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“ Greeen for envy.. ”
Tuesday, July 3 |11:07 PM


Have you heard of the Duck Race? Betcha' haven't heard about it. Okay, you just did. (few seconds ago.)

S'pore duck race back after 3 years to raise money for charity
By Foo Xiao Xuan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 20 June 2007 2320 hrs

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SINGAPORE : The "Great Singapore Duck Race" will make a comeback at the Singapore River in September.

Personalities from all walks of life will be there, including ex-national swimmer Leslie Kwok and inspirational leader Dr William Tan.

Six organisations will stand to benefit from this year's event, which is sponsored by the Singapore Computer Society.

Wilson Tan, President of Singapore Computer Society said: "We're hoping that with this, we'll be able to give back to the community. We feel that this is our small way of returning to the people... That's why we are having this duck race."

For the first time in the history of the race, there will be mascots.

The September race could very well be the last duck race in Singapore because the Singapore River will be developed into a reservoir.

"If there's an interest from the public and there's demand for the event to continue, we will scout around for a new location. This is the first time which we are having ambassadors on board. People came forward and asked how they can help and how they can assist, so we've included them in our programme for the year," said Hugh Yii, director of Festival Square Circle as well as organiser of the Great Singapore Duck Race 2007.

"I'm very glad to be an ambassador and this is the first time that Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary is taking part in the duck race. We are very happy to be supporting TOUCH community services. We also get this cute little duck so it's a plus for us," said Renee Tan, a head prefect at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary. - CNA /ls

Credits: Channel News Asia

So you've learnt about it already. I'm one of the pathetic onesselling the ticket thingy. It's for $10 and your duck will be racing @ the Singapore River on 9th September. If your duck reaches the finish line the 1st, you'll stand to win a prize of $10,000 (If I'm not wrong) So what you're waiting for? ADOPT A DUCK NOW! The rubber ducks costs $5 (Not sold alone, must be purchased with 2 or more tickets. There are limited editions) All proceeds will go to the 6 benefectories: Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Charity Fund, Touch Community Services, Tampines Family Service Centre, Metta Welfare Association, Concern & Care Society and the Handicaps Welfare Association.

I suggest you people to go SPC to adopt a duck instead of coming to us. Cause we have limited ducks, hahaha. SPC sells the one certificate with one duck. Whatever it is, ADOPT A DUCK NOWWWW!

For more information go to Touch Community Services &

Ohmgeee, that's so commercial. I can't believe I'm doing that! I need someone to buy from me. I need to sell 5 certificates and there's one duck at home with me. I'm gonna stop the duck thingy. Hahaha. It kinda freaks people out.

Anw, yesterday tuition was quite funny. We kept laughing lah.

Some funny parts.

Part One:
-- Qing's phone vibrates --
Vivien: Eh, Jinghao's mother call you.
Shiqi: o.o
Teacher (Jinghao's brother): *Shocked* My mom call you?
Qing: No, my mom.
Vivien: No, Jinghao's mother!
Qing: My mom lah.
Teacher: **blur**
Qing: It's my mom!

& I was thinking: Walao. Haven't married leh. What your mom? You actually regard his mother as your mother?!?!?!?!?!?!

-- One missed call --

Qing: It's my mother lah. She got his mother's phone.
Shiqi: How come you got so many his phone one ah? Hahaha.

lol, the front part damn funny lah.

Part two:

FYI: We were talking about some SYSTEM thingy.

Qing: Eh, sorry ah. Ask something. What is solar system?
ALL: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? OHMG.

Then now qing's angry with viv cause she told most of the people in school. Stupid big mouth. I'm now angry with her also.

Oh and SCHOOL THE BEST LAH. I needed to BOLD it. The Minister of Education (Mr Thaman?! lol. Weird name.) was sheduled to view our school today. (Friday, 06/07/2007). And within this week, all the trees, flowers, bushes. stalls, flags, NE corner and Eco graden was done up. (In 5 days, after the damn long "holiday" of the two terms.) What the hell right? Gosh. So stupid. All the plants just spring out from nowhere. They can be really fast at times. Everyday I go to a BRAND NEW SCHOOL. ( for this week only) I think they rented the trees and plants lah, then sherminh told me that malar said that It was true! Gosh. Cheapscake lah. Just because the damn MOE coming, then everything so nice. All the flags/banners suddenly put up like that.

I love one corner of my school! THE PL PROVISION. (I THINK.) Gosh. It's like 7-11 or better! There's alot of things inside.

