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Tape Roll
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“ I will do what do did to me. ”
Monday, August 20 |10:27 PM

Sorry, I have to start revising for eoys. It in two weeks time. ); I have no idea why our eoys are much earlier than the rest of the schools. So unfair right! >;[

I'll be back in another 4 - 5 weeks time, don't miss me too much . (:

Ahlian shots.

Hahs, the process. (:

Retarded ones.
I'm back, period. There's still eoys, then O' levels, kill me now~ Exams exams and exams, don't we get sick of them? After all the exams, you'll have to face the cruelty outside. Work work work and work, work till you die. Exams till you die.

How pathetic can the world be? Alrightos, I should be more optimistic, yes? (: There's more I can achieve in life, like... *thinks hard* I can't think of any yet. I have no idols, I have no one I really love now, I have no particular thing in life I really want to achieve nor have in pocession. Ohmg, my life is so meaningless right. It's like a empty shell if I take away all the exams and school. I don't live for anything, I just live to survive. How bad is that. Ah, shiqi, be optimistic!

Hahs, oh and I love Secret! It's a pity I actually missed the first part of the show. ); I want to watch Secret again! No, it's not because I missed the front, but I really wanna see it again. Hahaha, it's going to stop screening in the cinemas soon, right? Pfffst. Okay, I have a few question for the show.

1) If Xiao Lun goes back to the '20 years before' word, what happened to him in the future?
2) Can Xiao Yu choose when she wants to be in which period of time?
3) She has to close her eyes everyday and walk to the classroom and see Xiao Lun first?! So what's the point of counted the steps from -i don't know where- to the classroom?
4) How come what she does on the table can be seen by Xiao Lun when she can't actually go back to the time?
Does that mean that if she carries the table, the table will float!?
5) If Xiao Lun goes back, then history will change right? You mean the Xiao Lun from "20 years after" dissappeared?

Ohmg, I am damn confused. I am so gonna learn how to play Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi on my piano. (: But I seem to have difficulty siah. (YAY, I managed the first page!)

ohmg, I hate you. I hate you Daniel Goh, I hate you for answering the damn phone when I call my mother, I hate you and your ahbeng voice, I hate you i hate you i hate you. I hate you, damn it, just scram off lah. Nobody asked you to help. And I hate my mom, she just tries to use her 'beauty' to get help from all these stupid people who likes her. Shitxzx, I've lost the trust I had with her. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! I don't know what's going through her mind lah. But I definitely hate that ahbeng. I hate her. I hate him. I hate her empty promises, I hate her white lies. She thinks I'm young, I don't know anything. In fact, I know alot. I know so much that I think I'm qualified for a PI. I hate ____ 's mother too, she's far too ridiculous. She's making everyone crazy.

Do you know that those lies you made when I was young still hurts? I don't care if it's a white lie or what, it still hurts. Why do people have to keep everything in their heart? What's wrong with saying it out, not like I'm going to explode and scold. Argh.

Hey, I just finished my CTs today. I'm SUPPOSED to be happy, but I'm not.

Here you go, pictures. (:

National Day.

Eh, I post other pics tmr. There's something wrong with imageshack/photobucket/tinypic.

Wah, this should be this years national day theme song. I like the lyrics and not the.. person(s) singing.