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“ It's all fake, you idiot. ”
Saturday, July 7 |5:18 PM

Someone should sue Disney for planting the ideas
in little kids' heads that every girl has a Prince
& everything ends up happily ever after.

WAH, MY NECK IS ACHING. Cause Qing's on the other line and she's talking so damn long and my neck is damn pain. And hello, she said HELLO. -.-

School hasn't been tooo good.. I'm starting to feel like a Hypocritical person all of a sudden. D; Just think of Liying. She's a great example of my victim. ); I was damn close to her (Sec 1 & 2) then after realising that she actually takes advantage of me (asking me help her do ALOT of things and keeps bullying me) I decided to leave her alone with the help of Sherminh, Sabrina and Vivien. And as for now, after torlerating sherminh for a longggg period of time, I finally decided to 'not be so close to her' cause I have another better person (qing) beside me. Is this bad? I feel bad but I can't control my emotions. ;/ It's like I just throw the people away after I've found someone better and leave them alone. Argh. I don't wanna be like that. But she's getting into my nerves.

Example one:
I was already super pissed off this morning (by the primary school kids.) cause they produced damn irritating noises. (okay, they were cheering for their fellow mates who were having Napfa) And I could clearly hear what the teacher was talking! (I was at the 4th level!) Gosh, that's sooo inconsiderate cause we were having English Comprehension Test! And the damn wind kept blowing my paper, I couldn't read the passage in peace. I actually crushed the whole paper up at a certain point of time, cause I was damn pissed already.

And what? Vivien and Sherminh couldn't be more considerate to go down and chop the places! (FYI: WE, Qing and Shiqi, were the ones who kept chopping places for them while they slowly stroll down to the canteen. EVERYTIME LOR.) Okay, you gonna say I'm nitty picky, but they didn't bother saying thankyou, nor bother running down for places. (the canteen damn pack already) and we didn't get places, we will get scolded for not chopping places. WHAT THE HELLLL. We run to chop for places, they put their bags and go buy food. Wlao, we chop place first, why they go eat first? There were the 'exam periods' where we didn't have bags to chop places, then WE had to sit and wait for them to buy the food first, then we buy ours. (when the damn queue is so damn long already) By the time we came back for the place, they have already eaten their food. Helllo, where's the logic. We look for places, then you two told us "we go buy food first." then we wait, queue long, hungry, recess time overrr.

Never once! never once, they went to chop the places. WTH. Oh, and if the places were dirty, they ask "why the place so dirty one. Don't know how to choose clean one?" WTHHHHH. They run lah. That's the only table what. Then no table also scold.

Okay, then about today... We ran down for the places, saw one table (only table available) without chairs, so we decided to steal chairs. Qing stole 2. (one for me, one for her.) Then they came down. I saw that fat ass approaching the table. Then I said. "GO AND STEAL CHAIRS YOURSELF!!!" Then I put my bag on the chair. Don't know she deaf or what lah, she actually put her damn ahlian bag down on QING'S CHAIR. (WTH RIGHT?!) Didn't say anything, then Qing went to take another chair. Wlao, then I stomped to her, and was complaining to her. I took the chair, went back. Qing said "I heard someone say we all steal other people's chair leh." Sherminh. (ACT INNOCENT ONE): "Hahaha." (?!) What the hell. We stole the chair for ourselves NOT for her. She act act act then act as if it's her chair. She dropped Vivien's beret (her bao bei), and cause I was dman angry with her, I purposely shouted "VIVIEEENNNNNNNNN~~~" Don't know how then she appeared behind me, threw her bag, scolded sherminh and went away. (GOOD FOR SM LAH.) Walked to Qing (cause I didn't want to be alone with SM.) then l asked Qing if it was mean not to get chair for vivien, Qing stole it again, then I went to take my wallet. Sherminh was there, so I quickly took my pinafore. Then she asked damn loudly. "can go with me to buy water?" (GO BUY YOURSELF LAH. Like cannot like that. 3 years old meh?! ) She asked the second time already, so I had to answer. I didn't look at her and said "Go buy food first can? I very hungry LAH!." (actually I wasn't. Hahaha.) She said "Huh?" But I just walked away. Then Qing told her what I said. Wlao. Second time I shout at her like that liao. I guess she knows that I don't like her.

Vivien also very pissed with SM. Vivien was with Mei Ee and Mabel. Then SM said "I GO steal NACHOS." (I thought she said I go BUY nachos.) I was like "Go lah." (i didn't want to make it obvious that I dislike her, haha.) Then she went and came back. I didn't know anything lah. Then later vivien came to us say she pissed with SM cause she take the nachos. WLAO WLAO WLAO WLAO. I AM DAMN UNHAPPY WITH HER.


