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Monday, June 25 |11:26 PM

Huan Huan Ai Craze. :D

Playlist: Give me tha Money - Petey Pablo.

Just got back from Dance lessons. It's the first lesson today, it's better than what I expected! (: We learnt locking today. I'm not physically inclined lah. My brain and body doesn't coordinate at all. Gonna practise at home, hehe. Nothing much about today actually. Oh! Look at the pic below.

Aiks. So horrible! Guess how I got these blue blacks (Are they? lol. Qing said my blood cell burst. gosh.) Btw, it isn't photoshoped hor. It's that bad. Guess and I'll tell you the answer at the end of this post. (Which is the line.)

Ohyeah. I cut my fingernails. Gosh, I miss them. I think they decomposed already. Hahaha.

It was this long.

I killed them. >;[

And it's now like that. It feels so naked. haha.

); I had four weeks with them! Eeeeyer, as if long fingernails can't study. It's sooo short, I can feel my skin touching the keyboard now. Normally it's just the nails. But I've decided to be guai and cut my nails before my name gets booked again. What if I get ingrown toenails? I sue the prefects ah. Oh talking about prefects. I think there are some interesting qualities a prefect should have.

1) Scared of pain. (so they won't pierce multiple earholes)
2) Bite their nails. (That's why their nails are soooo short.)
3) Have really dilligent maids at home (nice shoes and uniform)
4) Loves the korean style (that's why the belts are damn high)
5) Poor (Not enough money to buy thread to amend their uniforms / and can't msg much later not enough money to pay)
6) Have poor handphone charger/battery (That's why their phones are always off in class)
7) No friends (No one to sms, thus off the phone)
8) Has really small feets and loves the japanese style (That's why the socks so high.)

Can't think of anymore, hahaha.

Ohyes, I forgot the type this the last time. Mrs Jacob told us about the bullying thing on the Blog. (It's on the newspapers) yeah, this girl was a target of bullying on the net blah blah blah. MOE took this sooo seriously they are actually revising the English syllabus in 2009 to teach us how to use the Internet! Gosh, they're mad lah.

YAY! Off to watch my 7 o clock show now. I think it's nice, I don't know how many times must I repeat this. Hahaha. This girl (Ling i think) is damn evil. She has relationships with YingJun & Marcus/Mar something one (YingJun's father's assistant) and soon with Yingjun's father. Ohmg, she's scheming. (how do you spell it?) I think YingJun's shuai if he doesn't talk or act at all. Haha! I mean in the standards of a Singaporean guy. He is handsome. (: Switched is quite interesting too! Yay. Nice shows nice shows. And mondays are for Huan Huan Ai ! ;D

ANSWER!: Play volleyball hit until like that one.

Tay Bee Kee: Ermm, can you please help me clean the whiteboard? (Look at Qing and I)
Shiqi: Oh, okay. (: (Proceeds to the whiteboard, while Qing wanted to escape.)
Qing: Wlao, I walk away why you still come back?
Shiqi: I very guai the what! Not like you. Hahaha. (Clean the whiteboard. )

--Tay Bee Kee leaves the room, then I throw the duster towards the whiteboard. "Like real, hahahaha." Then I walk away.--

Qing: Aye, go clean the board hor, somebody.

Ohgosh, since when did I become like that? lol. Today (Tuesday, 26th June) was okay. Live lesson was damn funny! Chinese too. I'll go with Chinese first since I was talking about Chinese. I wasn't listening the whole lesson lah. I was busy drafting out my story synopsis of Huan Huan Ai for Qing. (Trying to influence her, haha) Then Qing was drawing a newly-weds and... hotel, lol, the contents weren't really sick lah. Only for one part, it's just lame shit. It's the "HOTEL ARCADE CENTRE" the company is called Hotel. -.- *shivers* And we're supposed to do some worksheet, best ah. I saw Tay Bee Kee walking over, then I turn to the back.. *Smiles* "Eh, hello. Can lend me your chinese paper awhile. Please? *smiles* hehe." Amanda:"Okay." Then Tay Bee Kee comes. She was like nodding head and everything. We were trying to control our laughters. Then she asked. "What you all doing? Why gui gui sui sui?" She was like staring at us lah, we don't know what to do/how to do. We sorta claimed their work as ours, haha! Then she walked to the back and stared at them, then.. best part. We actually openly returned their paper infront of her, hahaha. But she didn't say anything. Stupid teacher. She changed our seat yesterday, first to be picked at somemore. Tsk. But luckily, we soooo guai, we're still sitting together. Cause we too tall, block the rest, hahaha. I prefer sitting in front thou. Cause she doesn't really look at the front. Then my neighbours are soooo... ermm, unfriendly? Hahaha, there's Alyssa(I don't know her. But I read her blog! Haha.), Mei Ee (stone and stone one lah), Amanda (don't know her), Benita (used to be quite close friends). Kinda disadvantage to us lah, we talk and talk then no one to ask answer. Haha. Last time sit with Jill and Olivia damn fun. ;p The prefect (Jill) keep talking at the back of us lah. We ask her "Aye, what to do ah?" Then she reply "Ah? What to do ah?" It's like for GONG-ers sitting together, hahaha. Bleah. The people around now isn't fun at all. ); Nevermind as long as I have Qing. Ohyeah, damn qi gek (angry in some dialect?) with Qing lah. hahaha. Know why? Cause I was explaining to her about Huan Huan Ai (for quite long), I finally finished the whole thing, then she told me...

