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Sunday, August 19 |1:26 AM

One more day, then I'll make my comeback. (:

Just meanwhile, I have one damn retarded photo to share.

This is retardedness I know. Studies drives people insane.
Bangzxz, I don't think they suit me, yes? Plus the makeup, lol.

I'm a freak.

I draw spongebobs when I'm pissed.

Oh you know, i so hate to sleep late at night. );
I've been sleeping really late, i'm super tired, but I'm supposed to study cause there's science on monday. Argh, coffee ain't helping at all.

); Pimple breakout! That shows how stressed I am okay. I'm not those who gets pimple easily, it's hard to get pimples (for me). And now I have.. *counts* alot on my face, *growls* and there's a scar on my forehead. ):

Just watched Secret today, it was nice, but I missed the front part. ): Oh and I'm going to post alot of pictures. (Maybe not alot) on Monday after my CTs. (: YAY.
I have 16 formulas to remember.

Acceleration = Initial - current over time
F= ma
Potential Energy = mhg
Kinetic energy = 1/2 mv SQUARE
Moment = F x D
Work Done = Energy over time OR don't know what over time
Frequency = 1 / time
speed = dist / time
speed = lumbda x frequency or lumbda / time
Density = Mass / volume

Argh, ohmg. I forgot the rest of the formulas! ):