact me, so you got me another card, so he wouldn't get my actual number. You kept telling me that I had to freedom to reject him, & I know that. You told me your not going to interfere. But what's with this? I know you don't want me to meet him. & You know that I wouldn't want to meet that jerk. But you're making me feel that you're too authoritative. You said I could use this number to msg other people. Okay, I got that.

But you're taking the whole phone. You make me feel like you're the one replying his msgs. You make me feel that I don't have the freedom. You kept thinking ways the way you think it is.
He asked if he can meet me up.
You come telling me things that "I feel very frustrated because he msg over", "How you want to tell him you don't want to meet him."
You didn't ask for my opinion. I didn't want to meet him, yes. But you were tooo sure, you didn't even ask.

The more you do this to me, the more I feel like I should meet him.

Sometimes we do resemble a ball. The more you hit it, the higher it bounces. (Sounds familiar eh?) I do feel that way sometimes. You're really tooo authoritative. I hate it when you think things should go this way. You're taking the whole phone away. What do you think I'll think?

Sometimes I wonder who is it you're msging and talking to at night/morning. Daniel Goh? I saw this name when you asked me what was "knoe" in the msg. So, is that your new target or what?
I think that Daniel person sucks. You're making my mom happy cause you said "Mei Nu, You're pretty" Ohmygash, I feel disgusted. He's sort of giving advice to my mom on her 'agent' thing. I don't know how am I supposed to think of you. I don't like you talking to other guys. It's been a few times already. Daniel & those guys who've my mom talked to, you suck. You've betrayed Dad(So did he) , what makes others think you won't do it again?

I hope it's not happening. I have a broken family, and I'm not as scared as my mom is to tell others. She's been telling me to tell my friends that "He's dead." But no, I'm not going to say that. Why can't I just face the problem? Not like it's my fault. It's the problem between you two people. You should be embarrassed, not me. People have been telling that I looked like I have Wonderful dad and wonderful mom.

you all so wrong. I'm too lazy to type now. Talking to Qing about some secrets now. hahah
I realised that Shao Wei appeared in Cao Meng's MV! OHMG, I was watching MTV Classic, and they were screening Cao Meng's MV. Then I saw this guy that looked like ShaoWei, & OHMG, it was shaowei! He looked like shaowei! (Correct me if i'm wrong, hahah) That's like how long ago?!?!?

I just concluded something. (: PW is more constructive without Vivien around. Oppps, I'm not being a meanie, but I'm real. We did a lot when she wasn't there (last Friday). Haha, some hilarious thing happened. I saved $0.45 ! So kewlxzxz, I know worhzxzx.

Hahah, I went up the bus and tapped my EZ-link card. & to my horror, I only had $0.65 left, when I actually topped up my card few weeks ago. I was sooo terrified cause I thought I didn't have enough $$ to pay the ermm, machine. The bus journey was sooo long, I forgot everthing. Hahah, and Bus 70, somehow had alot of Foreigner workers and whatever. So I sat on the outside. (Consider a Interactor so inconsiderate. Tsktsk. ) Pretended I was sleeping or I'll feel guilty, haha. I seemed like I'm the only girl there, I'm serious. Then when it was time to alight, I tapped my card (like duh!) and it says: "Please Tap at the Entrance". I was like @____@ !! Ohmg, I didn't tap my card! Hahaha, pretended then the machine was faulty, tapped again, and it goes TITITITITITIT ! Ohmg, so embarrassing. PLUS I was the only person going down. I could even see the Bus uncle staring at me from the mirror. After thinking that the Uncle will scold me and all the passengers will stare at me, I hurriedly went down the bus, acting ignorant.

Ohmg, damn bad I know. Opps. on the bright side, I saved $0.45! (:

Pokay, I can't think of titles so that explains the top thingy, yes?
Oh, I've changed my font to Tahoma, cause I think Georgia is abit too hard to read, haha.

Let's sidetrack ohkay? (:
13th June 2007
  • Sentosa together with Qing & her significant someone.

