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“ I don't wanna forgot you... ”
Wednesday, July 11 |11:17 PM

This song damn sad. ); I'm so bored I'm gonna go type the lyrics. ;D
I can't upload this damn song on imeem! );

我在向前走 却像在退后
我在用想念 狂欢寂寞
我努力想起你 笑着哭泣
让自己深爱你 再学会放弃
我不想忘记你 就算可以 我宁可记得所有伤心
我努力想起你 哭也没关系
用祝福和感激 勇敢失去你
爱你 这个决定
虽然艰辛 我不说 对不起
一个人不懂 什么是拥有
俩个人不懂 怎么把握
我努力想起你 笑着哭泣
让自己深爱你 再学会放弃
我不想忘记你 就算可以 我宁可记得所有伤心
我努力想起你 哭也没关系
用祝福和感激 勇敢失去你
爱你 这个决定
虽然艰辛 我不说 对不起

I typed couple of words wrongly. Hahaha, but I edited already. ;D My words damn funny lah.

Dance was awesome! ;D Not considering the fact we had to dance in the AVA Thereatte with the Health Check Nurses without any mirror to see your own self and the stupid floor. Dance was really great cause we learnt Breakdancing. It was hard. Ohmg, imagine shiqi breakdancing and freezing there. (You know the two legs it the air thingy?) Aiyeh, I wanna master that! But I don't have the damn guts! Haha. Esther made it! Hahaha. But face all red liao.

Stupid Jacob. What advertisement campaign lah. I'm now doing a poster for my funfair. :D hahaha, so funny, school work need to use photoshop, hahaha. But I suck in this, so not my type. Hahaha. Argh, it's so freaking ugly. ); I go make new one.

I'm waiting for an important email from my best friend - SHIQI. lol! Okay, I'm sending email to myself. -.- Need to wait for the attachments to be loaded and stuffs. ); Lagging my whole thing.

Pfffst, what's with me? ;/ Oh well, I heard that 5566 will be singing a song/many songs/a few songs for Ying Ye San Jia Yi's OST. Some fans are excited, and wanna buy the OST, but I ain't excited at all. My reaction was "Oh, really. Are their songs still nice?". I'm beginning to be hesitant about their talents. ); Aiyah, although I've recently started watching Shao Gong again, but I'm not really crazy over them. ;/ I'm like just watching for entertainment sake, not cause I wanna see their faces. Honestly, I've never seriously feel that 56 IS GOOD. I don't know why I was so crazy over them previously.

*WARNING! Don't read if you're a fan of them. You might wanna kill me*
To be honest, I never thought they could sing well enough to be a group. The main singers are OKAY, but the two others are just slacking (They can only rap. I mean for singing. Although I see improvement.) . So what are they there for? Must as well make a duo instead of a group.

Okay, what I'm going to say here isn't their fault lah. Hahaha. Sometimes I don't think that their shows are nice. Acting is okay, it's the scripts! But why some fans still do think that it's nice? Just cause their idols are inside? That's a ultra lame reason okay. I never seriously liked their show. I watched for the sake of their face. ( last time, which means I'm lame. )

Aiyah, I got alot to say lah. But I don't wanna type it here. OKAY, I know that they may not be perfect but I see them risking their lives for entertainment programmes, I KNOW! I didn't say that they didn't put in their best.

I think they're starting to lose fans since they've disappeared for a period of time. They are losing popularity! I just lost trust in their ability of doing things. (making albums and whatever.)

*End of WARNING. I've got a feeling I''m gonna be murdered.*

Alah alah alah. 1 out of 90 people likes them, I think. Are their fans even gonna come back for them? hurhur. Boy bands do die some day.

I guess I've matured in sense of my thinking. ;/ I don't go for unrealistic stuffs now. (Like hello, there's gonna be one fine day that they're gonna disappear from Showbiz. You go crazy and chase and then what? Go gila and the end of story. Does all these help in your future? No.) Maybe one day I may be crazy over a particular idol, but that is the least possible. I don't even have time to think how Renfu looks like now. I daydream and make stories of my own & him everyday in the past. Everything now seems so virtual.

I'm sorry, I think I'm over them. They're the only idol I've gone crazy for more than a year. (They are the Champs!) Craze is defined as - think of them every SINGLE day. (My own defination lah) Like example: I am not crazy of Mike He. The craze comes and goes. 5566 is different. The craze stayed there everyday until I don't know when it died.

Previous idols.
  • F4
  • Energy
  • Comic Boyz
  • 7 Flowers
  • Fann Wong (OHMG, I KNOW.)
  • Elvin Ng
  • Felicia Chin
  • Mike He
  • Rainie Yang
  • Vivian Hsu
  • S.H.E

    And blah. All these were not CRAZE. It's some on and off kinda thing. Like the more you see them the more you like them, then they disappear, you forget, they appear, you like them again. 5566 is totally different lah. I couldn't bear to say goodbye to all these memories. The stupid magazines I wasted money for and everything. Aiyah. It's just over. I may see their shows and everything (now) but I don't go screaming. It's the same feeling as you see ermmmm Liang Po Po on television. It's like oh-it's-5566 kinda thing. No feeling no nothing.

    Byebye my over exaggerated life. Hello miss realistic, it's time to study.
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