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“ Say I'm a meanie! (: ”
Sunday, June 10 |1:53 PM

BEST . What happened to the new feature of blogger which saves your typed doc every 1 min?! I lost the whole chunk of what I typed. Nevermind, I summarize again. It's 12th June 2007.

  • English Girls came, did our project.
  • Was in confused state, cos I didn't know if I should go to Sentosa with Qing and her significant someone. I feel like a bulb okay. But settled. I'm going. HAHA. I'm a dian deng pao, i know. (:
  • I think I'm weird again. (: I've been looking for POWERPUFF GIRLS, SPONGEBOB, POKEMON, etc etc songs. Ohmg.

    Who wants to go Spongebob concert ah? HAHA, then we can go "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS" together! Is it even over? hahaha, I go call sistic! haha

    && I think I hate my mom. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER. I wanted to let her hear this pikachu sound which is only 0:02 long! Then she tell me no time and slammed the door. If no time then still got time to watch tv?!?!

    Like what others say: I'll let the pictures do the talking.

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    The english girls!

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    the mess

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    the mess!

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    The mess!

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    This girl damn freaking lucky okay. Tsk, my boyfriend.
    Yet to watch this episode thou, can't find a decent one. The one I watched was kinda ermm noisy. hurhur.
    Since I can't get the codes the date/blogger can't read the code?
    Anything it is. Today's Sunday, June 10 2007

    R A N D O M is the wordddd.
    I love being random nowadays. For example: When editting in photoshop. (Told you I'm idol-less)
    It's much more 'artistic' making graphics out of random models, cos' there is just a minor possibility that the artiste/singer conveys the atmosphere you intially wanted.
    That explains why my blog header picture isn't any idol right? If anyone's actually wondering.
    BWAHHH, it's the GSS sale now! I neeeda go shopping with my mom(so that she'll pay) srsly!
    I'm dreaddinggg to go out & shop till my pants drop, but the hearing is nearing, so I shan't give her more trouble, yes?

    I realllyyy realllly want these items..
    (I loveee making lists, but it never fufils, haha.)
    1. Ipod/Creative MP3
    2. Sony Ericsson Phone
    3. Digital Camera
    4. && CLOTHES!


    Item 1: Thinking why? Cos' my MP4 sucks the hell out of me. It's so damn hard to look for songs since I've got hundred over. And I'm suppose to press the next button like what? Till it hangs? (Ever happens okay) And it's so not user-friendly.

    Item 2: Although my handphone hasn't reached it first anniversary, I still have this urge to change handphones. Haha, my handphone isn't that bad, but Samsung Models aren't exactly user friendly. The camera function is like shit. The player doesn't minimize, so you can't do anything without minimizing it. ); This isn't important anyway. I have a usable handphone, that's it. (:

    Item 3: I loveeee camwhoring for god's sake. Tell me how do I camwhore without a decent camera? Hahaha, I do have a digital camera, but it is fat (No, I'm not going to look down on it), it's taken away by my mom, it's abit sot. And most importantly, the pictures taken aren't really nice. );