Qing: Aye, *starts laughing* I tell you something. You don't angry okay?
Shiqi:What? You wasn't listening? You don't understand?
Qing:"Actually, no. Ermm, I can't even hear you..*starts laughing* "
Shiqi: *smoke coming out from my head* You never tell me earlier?
Qing: Sorry lah. ); I see you talk until so shuang, let you talk lor.
Shiqi: tsk.

ohyeah, we changed our chinese classroom(only for tues) then we had to walk next door, there were sec ones. I saw one girl looking at me, so my reflex reaction was to smile (haha, weird hor?) Then Qing ask me, why you smiling at that girl? Haha, I also don't know. Wlao, know what that girl did? She closed the windows! Hahah. damn hard somemore. Tsktsk. Was being abit crazy lah, then I opened the windows, then she closed and locked it. TSKTSK. Ohmg, I so nice to the sec ones unlike Cheryl Cheong (you'll see later). Then she actually did this to me. Next time don't smile liao lah.

Live lesson was sooo fun. We were discussing about the our stalls for the funfair. Gloria was in charge, Cheryl Cheong helped. Hahah. We're like watching live television for our entertainment. The whole class was laughing like crazy. ;p Some suggestions of the game stalls.

1) Dig the coin Dig it!
2) ??
3) ??
4) Tug of war with Ms Hazeline.(BlAST HER!) Ms Hazeline and Friends (BLAST THEM!) '

Couldn't remember the rest. So we decided on Option 4. Ms Hazeline then changed it to... Tug of war with Gloria and Friends. Hahaha, but they didn't realise cause they were trying to pull the screen down. Cheryl actually sat down to hold the screen, hahaha. Then Ms Hazzy walked to her, asked her to let go. And DING! It's staying there. (: They damn funny lah. Ohyeah, before that, Gloria was explaining the game.

Then she said: "Aiyah, like that Ms Hazeline will be very tired, keep blasting her. hahaha. Can get her friends. Like Ms Ting, Ms Kok...."
"Cannot Miss Kok lah. Like that no body wanna play liao. Lose already."
Gloria:"Hahaha. Mrs Koh Mei Chin (The whole class hates her) also can."
Cheryl:"*acted like Mrs Koh Mei Chin* Blast off!"
Gloria:"Miss Deepa also can."

Then it carries on and on.

The funniest part was that some juniors were laughing and talking damn loudly outside. Then Cheryl went "OEI/ HEY!". Then the whole class went laughing, hahah! Miss Hazzy stared at her.
Miss Hazeline: "This is a bad example of a 3B2 girl. How can you treat the sec ones like that?"
Cheryl: "Hahha, they so noisy. Disturbing us leh."

Aiyah, as long as it is, it is damn funny. I know the way I describe not funny, but yeah. Ignore me lah. But read the below part.. :p GOSH!

Xingnan: You change your specs?
Shiqi: No lah.
Xingnan: Oh. You look slimmer.
Shiqi: Oh. Really? Thankyou thankyou. *HAPPPY*
Xingnan: Who is your laopo ah?
Shiqi: T-
Xingnan: Are you straight?
Shiqi: Of cos lah!