I just changed the keyboard all by myself. :D Haha. I changed back to my previous one. Cause this LG one is damn hard, haha. I don't like. Not nice to play audi. Ah yah. Audi is undergoing some thing. ); Tuition's sucha dreaddddd. Anyone knows any FREE PROG TO CHANGE WMA format to MP3? ;D I need it asap, please tell me okay. :D hehe. I couldn't find a good one. Most of them had errors. I KNOW WHY THERE ARE ERRORS ALREADY! ;D hahaha. I'm a happy go lucky girl, byebye.

Hello, I'm back from tuition. ;D Bought sweeeeetss! Frozz, Halls and Vita C. Ella ella ella eh eh eh I'm really really random, haha. But the Umbrella song is really addictive. Should go and listen it, hahaha. I feel like a bad friend. ); Gosh. Qing's like doing pw and I'm here Umbrella-ing. Hahaha, 1) cause she can't go online. 2) I don't have any info ( can't do pie chart.) 3) She don't want me to do. So I'm like here waiting for her to finish it. But I'm so God Damn tired.. There's Dance tmr! Hahaha, my muscles are aching. I've been exercising for two consecutive days already!


Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi!


It's earth day, is it? haha.

Wlao, I'm having damn problems for chinese project! Ah. Damn difficult lah. It's about Singapore's "Yi Shi Zhu Xing" (Clothes, Food, Accomodation, Transport.) My group doing on transport and I'm researching on Bus. The problem here is I don't know what I'm supposed to search for. History of buses? Accessibilty of buses? Number of buses? Ahh, crapppp. I have no idea about it and it's counted in the CAs! Other classes DON'T NEED TO DO THIS y'know. This is so unfair ! >;( Chinese language is already a torture for me, and now, we have Chinese project counted in CAs that other classes do not have. Urghhh. I'm gonna see a difference in the marks at the end of the term~

Aiyeh, I need to improve my English too! Like the same old phrase: English is important. Yeah oh yeah. I need a storybook to read, but books are equivilant to sleeping pills. ;D Tsktsk. So far the only book I've finished reading is "Clay Marble". And that's for literature, that book was used last year. (streaming year.) That explains why I'm reading it yeah? Hahaha, I didn't even read TKAM this year. That reminds me of Lit presentation. Gosh, sherminh's thumbdrive didn't work on the Mrs Ong's laptop. (She said the speed was slow, I doubt so. We tried on other comps with same problem) And we had to present infront of the whole class without any backup! We didn't read the text plus Mrs Ong was angry. It's hard to see her angry you know.

I'm feeling damn stressed up cause of the projects! & There's Installation next week, I'm put in charge of the Ushering. I DON'T WANT! Responsibilities are heavy.

We're having steamboat tonight! Okay, I'm not excited about it. I'm growing fat.

I just learnt that Avril was accused of stealing the song of another songwriter/musician. Oooooh

I shall practice self-determination, self-control. ;D Bathe then do some maths sums. Byeeee.

I'm back with nothing done. Instead I had a small photoshopping session. (: Why oh why do I love the Dadong graphics I always make? So far I only made two and I loveee the way it looks with the first attempt. Hahaha. Normally I'd take a few many attempts to get the one I think it's acceptable (acceptable only.) I think he suits the maroon, haha! Post it up sometime. I'm tooo lazy. Graphics remind me of my Graphic Blog! Gosh, it's damn dead okay. So far the only place that has full collection of my graphics is 56jstar forum! I never fail to post my creations there even though I made it longggg ago. I don't even bother posting on my blog. OHMG, be proud! ;D But I haven't been visiting 56jstar. The last time was 4th July! Pffffst.

Been kinda lazy these few days. I'm not even bothering to change my status to 'Online' till I see my dearest online. Pffffst. There's no one to talk to online, so what's the point? I rather stay offline for now. ;p

OHYAY! They're finally out & there's no tuition tmr morning! Blast my speakers with music and dance! :D YAY. (It's audition I mean.)


pokay, there it is. ;D hahaha, supposed to be a wallpaper. But I cropped it. (: It looks horrible as a wallpaper, cause it's abit blur on my comp, haha.

Huan Huan Ai Episode 6 Hugging Scene. ;D It got deleted. Luckily I saw it beforehand. (: Hahaha, I don't know how it got here even before Sunday. But the DVDs/VCDs are released in Singapore already! Thou I'm not going to buy... Don't you think it's such a waste of money? I rather RENT or watch on Youtube, hahaha. I used to buy all 56's vcds thou. Find it a waste now, for eg, I don't rewatch them. >;(

Sweet! Hahaha, who's the other girl?