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“ Farming oh farming. ”
Friday, June 22 |10:13 PM

"She's an artist. A painter, actually.
See that 'smile' on her face?
Well it's her most famour piece."

I keep editing my post. Cause I'm really really really bored now. I'm tired but I don't feel like sleeping. It's so early! 11:25! Gosh. I think I'm going to be on HIATUS soon. Oh well, I think I should deleted this word from my dictionary. HIATUSES never work on me.

I need my mom badly. ); Why is she out at this hour? Why isn't she forcing me to bed? Argh. She's always there when i didn't want her to. And now she isn't here to push me to sleep. I needa sleep!

1) Logizomechanicophobia: fear of computers
2) Thanatophobia: fear of dying
3) Gamophobia: fear of marriage
4) Photophobia: fear of light
-Ripped from Anna's blog.

I made up one myself. SCHOOLOHPHOBIA. I know many who suffers from this phobia. It literally means fear of school. It's obvious. Support SCHOOLOHPHOBIA!

YAY! ABC didn't rebond her hair. I hope her aunt continues to ignore her. (: Messy is nice. Oh whatever.

Ripped from geral jie's blog/ ying's blog. Hahaha.

A- Alister
B- Bianca
C- Chua Ee Ling
D- Denise! (Qingqing or Tan Qing.)
E- Esther!
F- Fei Lun Hai! (okay, it isn't a name.)
G- Geraldine (My old english name, haha. But I hate it, cause my father gave me that name. Not using it anymore)
H- Hannah
I- Isabella
J- Jinghao
K- Kingone (Wang Chuan Yi.)
L- Lara
M- Masa
N- Natelie!
O- Who's name starts with O?
P- Pearlyn
Q- Qingqing! (2nd time)
R- Renfu!
S- Shi Qi (ME!)
T- Tan Qing! (3rd time!)
U- ??
V- Vivien
W- Wan Leng
X- Xie Zhi
Y- Yi Ling (Jolin. Haha)
Z- Ze An (Qing's brother, haha)

Oh man, I'm so stuck in primary school. I can't think of anybody to fill in the names. Most are from primary school. I fill in those I don't know with ermm.. celebs, haha.

1. What does A sms you about? - I don't even know him. He's Vivien's 'sweetheart'. No sms-es from him.

2. How many siblings does B have? - Not close, not sure. So far I see only ONE SISTER.

3. What is C's nickname? - Sister (?) Long lost friend since P6.

4. How do you get to know D? - Primary school!

5. How despo is E? - Very? Haha. Despo for wuzun. ;p

6. How much is F older/younger than you? - Plus the ages together? Hahah. Don't know their actual age. (gosh!)

7. Name of G's best friend?- Qingqing, Esther. The camera, computer, mirror. haha.

8. Does H knows I ? - No way. How on Earth will Hannah (Qing's Ang Moh cousin) know Isabella anyway?

9. What happens if J becomes your enemy? - My bestfriend will kill me.

10. Under what conditions will K&L get married? - Weird, they're not compatible at all.

11. How many people do you know from M's initial? - Hmmm, 3? Masa, Mingjun, Mike. ;/ (can't think of any at the moment)

12. Do you enjoy talking on the phone with N? - Ewww, that pink girl?! Hahaha, don't wanna be her friend. ;p

13. VOID. - What the heck is this? Who's name starts with O?

14. How geeky is Q? - What is a geek? ;/

15. Is R very popular? - Of course, cause he's my hubby.

16. What happens if S likes you? - I love her alot tooo. Muacks. I don't mind being les with her.

17. Is T a very random person? - Hard to say. But she's nice.

18. VOID. - Whatever, ANYTHING! haha. I see. VOID = No name applicable to this alphabat.

19. Do you take W as anything else other than a friend? - Eh, friends and friends only. We don't live in the same world...

20. When is the last time you met up with X? - Star Awards 2006.

21. Are Y & Z enemies? - Maybe Z doesn't like Jolin. Who knows? haha.

22. Out of A-Z who do you love the most? - Can I have four? *Greedy* Shiqi, Qing, Esther and Renfu.

23. Will you betray anyone of them? - I've already betrayed Xiezhi. :D Used to like him.

24. Have you confessed to anyone from A - Z? - Confessed that I hate her? Hahaha. Not to any I guess.

I feeel emo.