Wlao, do I look like I'm not straight? Hahah. Maybe I aren't, I still don't know. Or am I like what Mrs Chew say, the amphoteric acids? hahaha. boy or girl also can. LOL. I AM STRAIGHT LAH. Two people asked if I changed my specs today already. Xingnan & Arielle. Gosh. Do I look so different or what? Hahaha. Sherminh said because I let down my fringe. (OOOH.) ;/ Don't know lah. I'm always having bad hair days. ;p

Qing's mom asked if I wanna change tuition, and it costs like $400! That's alot you know. I'm already having multiple complains from my mom cause of the fees currently! Arghhhh, and the new tutor is her bf's brother... Her mom explained to me howwwww pro-ed his brother is, and also how clever, and he gets schlorship and jiang xue jing (in english?) one. Bwah, now she's rushing me for an answer, and my mom isn't very happy with what I asked. She didn't answer my question lah. She only said "Then Vivien how? You all together de, how can you leave her alone?" Then what has it got to do with her lah, it's my friend, not hers. Obviously she doesn't want me to change tuition right? She told me that she'll talk to Qing's mother, but she didn't. She came home earlier today and she has been talking crap on the phone since I woke up from my nap. AHHHHHH. I am pissed with them lah.

Person 1: Out of nothing why wanna change tuition? Firstly, you told me $200, then now $400, how is it acceptable?! I'm already having financial difficulties you know. Maybe it's because it's your bf brother we're talking about, that's why you didn't want to reject? That time you told me you didn't know. Wanna change but don't wanna change.

Person 2: Wlao, don't scream at me lah. Did I offend you? What the hell, I ain't got any relation with you, why you scold me? Tsk! That time change from Mavis to Mr Cheung also you reccommend one. You said he's good and can teach and whatever. Then now you tell me you wanna change to Qing's bf's brother. You're telling me how good he is again. So what? Next time you're gonna reccommend another better one? Cause he's going to leave Singapore next year in September when it's the most cricial period for us? The O' Levels! I get your point: Mr Cheung doesn't concentrate much, it's just your determination. On the other hand, Qing's bf's brother WILL and CAN concentrate on us, cause it's only two people. And it's for all subjects but concentrate on Science and Maths. I get what you mean, but it's way to expensive. You told me Mr Cheung's a good teacher, he'll concentrate on Maths and Science. But so far I'm only tutoring Maths. Pfffst.

Person 3: She's avoiding the problem now. If she don't want then just say it, get straight to the point okay? I am pissed with her. Not only for this, but she's been talking on the phone for a longgg time. I don't know who the heck she's talking to. Maybe Daniel? Ahhh. I hate it when she tells me "Go and eat first.", or ask me to "Shhh" when she's talking to something (not her client). I hate it when she calls me her "niece" What the hell is wrong with her. What's soooo wrong and un-seenable about me? I feel like am crying cause you're not even acknowledging me. I hate it when you ask me to "Go away.. " when you're talking to someone.. You don't do that to me even when you're talking to Uncle Blue. So who's that msyterious person? I'm not sure if I should trust you anymore. Like I've said, if you betrayed dad, why can't you betray him? What makes it sooo sure that you love him and not his money? I'm soo confused. >;[ AHHHHHHH. The best thing today was that I purposely sit infront of her when she's talking, waiting for her to go down and eat with me. Wlao, then she stopped talking, isn't that suspicious? Then how about.. she was talking to someone on the phone then when Uncle Blue comes home, she randomly said "bye bye." and hanged the phone? I really hope that the one she's talking to is Uncle Blue and not someone else. I mean, hello? If you're not guilty of what you're doing, why did you hang the phone?

Person 4: I don't know why but ever since you joined, I can't concentrate. Every question I do, I receive one question from you. I have to explain, but you don't understand. AHHHH. cause you joined, he isn't really concentrating on E Maths, but because of you, he's concentrating on A maths. Am I gonna fail A maths cause of you? I don't want. >;[ Now person 3 is using you as some Dang Jian Pai. Shit you.

Okays. I'm okay already. I mean after watching Swtiched just now, I'm feeling better. :D Hahah. I'm not trying to act pissed or anything. Yeah, I'm listening to DongLiang's song. And I realized that he have changed his style. I mean no more "Dang Ni Gu Dan Ni Hui Xiang Qi Shui" no more "Zhi Yin Wei Ni" kinda style. Hahaha. ;p I like the song Wang Zi. I uploaded it on Imeem. ;D
Helllooo people. It's a brand new post. Pleaseee do scroll down for that animation, haha! I took time doing it. (:

Haha, I think I've already got over my SCHOOLOHPHOBIA! (: Yay. Today wasn't that bad anyway. I've survived through the first day, wheeee~ No homework that is supposed to be handed in isn't handed in. Haha, assembly today was total crazeeee. Firstly, the normal opening speech from Mrs Lee (school's principal) Wlau, she talked for more than a hour. Then after that it's like the parting ceremony for Mdm Dhillon. First was Mrs Koh, a student, then Mrs Lee's impromptu's speech (that lasted for 20 mins, IMPROMPTU EH!) Some intro of many many relieft teachers. Then it's some speech by Mdm Tini, Charlene Poh(on Walk-A-Jog), Ms Hazzy on Racial Harmony's day. Wlao, it's like soooo... long can. Missed two whole periods of English.