    Item 4: This is important because my cupboard is going to grow fungus anytime if no action is taken.
    Hahaha, Sunday's officially Project Work day. Sucks totally cause we're all lost with what to do. That Ms ABC told me that She got booked by her mom every sunday, how coincidental? And I read her blog that she's going to Sentosa this sunday(today!) and rebonding her hair next sunday. & I shall believe your blog more than you. I didn't know your mom booked you out to Sentosa! How interesting eh. You have no figure to wear even a spaghetti strap. The weather was freaking hot today, so I WE HOPE YOU'LL GET SUNBURNT instead of suntan. Let your skin peel for a million days. I'll be more than happy. Oh, and rebonding your hair is also "BOOKED" by your mom. Are you so attached to your mom till her hair is yours or what? She booked you so you can rebond your hair. You freaky Merlion Head. You said Qing's rebond is bad, just cause she wanted to rebond again. Just look at your own hair lah. Yours is worst. You said you rebonded your hair more than 3 times, but the first time you rebonded was last year. Ever since, there wasn't any improvement of your hair. What makes you think you're experienced? Say other people's rebond no good. Look at your fugly hair.
    I hope something goes wrong with the chemical and makes you go bald instead.
    Oh, let me talk about Friendster. (:
    Like I've mention previously, FRIENDSTER IS DEPRESSING.
    It shows me how everyone is connected SOMEHOW.
    Ohkay, I know I've got little comments but that's not the reason why I'm saying Friendster Is Depressing.
    It's just depressing, you click on people then you realise, OH they're connected, they know each other.
    You click on another name and realise it's all connected AGAIN. Like hello, the world's so damn small or what.
    Person A knows Person B, Person B knows C.. Then they know everyone even though different schools, never in the same school before.
    You click and realise "Oh, they know each other. And seem to be quite close." Somehow the more I view some people's friendster, the more I feel depress.
    What I can say? Singapore's damn small.
    It makes me feel depressed cos' I seem to be sticking with my Primary School Clique. Is that good or bad? ;/
    Either "You're relationships are really strong, since primary school" or "You are so insocialble, always sticking with the same people."

    I know I'm a weirdo.

  • Who eats rice with a fork?
  • Who revises during the hols just cos they're bored?
  • Who has imaginary friends? (HAHA)
  • Who wakes up in the middle of the night (4:15am) and calls her/his mom and ask "Can I on the aircon?" ?
  • Who gets depressed over friendster?

    &I shall get a unanimous answer: SHIQI!!!

    Life is meaningless
    Told'ya i'm a weirdo.
    I think life is meaningless. Particularly, mine.
    In the past, I used to live for the sake of 5566/renfu/my idols. I live each day for them, the purpose of my life was to fantasize over them and support them. I thought I was important. (The role of a fan is important to singers, y'know, haha)
    & since i'm idol-less now, I don't see the purpose of me at all. I'm just living my life like that, you know, you just eat and sleep each day over, It's so meaningless. There's nothing I'm supposed to live for.
    My mom doesn't need me, my bestie has her bf, my laopos, they, have many friends around, i don't see why they need me in one way or another. Should I just get one idol and to fantasize over and live my life for that significant idol?
    In that case, I'll still end up idol-less one day. And this is going to repeat over and over again? URGH, life is like shit. There is nothing waiting for me tmrw. I feeel the emptiness in my heart everynight. Whenever the night is dark, things like that
    just ‌invade into my mind. It just comes you know. Not like I wanna purposely think of it, right?

    This reminds me of my REW(religious emphasize week) teacher - Mrs Tay Peck Hoon.
    She shared with us her testimony. And yeah, she decided to go into Christianity because she felt the emptiness after she graduated in University. All her life was studying and studying, she lived to study. But after she achieved her highest education,
    she didn't know what she was living for. She decided to have a religion, then she researched and researched, her friend brought her to church, then it goes on.

    So i was thinking, should i just get myself a religion? (FYI: I'm a free thinker)
    If asked, I think Christinianity will come first to my mind. Although my mom's a Buddist, but coming from a Mission School (for 9 years), I've been exposed to bible stories, chapels and everything. We pray each day during devotion, it's natural for me to think
    of Christianity before anything. I prayed to God during exam periods or when I needed help. Sometimes even just for nothing, but it's like i'm not devoted. Most of the time, I tend to forget. Should I just get a religion and let it fill the emptiness in my heart?

    Bwah, I'm not sure though. I'm just lost now. I just live my day like that, LIKE THAT. There's nothing to anticipate for. Nothing awaits me for tomorrow. What Mrs Tay said was true, if we seek happiness in a object, one day your happiness will be gone.
    That 'object' can't be by your side forever, it'll go. Nothing on Earth can last long. It's true. I seeked happiness/meaning for life in my idols, now that I ain't into idolism, I do feel the emptiness in me.

    Not that I dislike idolism, but I don't see the point in it anymore. I'm just not interested cos' 5566 sort of disappeared. So is their fans. (most of them). Bleah, the feelings just not there, but I still do watch their variety shows at times.

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