Slow songs make me sad. ); Nononono, I can't be sooo emo! There's something wrong with my fridge. Argh, how am I supposed to face my friends tmr? Hahaha. I guess I'll give a cold-shoulder to ABC again. I didn't talk to her when she came to my house. The atmosphere was awkward.

THEY MOVE! (: Hahaha. Originated by ShiQi. I'll try to post the bigger version soon.

Click! Cause they don't move here. If you don't look at it, it'll be gone. hahaha.

(: I'm bored. Soz if it lags your comp, cause it lags mine as much. Heheh. I'm having problems uploading it. Forget about it. );

Had tuition today, Natalie's Andrew didn't come. Aww~ I pity her, sucha loner today. It was kinda a wake up call, cause I can't do most of my sums. Ahhhh. Ever since V joined tuition, I haven't been really attentive. ); Best of all, we didn't even revise our E Maths! Ahhhh, Ah Cheung! We failed E Maths, you're supposed to concentrate on E Maths, why concentrate on Add Maths cause of V? can teach differently you know! *pissed again* Okay. So I drew something during tuition. This is the sort of animated one, hahahaha. This girl Natelie gets along very well with this boy ( I say BOY, cause he's sooo freaking irritating and childish and and ... tsk) He's Sec 2, from ACS(I) and ermm a badminton player (The one who introduced this tuitio to qing, then I joined.) He's damn freaking irritating. I think he never grows up. And and, it's sister-brother relationship. (JIE DI LIAN, i mean. hahaha, I typed on the web and it came out "elder-sister and brother love") She's sec 3, and all I know is that she loves shades of pink (wlao, the next xiaxue!) and she can squeak. Hahaha. They look so compatible together. (: I have pictures. Opps! I deleted them, cause it was too much space. Will take another one next sunday, hahaha.

Qing came to my house for awhile after tuition. She's now rushing her English Project with Lishan, Qinyi, Karpagam. So last minute lah you! Glad I'm done, but it sucks totally.

Blahberbahbooooohoooo. Let me see what I've done.

1) English Reading Rites
2) English Newspaper Project (However, it sucks.)
3) English Book Review

Saved from Mrs Ong. :D

1) Chinese Project
2) Some Toto-Chan thingy. "What will you do when you face difficulties?"
3) Eh, and one about Idioms. (Cheng Yu?)

Ewwwww, I can imagine Tay Bee Kee (Ohmg! Sounds like Tay Wei Kee right?) chasing over us for our homework. For example: "Write your name on the board if you haven't handed in your Lian Bi." "School holidays are for revising. There's 4 whole weeks, why didn't you do?! I want it by next lesson." Gosh, I sit first row somemore. First rows are better than back rows, cause I can msg people conviniently, somehow. Teachers seldom look at the front, hahaha. She's freaky. Trust me, you'll start to loveee Jiu Kong once you've seen her, ohmg. Sucha look-alike! Hahaha. She's gonna nag and nag. My chinese drop liao. I'm sooo dead for chinese.

1) Chemistry 10 year series.

Undone cause it's in school, but saved from dangers. (: No chemistry tomorrow!

1) Geography worksheet.

Undone cause it's in school, saved from Mrs Tee, no lessons tmr.

1) Elementary maths.

Done! If not Koh Mei Chin will nag again. (:

Ohyay! So basically, I have 0.000001% of dying in school tmr. Cause I have Qing, she didn't do chinese too! (: Hahaha. Gates of hell will open tomorrow! Big Birdy gonna nag and talk all about stupid jogathon. >;[ Boohoooo. I still haven't read Toto-Chan. How did it on earth so many people read the boring book (Chinese makes it boring-er) Pfffst, I'm excited yet not excited for school. Btw, I finally know how Alister look like. Hahaha, he's (Yeah, HE not SHE.) okay what. "REN ZHEN DE NAN REN ZUI SHUAI!" Hahaha, Vivien's rumored boyfriend/woo-er/chaser/admirer from St. Gabriels. (Ewww, the school isn't really famous. somewhere at Serangoon.) Saw Iqah's comment on this Alister & Vivien thingy. Hahaha.

Iqah: Vivien vivien! You know alister and vivien the topic very H-O-T now eh! Hahaha. (Plus plus, they were in the same ATC camp group. Awwww) Alister, Vivien. AV, so compatible! Hahaha.

No, I don't feel emo anymore! (: YAY!