    It was my first attempt to go to her house without my mother's lift. And I felt so accomplished, after reaching her house. But her house is really un-accessible. Firstly, I alighted the wrong bus stop. (One before the one I'm suppose to alight) Then I walked the wrong direction cause I thought I alighted one stop after. & I realize I'm in the wrong direction, so I had to walk back. Guess what? The distance between that two bus stops were incredible. It's so damn freaking far okay. Walk until I almost peng sang(faint in some language). But I still had to walk into her house, which is also super far. And the weather was super scorching hot that day.
    So I was offered some fried rice and dumplings at her house, so I had a mouthful, cause I already ate at home. Listened to Qing's mom and her bf talk about Badminton. About Cheers competition, hahaha. I was soooo lost, I just sat there and stare. They're all so badminton-ish, hahah! Did the necessary and set off to Sentosa. But they wanted to buy something so we walked our way to the Indian Shop(Now I finally know where!), which was also super far. Well, it's a good exercise. (: Bought food and took cab to Sentosa. Apparently, I had some problem with the door, can't seem to close it, so embarrassing!

    They initially wanted to go to Underwater World, but it's really too expensive, so we went to the beach instead. Didn't brought mats, so we bought one. Settled somewhere and stared and blank spaces. (hoho, so lame right?) We took turns to play with the water, but we didn't bring extra bottoms, so we can't really go into the water. We look damn funny, everyone was soaking inside and we were screaming our heads off (we didn't know how to swim).

    It sort of poured, so we went to Vivo City to watch Fantastic Four! Jessicca Alba, however you spell her name, haha. She's sooo pretty! It's a pity she's actually marrying Reed... Two of us were wearing fbts and shirt, then he's wearing sleeveless. Imagine the coldness in the cinema! Haha, Vivo's theater is super cold please. So we took our extra tops/bottoms and wore. But it was still cold... Qing & I were shivering like mad after the whole show. Then we went all the way down to the carpark for some heat, haha. Vivo's damn hugeee we can't find the MRT, hahaha. We went down the escalator and then realize we're not supposed to go down, we ran up like siao. HAHAH, and I think other people thought we were mad or what.

    So we finally found the mrt & the mrt came, so we ran down again. Unfortunately for Qing... She didn't get into the train (so was I). She had to separate with her beloved, lol! Okay. So they met up the next stop, lol. And he called up lousy, tsk. Separated cause they've got to change to the Red Line. And I was aloneee.

    Bwahh, the day was fun. (: But I wasn't crazy enough that day, hurhur. Cause there's someone else. Or else I've could been crazier okay! Hahaha. My presence of the whole experience was... extra. Hahaha, didn't want to go de. But Qing and Jinghao kept brainwashing me. And what "The more the merrier." Ended up only 3 people went, haha.
    Hmmmms, I think I've not been sleeping really well these few days. That's weird cause I sleep late and wake up late. But if I dream, that means I'm half awake right? I've been subsequently dreaming of the same people. But everything seems so vague. It so weird how some people (there's a few) appear in my dreams when I'm not even close to them, neither do I talk to them. Iit's really bothering me now. I know I've dreamt of some people, but I can't exactly recall what's happening, haha.

    & It's really weird when Vivien told me she dreamed of me and Han Qun (Some 19year old, NP Friend of hers) kissing during camp! Ohmg, what the hell is wrong with her. HAHA, I guess she thinks too much of Han Qun and thus dreamt of him. But why me and him lah. Checked up his blog and he's kinda ewwwww. Vivien told me he's shuai, ohmg! HAHA. Nevermind, that's just a dream. Luckily, it isn't true, haha.
    Going to Bestie's house today again for Project Work. That kinda sucks cause there's only 2 pathetic people. Me and Qing. Vivien has CCA, MSN has something on. PW will never end. ); Stupid Jacob. Talking about Jacob reminds me of Maths Test *inside thang*.

    > = which reminds me of (:
    Mrs Jacob > Jacob > Maths Test > Jacob Biscuit > Friendster (Cause I viewed his profile) >
    criticizing people with Qing on MSN/Friendster > Qing's banned from the computer! > No more secret land with her every night. );

    Awwwww, I miss her cause I can't chat with her anymore. It's so weird, that's why I don't go online at night anymore. That day, we were sooo bored, we went looking at people's friendster and started criticizing them. Hehe. People like Shu Yin, Shui Ching, Jacob(hahah), some random people. ABC wasn't in the list, haha. Criticized her tooo much already.

    Let's not talk about them lah. Haha. YAY! I'm going to earn some money for 2 days. Although it isn't alot, but it's still money.
    $_________$ Yay, I've got Esther with me. HOOOHOOOOO.
    Random thing - I'm having cramps. My stomach is damn pain now. tsk.

    Cheerios. (: