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“ Here's my week, how boringgg. ”
Wednesday, June 6 |12:10 AM

I'll summarise my week. (:

  • Viv joined OUR tuition
  • Went to Qing's out for Project Work.
  • Came out like Siao Ginna.

    PW?PW?PW? One play audition, one play gameboy, haha.

    Hairdo in process. (:


    Our initial image, but it got screwed when *someone* came, haha.



    Ahyeah, I'm going to post this video OVER and OVER again until you people get sick of it.

    YES, Sunday was hillarious okay! I must blog on it even though 2 days has passed. (:
    We played Audition & Gameboy before we officially start on PW. Played some songs - Hoist The Colours (From Pirates of the Carribean), Shrek3, Avril Lavige. HAH! That 'Hoist The Colours" totally freaked Viv out. She was damn scared she actually blasted herself with MP3 so she couldn't hear anything.
    Shrek2 also! The song "Accidentally In Love" made us real high. Vivien tried to act cool lah she. We were shaking our heads as if we ate Estacy.
    Then, the BRILLANT ME suggested to play the song "One Way" so we could jump along with the song. (cos' we didn't jump in the previous chapel, we didn't dare.)
    While it was loading... Qing wanted to rest on the bed, so was I. Then we lied down, and when the HIGH part came, we jumped like crazy.. Vivien didn't join us at all, she was like the cameraman and soundman and lightman?! haha.
    The BRILLANT ME then suggested to tie our hairs like SIAO GINNAS while vivien was in the toilet. We hid in the room and tied our hair, but felt bad to Viv so we opened the door. Retied our hairs.
    Viv tied Qing's, Qing tied mine, and I was just sitting there admiring myself in the mirror and taking pictures. (: HAHAHA, teased my hair and everything.


    Shiqi: "OHMG, Don't tell me Jinghao come already?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

    *Viewed the message*
    "Darling, come down open the door"

    Shiqi:"OHMG!!!!!!" *Tried to run to the room, but Qing pulled me*
    Qing:"Aiyah, vivien you go down open the door lah."
    Vivien:" Don't want!"
    Qing:" GO!! Or you msg back, ask him come in himself."

    PS: Don't forget I'm still struggling to hide myself. Qing's still holding me. Then somehow got to the bed while I was struggling. I used the pillow to cover my hair, like obviously.

    *Still struggling*
    Then Jinghao came in.

    Qing:"OKay, I sort of regretted"
    Shiqi:"AHHHHHHHH." *Runs to the small room with the pillow, as if I was suffocating myself. Qing followed me, then Jinghao came in.*

    Could hear his voice, then I continued "suffocating myself" and ran out of the room like some blind woman, cos I can't see. Rushed to the toilet and locked myself up.
    I thought I locked the door, but Vivien came in, haha. Untied my hair and went out. Continued doing PW, butI was shivering I don't know why.

    ... Jinghao went to bathe ...
    Then Qing wanted to continue, so yeah, we REDID the whole thing.

    Did everything we wanted to do, jumping, struming the bolsters, was damn crazy then...
    HA! Jinghao came out from the toilet and was stunned. Snatched the handphone from Vivien cos' they all wanted to see.
    I went absolutely crazy with all the screamings and whatever. Then Vivien snatched the phone back, passed to jinghao, tsk!
    And I continued screaming like hell.
    HA! then my mom saved me from her call, took the phone and went back home. With him calling me "SIAO ZHA BOR" from now on.


  • Felt emo
  • Went to Marina Square with my mom
  • One pink top & Black Skirt ;DDD

    BWAAHHHH, my world's so boringggg cos' my two beloved besties (qing & esther) went for camp. I feel soooo empty cos' there isn't anyone I could talk/msg to.
    OHkay, although I don't talk or msg them often, it just feels weird. ;/
    Thank God Qing's PLBT camp is only two days one night, phew. I thought things would get bad when we had 'that talk' on MSN, even her bf msged me and asked me not to be angry with her, cos she's really sorry.
    Breifly blogged that on my previous post already.

  • Did some Add Maths Trigo, E Maths bearings.
  • Watched tv and nothing else.

    Ohmg, trigo kills okay! I didn't even survive Q1(h) ! That's like the 8th question on the paper.

  • Blogged?
  • Read "Toto Chan" - The damn chinese book.

    Yeah, I've only experienced like 5 mins of Wednesday, June 06. So yeah, I only blogged on wednesday, SO FAR.
    It's sure gonna be a boringggg day. Going for tuition with viv only as Qing's gg out with her bf. & yeah, her bf is more important then studies.

    Oh hello, it's 11:18pm now, Wednesday's sucha bore. It gonna end like *counts* 42 mins (from now).

    To everyone: Do you know how bored Shi Qi's life is?

    Everyone: How can see be bored lah. She's like soo damn free at home, her cca doesn't require much attendance during hols. Where got bored one.

    To everyone: Precisely! My cca is so damn sucky, I got no activities (whether co-curriculum or extra curriculum). Let me tell you how bored I was.

    Everyone: Chey, like that so free lah. I don't want to go cca also cannot.

    To everyone: I was so bored I actually resorted to REVISING HOMEWORK!!!!

    BWAHHH, yes. I actually got bored of computers and decided to read Toto Chan. What about the rest of my work? Yeah, I've done what I can do already. The rest is up to my groups, cos it's all projects. );

    Someone (except ABC), ask me out pleaseeeee.
    Qing's like busy with badminton and her beloved.
    Esther's currently in camp, and her mom doesn't let her out for the time being.
    Vivien's like soooo NPCC, she wouldn't even dare to lie to her dad to go out with me. She rather go to macs and do homework.

    I NEED TO DATE MY CAMERA. :/ I need camwhore. (:
    I'm so bored, know what? I'm going to revise my add maths now. Bwahhh, Cheung! I failed e maths and you're giving me add maths?!?! You said you wanna revise e maths with me.

  • Tuition is the only plan.
  • Maybe cycling @ ECP if I can wake up that is.

    Blog again on thursday. (:
    I'm not in the best of mood these days, get pissed off really easily. ): Ohwell, it weird how I don't even remember (even though, I'm damn bored at home) that I've not watched SHISHEN!Gosh, it's been sooo long already. I think I should make it a point to watch it everyday. ;D I hope I can keep that.

    It's going to be 2am! Shucks. I needa sleep, but I can't.

    Bestie's gonna play for cheers this saturday! So is Jinghao I guess. Chanced upon his name on the web, haha. Couldn't find his timetable though. Good luck to them. (:

  • Damn English Newspaper project @ Shi Min's House.