Is XINGNAN female or male? (Try to tell from the name)
Oh wow, my mom thought Xingnan was a MALE! Gosh. I can feel it by how she asks. It goes like that... I was washing my hair at 11pm (remember?) *Message tone* Then I turned off the water (? haha)
Mom: Who is Xingnan?
Shiqi: Friend lah.
Mom: Why so jing zhang? Who is xingnan?
Mom: Really?
Shiqi: Ya lah.
Mom: Don't sound like girl name.
Shiqi: Xingnan a girl from china can? Happy with my answer?


I'm pissed again. With one of the girl in my English group. She went for hols and didn't even bother to inform us. We did all the things already, left with her article. And what?! She lost her article! Now she's asking me to help her translate somemore. Msg her never reply, bwahhhh. Don't wanna help you lah. The English project is already so badly done. >;[ I hope it isn't counted in CA or I'll die. Pffffst.

Okay, I'm fineee. (:

I just came washed my hair like few mins ago. (11pm plus) Hahaha, so weird right? I know.
I'm dying now, waiting for my friend's article! Shit lah. I'm addicted to the word "SHIT!" ohgosh. I don't know what's the problem with her lah. She told me she lost her article, then she's going to rephrase the article into English. She asked her friend to help her, then when her friend send me the copy, it's empty. Her friend told me that she didn't save it. It's like arghhhhh. Then I'm not close to that person, like soo bad tell her to retype like that. Then that girl called me and say "It's okay that my friend lost her copy, cause I got my original one you see." What the hell? You told me you lost it in the morning cause your comp hanged, can't open and all. Tsk.

Nevermind It's all done. I've got tuition tmr. My last day of hols. );



I went farming for two days. TWO DAYS!! Hahaha, I know what some of you are thinking... FARMING?! Siao ah, go to the grass there and feed the cows/plant the trees. That's crazy & very rural typo thing. Hahaha, nope it isn't what you're thinking.(: Farming is the very very very formal word for = distributing flyers door to door. Hahaha, I was shocked when my mom asked me "Are you free next Wedesday & Thursday to do farming?". My reaction was "FARMING? ZHONG TIAN?!?!?!" Hahahaha, okay, I don't have good vocab (or is it grammer? adjective? Hahaha, I'm no good in Engrish euu knoes?)

*Random stuff*
My mom's behide me talking! & I hate it when she's behind me when I'm using the comp. I can't listen to any music. (The hole for the earphones are faulty) And I can't view people's friendster/blog pictures cause she'll go kaypo-ing even thou she's talking. I hate it when she goes. "Who is that? Your friend ah?" When a MSN thingy pops out or when I'm viewing pictures. Tsktsk. I hate it. Ohman, and I have two pimples on my faceee!! Gosh, school's reopening you know. How how howw? PIMPLE! Arghhhhh. I need a personal angel! O2 Skin! Hahaha. I find that comercial lameee. Singing to the bottles! -__- Nevermind, the pimples will disappear soon. (Hopefully)
*End of Random stuff*

By the way, THANKS ESTHER FOR ACCOMPANYING ME FOR THIS FARMING THING! (: It's sooo freaky tedious I know. I feeel so bad to you, I mean it. But yeah, had fun somehow. (: Thanks alot. Loads of love de worhzxzx. You were the one who gave me the courage to go and farm those ulu places. If not I'd cheated and not farmed most of them, hahaha.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007, I woke up on 8:45am and got myself prepared even before Esther reached my house. We had 4 Sushi and one soya bean for breakfast. (I didn't eat the unagi. Tsktsk, I got sushi phobia!) Then we went to Tiong Bahru to pick Sandra (Mom's collegue.) The damn security guard kept chasing us away, tsk. So we met up and went to collect to flyers, then we started farming at Blobk 42 or 43! Gosh, the blocks were damn old I tell you. There's only lift access to some levels, and the walls were damn black as if it was burnt. The people were scary and the corridors looked like those in dramas where those Loan Sharks appear at. You know, the pig heads/ paints and everything. That flat has a history of more than 30years according to my mom. Most of the people there were Senior Citizens, but they acted weirdly. I was damn freaked out okay. Didn't even dare to walk myself... The best part was that the both of us had dog phobia! Haha! We were walking down the stairs then we saw this damn black dog chained outside the door, it barked and barked like crazy, and we ran and ran like mad. Gosh, damn scary. I was shivering every step I took. Saw different types of people when we walked down, and I kinda pitied them. ); Some were sooo old they had to live on those tubes and everything, and they're houses were sooo rundown. I couldn't imagine if I were to live there.... Ohyes! The lift! The lift was scary toooo. I mean, it's damn old and there isn't any network inside, what if you're cooped inside?! Gosh, die I tell you. Hahaha, then the lift jerks when it stops. Damn scary. Ohyeah, I kena knocked by the bamboo stick lah. This lady was hanging clothes then I kay kiang, I walked and she hit my head, haha. Then another thing was that... I saw this old fat half naked bald man standing at the door smoking, I wanted to walk over to pass him the flyer, but I didn't notice the dog infront of him at all! Gosh, then it barked like crazy lah. Ohoh! I walked past this house with many many old folks(4-5) watching tv, then my phone rang( I didn't know it was my phone.) Then I was like... "What the hell? These old people (60-70 yrs old) watching SPONGEBOB?!?!? Siao ah. I walked and walked then realised that it was my phone. Oh, silly.

Hahaha, that's only the first block!

Then we went to the next block also arnd Telok Blanglah area. This ones muchh better, not so troublesome and easier! Not much of dogs around I guess. It's a pin block. However you're supposed to spell PIN, haha! It's 4 units per level. It's one of the best I tell you.. (: Hahaha, cause it's easy to farm. Like you go level by level, together. (: Not much of black, charcoal-ish walls. It's abit old, but not that old. Still acceptable, haha. The best is that when you've finished, you don't needa go up and go down again cause of the niceee layout/structure of the flat. I can't remember what happened, but we did quite fast and all for this bloack and we even had a lil' camwhore session. (Will post up the pics when i'm free or happy. Damn tired nowwwww)

Oh, we went to this block with damn weird structure/layout lah. It's damn confusing. We didnt' know the real layout, so we went up and down up and down when we could actually go up and all the way down..
>;[ Damn tiring, antd it was like the first block. Old and rundown. ); Dark and freaky. No air /sunlight vendilation, siao lor. Gonna draw out a map if poss. (: Hahaha. The lifts were only located in the middle if not wrong. And one was spoilt. ); Tsktsk. So we had to walk furthur.

Then after which we went to the nicer flats. (: Hehehe, then we spilted up or something. Couldn't remember much lah. But yeah, we spilted up. & I thought we were faster, yeah! Okay, we farmed some of the flyers to the mailboxes. Wah, love that lah pleaseee. It's like so easy although alot of mailboxes are locked up. So we ended the day, sent esther to Tiong Bahru's mrt cause she needa go church for some practice, haha. Sent Sandra home @ Toa Payoh, then homeee sweet homee for me and my 7 o clock show!! (: Kinship/Shou Zhu! Gosh, I like the show...

I was so dead tied this morning. I set the alarm at 8:45am, and guess what time I woke up?! i woke up at 9:31am! Gosh, I'm a sleepypig okay. I wasn't even anticipating the day.. My muscles are all aching like hell, I think of it as a EXERCISE. I must be positive! Hahaha. I was sooo dead tired. Esther msg-ed me, I woke up, saw the msg, wanted to msg back but I fell asleep with the phone in my hand, sleeping in a starfish position.
>.<> I dreamt that I woke up already and was msning Qing about Xubin & Celeste (Will blog about that later.) and Esther has reached my house and all. Hahaha, exuses again.

We had Mee Kia & Sugarcane for breakfast. Where's my Shaker Fries?!?! Hahahaha, I'm in loveee with it. Anws, had a filling breakfast and went off to meet Sandra at Tiong Bahru again. First, we did the pin blocks! YAY! It was rather fast. Then after that we went to do the damn BIGGGGG flat lah. The layout damn funny okay. It's almost the same as the 3rd block up there, but there's another extra part of it, nicer and more updated. The other parts were like oldddd. Yes, and there wasn't only 3 staircases you know? There's like 6-7 staircases! And the best was that the lifts were located in the middle and the sides. So we had to walk alot. And the other part was sooo weird. The gates were all sooo... opened. Hahaha, it's like just gates! No doors! Gosh, no privacy. And the living room was just there. They eat, people see., haha. so weird. (FYI! I'm ty[ing without specs. Ahhh. Cause there's a pimple somewhere, if i wear the specs, I swash the pimple. Shit. I can't seee.) It's like 3 units per level and each staircase. Hahaha. Damn tiring. We took like one hour to finish it, or more than that? hahaha. I complained to my mom, then she asked us to put it into the mailboxes, but we can't let Sandra know or we won't get our pay, hehehe. But theey upgraded the letterboxes, most of them were closed. Tsktsk.

