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“ I'm not missing you. ”
Sunday, July 29 |8:56 PM

Tag replies! (like finally. )

thetay: Lazy go school can don't go worh? hahaha, your parents allow? so niceee. haha, her hair looks so horrible lah. ;D Miss you too!
mei ee: Erh, cut liao.
happiegal: *bish* I reborn then go and haunt you, lol. At least he got another drama to act, better than nothing. Oh, really? Haha, I only watch Huan Huan Ai on monday, unless I got amber time. Or else I'd watch other days. :D Oh and that nose thing. HAHA, it's fake. :D I'm not that daring please.
deborahrahrah: Not funny at all.
SHAR!: lol, okay.
sharon: ohkay, i'll relink you. (:
Malar:D : Hey there.
estherlim: yeah, quite fine I guess. ;D hello~ when can we go out?
A: Oh i know that, thanks for reminding me.

I love monday so so so much! I'm not the typical student who suffers from Monday Blues. Monday means is a drama packed day! HHA, 18JBJ, HTMQD, YY3 + 1! I look forward to mondays.

Episode 10! 6 more days! :DD

Y'know Kinship? Argh, it makes me so frustrated cause every time something good happens, it's just a illusion, BWAHHHH. YINGJUN! YUSHENG! C'mon just say "I LOVE YOU!" GRRRR.
Note: This post is full of nonsensical pictures.

New changes:
1) I have a proper room!
2) Proper workroom for my mom.
3) I cut my hair.
4) Pierced more earholes/ one nosehole. ;DDD
5) WMP11!
6) WLM 8.5!

Sherminh has a bf who doesn't have taste. He's called. Ong Wee Yik! He even joined "Hey! Gorgeous" OHMG. She asked me to vote for him. And no, I'm not going to vote. Instead, I voted for the one infront of him, who is also ultra ugly. ;p

I'm a potential act cuter.

Love you bestfriend! No matter what.
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So Sweet!

(PS: Please ignore my dressing. HAHA)

Hello shortie.

bye, my long hair.

I'm obsessed with rings.

My previous sleeping place.

Current room. I know it still sucks. But at least I have a room together with a computer. (:

YAY! I'm the "Princess and the pea!"

3 Beds!

And, I'm too heavy, it sinks down.

My previous room, current mom's workplace.

NDP 2007!(: 28/07/2007
Fridays are friendship breakers. ); Something happened between Vivien and Maureen. So, yes. I'm supporting viv! ;D Like duh.

And I realised that 27/07/2007 was Mengzhe's birthday! Oh, happy birthday boy, how old are you now?
Hmmm, I keep typing chunks in wordpad, thinking of posting them up, but I didn't. I think it's wordy. WHO READS MY BLOG ANYWAY.

"There's English Oral tmr!" I think I've repeated this million of times today. Mumsie said she doesn't see a problem for oral since I talk so much, lol. Fluent English! ); Alright.

Watched Harry Potter (weeks ago) and Alone (few weeks ago). I think HP is overrated. Ohwell, everyone should go and watch it, since it's like HARRY POTTER! *gasps!* Alone is alright, I think the plot is not so normal. But I closed my eyes 3/4 of the show.

Did I mention I watched 18JBJ and Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo? Hahaha, I seriously don't go for shows that have many main actresses, or maybe even none. I prefer dramas with a small number of main actresses/actors. Preferably 3 to 4 mains. I think it's more focused. And Hei tang Ma Qi Duo is nicer than 18JBJ. But I've only watched 3 episodes. I'm still going to watch it when I'm free though. (:

Went to compass this afternoon, bought 15 bucks worth of sweets! I'm going to grow fat.

Gotta go, neeeda charge. I'm a sleeepy pig.