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“ Racial Harmony! ”
Monday, July 16 |11:29 PM

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I know all of you miss my post, rightttt. Cause I've been sneezing and having occasional hiccups. Who's missing me? :D
HIATUS. like real
I hope I can make it real though. None of my hiatuses were successful, ohgawd. Anyway, I'm being rather sensitive and emotional these few days. ;/
HIATUS! I needa remind myself for every second.

I sit infront of the computer for more than 6 hours, but I have yet to find time to watch Shi Shen, 18 Jin Bu Jin, Hei Tang Ma Qi Guo. So ridiculous, right?

HAH! People, I shall help you find your sisters/brothers. okay, actually it isn't alot. I can only think of them for now.

Heheh! so cute!

HAHAHA, the ultimate classic one.

Soz! Their heads too big to fit into the thing.. ;p I don't think so. But maybe some angles?
Break was funnny!

**MUST READ!!!**
It all started with some fried black banana, look like spongecake but outside cripsy food. Qing bought the overcooked one and it wasn't nice. So she left it on the table. Then Vivien started abusing the poor lil thing. Sherminh came in, then I did... Hahaha, we hit the banana thing on the table, leave it on the table and squash it, stationed it and hit it with our fist(with the table as our support), then the hard, overcooked thing finally somehow "cracked opened". Then vivien asked qing to offer the banana fried thingy to Bernice(bernbern). She walked over, offered her the black fried banana. We thought she threw it away... But it surprisingly appeared with bern during Social Studies and A maths... We asked her and she said "I wanted to eat, but I was too full just now." (ohmg!) And it so happens that she sat quite near us during geog lesson. She was looking at the black fried banana and she finally decided to eat it, even though it's appearances weren't appealing. People like Edna, Valery and Ruth looked down on it. Bern finally took the courage and she ate a tweeny bit. We gapsed our breath and she said "It's nice!" We burst into laughters. Hahaha, we're sucha meanie. Then she turned to the girl beside her and offered her... "You want to try? Really nice." (OHMG) Hahaha, she didn't dare, instead, valery tried and commented that it was nice. Hahaha, when we told her the awful truth of the black banana.. Valery said "You're sooo disgusting." But bern said "Hahahah! but it's nice!"
Lol, bern's so funny and cute!

Oh, and in between that ^ I went to buy drinks. Hahaha, thinking of what sher told me (Auntie was damn angry, threw the coins!) Hahaha, then I walked to the drinks stall, saw the auntie and started laughing like siaooo. The auntie thought I was crazy please. But fortunately no one was behind. (: Hahaha.



QING! (: Need I explain more? I think you people see her pic appearing here quite often.

Arielle! :D My ex partner! Kinda miss her voicee.


Poor girl.. she had sore eye.

Arielle (Ex partner cum mortal!)

I rly need to be on hiatus or I'll fail my quizzes/tests. Next week is fun-filled damn packed.

1) E Maths quiz
2) Add Maths quiz
3) Social Studies assignment
4) English graded assignment
5) Funfair try out
6) Chinese presentation

Ohmg, how exciting isn't it? There is physics quiz tmr (which I can't afford to fail.) I'm really already feeling the stress. Pimples has been popping up on my face! Ohmg, my first pimple (on the face) was actually only popped out this year! My face's complexion isn't really good now. There's some marks on the nose (due to my glasses!) and there's a 3D dot on my nose, a pimple or white head on my forehead and cheeks. There's also some freckers (how to spell ah?) thingy under my eyes. OHMG. So unglam please. ); I need facial!

Ah, I am damn pissed now cause Qing's mom just called up. Grrrrr. The problem goes like that: My mom gave me the money, but I didn't pass my tutor the fee (on purpose somehow. cause qing didn't bring). That happens to be the last tuition, so we didn't pay. And we didn't intend to pay. & now he's being an irritating plague, irritating us for money. Is he that tight?! ):

And cause of this, I need to find an explanation for my mom. I am freaking pissed.

The word tuition irks me out. Not because I hated tuition, it's because of these problems arising. >.< src="">
Hold the ballooons and fly me to the moon. (:


We celebrated Racial Harmony Day today. We had to wear ethnic costumes. Ah well, I wore the malay and I had problems walking out of the house. (Even my room! ) The morning assmebly was damn funny! Hahaha, especially the first part. But it was kinda sad that Liyana didn't get into Top 6 for the Miss Racial Harmony Paegant. ); I thought she mixed it all well.

During literature lessons. (:

Don't be angry! (:

Sher (on the way back to my house)

Qing (on the way back to my house)

Best picture of the day! (:

Took pictures and all. Some with Liyana and some with Paddy. Hahaha, I only have ones with me and qing. Then went walked home cause Vivien needed accompany. After that qing and sher came over my house. Had maggie mee and did some work on project work. ZABOOOF, then we played Audition! hahahaha. And then we got disconnected cause I had some internet connection problem.

Went over the qing's house while sher went home by cab. Tried to use her computer without the bloody mouse. And then we slept till 7, watched tv, vivien came over, watched tv and had tuition.

SMILES ESTHER! (: Any problems come to me okay! (: I can promise I can stop you from all sadness, but I can cry with you! (:

Support, thanks.