Rested somewhere and had some "lunch". Yeah right. One pack of colourful thingy & a few biscuits with Coffee.& That's for 4 people you know! So we 'lunched' at the void deck. Luckily I wasn't tooo hungry, or else I'll peng sang ah.Then we went to other blocks. One of it was like 30 storeys! Gosh, and I got height phobia okays. I poped my head out to see the playground, and gosh, the people looked like ants. I thought I could have died if I dropped down. Free fall! (Oh, physics!) Esther & I spilted up cause it wasn't too rundown and there were many levels. I did 16-30, esther did 1-15.. Then we did another 30 storeys flat. Ohwell, then we ended off our day with one pin block! We were soooo slow, hahaha.

Something really freaky happened... I forgot to type out just now lah. We were playing with walkie talkies... I said "hello." She said "hello." --Quiet for awhile-- Then suddenly "asdkhasdfalkdbasd" some guys voice appeared in esther's walkie talkie and it was some weirdo language. We were screaming in the park lah! Hahahaha.

Okay, then we went to vivo for dinner, saw 2 PL lites. Damn paiseh, cause I wore fbts again. Tsktsk, second time wear fbt to Vivo.. And it was damn cold. Had our dinner. Both of us bought Korean foood. Mine was Bibimbam & esther's was Kimchi soup or somethng. hahah, she said it was damn hot and everything. Had loads of water and stuffs. Yeah, then I headed to tuition without pencil case, calculator and paper at all! tsk. Met up with Vivien @ 7:30, then we waited for Qing till 8! Gosh, vivien waited for an hour! Hahah, poor her. ;p Ohyeah, we walked 2668 steps and burned off XXX kilocals. I forgot the number. I weighed myself but it was the same weight. >;[ I gained muscles? hahaha. Okay.

Tuition was funn I guess. Did only 4 pathetic surds questions. Was playing and stuffs.
I told Qing about my dream of --someone--. I was looking at the neoprint we took together, hahaha. She said she's gonna tell Jinghao! And I was wrote "DON'T YOU TELL!" damn big on the paper, haha. She asked me why I so ji dong lah. She promised not to tell him, but I doubt so lah. He's more important compared to me. I hope she doesn't tell. (: Then ah vivien complained that i was mean cause I didn't tell her. But like how am i supposed to tell her? She ah, so big mouth one, confirm tell other people de. Tsktsk. Oh and Qing passed me the bottle she bought for me. Hahaha, kinda childish, but yeah. I promised to bring it to school with her. No choice. (: hahaha.

So that's my day. I think I missed alot alot of things out. Sorry! );

Argh, Sherminh and Vivien coming to my house now! AHHH. Qing can't come, cause her mom didn't allow. And I'm going to face the both of them, argh. Sherminh rebonded her hair, and I hope she's bald now. Opps. She's gonna be jealous of my second ear hole. Eeeyer. I hate it when she comes to my house. Vivien okay lah. But she's like ... ARGHHHHH.

I've got to go, be back to blog. (:
Hello! I'm back to continue my post. (:

So Vivien & Sherminh went home. We're almost done with everything. (: So sherminh didn't rebond her hair... It's still as lion-y. Even her mom said so. She said she's gonna rebond this sunday. Monday need to tie hair. Her auntie say can. What the hell. I hope the line stays there forever.

They remind me of school. Bleah, suddenly I don't feel like going back to school. There's many many things I've not done. >;[

  • Geography worksheet! (Textbook in school)
  • Chemistry 10year series (In school)
  • English Project (What happened to my group?!)
  • Chinese Project (Ah Jill! You never contact us. No we're not going to do it without you again.)
  • Interact painting stupid egg thing.

    Shit! There's alot not done. Stupid Dorothy made me the leader for Interact. Shucks. What am i supposed to do lah. I am so freaking pissed now. There's new timetable, so there's english and chinese on monday. Are we supposed to hand in the projects? Arghhhhhh. Dead meat. I sooo don't wanna go school anymore. ); I rather rot and revise my work at home. Bleahh. My eyebrows are all knitted together you know. >< I told myself, today will be the last day/last chance I give you. (I gave you the whole of hols) If I still don't receive your ____, I'm going to forget about you..
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