1) Sweets.
2) Instant Noodles
3) Snacks
4) Nachos
5) Mash Potatos/Mushroom soup
6) Umbrellas(Gu Niang type)
7) comics/ books
8) earrings(nice ones)
9) necklaces (nice ones),
10) PADS! (No worries for leakages! LOL.)
11) Magazines (latest ones)
12) Some other micellanous.
13) Photo Machine!
14) Ice creams
15) Beverages

Ohmg. Like shopping mall like that. Hahahha. Not that exaggerating lah, but it's one corner you can shop. SHOP AS IN SHOP. Not like bookshop like that, tell the auntie what you want, pay money give you. This is really SHOP. Hahaha, you go there touch and see, see and touch. Want buy go queue, still got cashier. (TI TI that type!) Ah, so nice of my school ah. But it's too small to hold 1400 students lah. Everyone CHIONG there after schoool. Hahaha. But the place is nice lah. :D
I'm damn pissed cause the weather is so damn H-O-T and I'm freaking tired. I feel hot even when I'm in air-conditioned room. Bwah, except for yesterday in Qing's house for tuition. That's the first time FIRST TIME in 5 months I'm dying for heat. My blog is dead, whatever. My title post and date is gone. AH. I'm resulting in vulgarities I tell you. The *censored* word keep appearing in my mind. I think of it everyday now. I don't know why I became like that. i could have said *censored* like anytime I want, but yeah. I have to keep my image. (: I have a gooody-goldilocks girl image okay! Hahaha. Something please take away that word from me... I don't wanna be like that. Just replace freaking with f___ing. Bwah. I am damn freaking pissed.

I'll (and you all) shall pretend freaking = f____ing from now on. ;D Hahaha. Replace! Remember.

1) Qing: Qiqi! Since when you became so pai?
2) Qing/Shiqi: Tie your hair higher lah, vivien.
Vivien: Don't want. Don't wanna be like BIMBO.
Shiqi: Referring to me ah.
Vivien: YA. Cannot ah.
3) Mom: *shocked* Why you become so ah lian?

I changed that much? Don't scare me lah. I also never tie so high. Tooo low then over colar, kena caught. >;[ AM I THAT PAI NOW??? I don't msg in class anymore. (Quite boring thou).

I'm damn pissed okay. Why is there Global Warming? Want us save money for Suana ah. Pfffffsssttt. I hate the weather. The weather + isomia = Pissed off shiqi.

Btw, it's forum's 2nd birthday today!
Ohwell. I went back specially to say happy birthday. At least I didn't forget. I'm so freaking occupied with other things, I wouldn't even dare to think of any idols. That's how it faded away...

"RINGGSS! *Does that action*" Esther, I'll remember. (:
Hahahaha, I'm waiting for the RINGS! tmrw. I'll wait and see for Bryna to give it to you. Eeeeyer, never buy for me lah.

YAY. I love my new silent reading partner. AMANDA CHEN. Wah, I every year must sit with her once one leh. Stupid chen. Nevermind, I only sit with her *counts* 4 periods a week. 35mins x 4 = 1hour 20 mins. That's okay. ;D Hahaha. Bye Arielle! Partner cum Mortal.); She said she missed me. Hahaha, I wonder if it's real. All her sleepings and me "ARIELL-ING" her during lessons.

Literature presentation was screwed up okay. Thanks to the stupid freaking thumbdrive. Four stupid idiots standing infront. Don't wish to elaborate furthur. She's damn irritating at times.

Oh hey.

What do you see? A new skin! Pweeests x) The colour combi is abit weird, yes. Somehow my comp got weird colours, hahaha. But no doubt. It's greeeen. I love greeeen. ;D

Comment please. I kept forgetting that the Tagboard is at the bottom now.

Did it in one day! One day! one day! (:

Ohwell, 3rd of July is a very important day.
  • It's my Bestie's (Qing) Birthday. (Best lah. I didn't know until I went to Friendster)
  • My Handphone's one year anniversary.
  • New tuition.

    & I just came to realize that tmr's Forum's Birthday! ;D

    Point 1: False alarm. How could I ever forget my bestie's birthday? 3rd February and 6th February. x) The minute I saw an email from Friendster (which reads):"Today is Qing's Birthday. Would you like to send her a message?" I was like "QING! Aiyah, maybe got another Qing in my friends hor. Hahaha." I clicked, and wow. No, it isn't. It's Denise! Funniest part, got people wished her Happy Birthday somemore. Hahaha.

    Point 2: As stated. Nothing much.

    Point 3: Arghhhh. I prefer Mr Cheung. I'm sorry. But this is way to expensive and he looks ermmm.. pffffst. I was stoning the whole lesson.
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