School reminded me of stupid, silly things I did. (in school)
1) I threw $2.00 into the dustbin
2) Qing & I stalked a guy (we'r in girl's school hor) cause of vivien.
3) Today, I was running our locker, then I dropped my book.. Bunch of Sec 5s "Oh My Gosh!" The kind one who helped me pick up my book was my senior. Hahaha, INTERACTORS! So paiseh okay.
5) I tried mimicking Tay Bee Kee.
6) Mimicking Wu Bai's Dancesteps.

Non-school silly stuffs.
1) I danced with the pyjamas. (No people inside hor. Just the pys) when I hear the song "Would you be there..."
2) I'm obsessed with Wu Bai's "Ni Shi Wo De Hua Duo." I even learnt the dance.
7) I said: "Wahlao, the block is 30KGS HIGH eh!" Siao hor.

I thought of something weird !

Comments? X)

Screencaps by me.
I liked the third line alot, so cute.
I think the words are small.
It reads: "我觉得, 你的眼睛会说话。而且是说那种很好听的话。"
Translation: "I think your eyes can talk. And they talk really really sweet things."
"Eyes can talk? Then what's the mouth for?"
"The eyes snatched the job of the mouth! I hate it when people are jobless."
Soz for bad translation. ;p

I'm watching Huan Huan Ai at such weee hours (I'm supposed to sleep!) Ahhhh, Jia Di's running now, Er Shao's looking for her even thou he injured his leg. Oooh, so touching... Er Shao likes Jia Di! I think, hahah. So obvious lah. Ahhhh, and they're going to hug!! (cause I watched on Yu Le Bai Fen Bai, in the afternoon.) Soooo touching! Awwww~ They so compatible lah. Can't wait for the next episode where Huo Yan offers her money and throws it on her and then... yeah. Gosh! Soooo exciting!

Monday's are busy days. End school late, but there's Huan Huan Ai & Campus Superstar! Okay. Yeah. Then I was kinda pissed today cause TuDou took sooo long to load and there's many many errors. Plus no one uploaded it on Youtube or anything. Grrrrr, that's why I'm watching sooo late. Added point to that, tudou lags my comp cause there's alot of tabs loading at the same time. ( I was sooo anxious about the show, I had to watch it. But none loaded in the afternoon.)

Don't remind me of anything pleaseeee. Stop tormenting me. );

Mondays are tie days, which means we have to wear our ties. Lol. I think i was helping her adjusting tie or something. Somehow I started thinking of tying ties. Then I was imagining of a girl helping a guy tie a tie. Then I thought of Qing! Hahaha.

ME: "Aye, Jinghao's school need to wear tie ah?"
Qing: "Yah."
Me: "oooh."
Qing: "Everyday need to wear de."
Me: "Hahaha! Then one day... ONEDAY! you help him tie tie lah. Hahaha. I can imagine the Xing Fu-ness in you two, hahaha."
--walking to lockers--
Me: "Yah lah, then you can help him tie tie. Ahhhh. soo loving ah. All the dramas like that one, hahaha."
Me:"Yeah, then you tie tie, then hug him.. lol"
Qing:"Tie how to hug?"
Me: "Finish liao, then can hug lah. haha. Imagine laopo help the laogong tie tie! hahaha."
--walking back to class--
Qing:" Hahaha, we go back dream of our prince charming ah."
Me: "Han nah, I don't have..... haha, I have! (Then I forgot the name... lol, supposedly wanna say yalun or renfu de.)"
Qing:" I dream of jinghao you dream of ___ lor."
Me:" Uh, yeah right."

Then during lit class, she was tooo attentively watching the video. Vivien was hugging her TKAM book, as if she hugging Allsiter! (HAHA) Sherminh, ermm, don't know. I was busy drawing them, lol. Didin't even pay attention lah. Okay. So that's the first day of school, hahaha.

Oh, I believe 28th of June is someone's birthday. I thought it was, then I guessed correctly. Frienster assured my guess. ;p