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“ What else can be better than this? ”
Sunday, August 26 |12:05 AM

I remember just 365 days ago, I was sitting right infront of the computer, uploading all the graphics I made specially for HIM. And no, I'm not doing this againn. I got better things to do. (:

Ohmg, just refer to my previous posts.
Happy Birthday Darling Renfu!

Argh, chasing idols and going crazy over them seems childish now. It's like a waste of money.

I tried brainwashing vivien but she seems so hopeless. (One day, ONE FINE DAY you'll realize that you don't like BJM anymore.) BJM is SO NOT THE THING. Look at ZhiYang now, he's like a rotten apple waiting for someone to sign him but it seems like there isn't anyone doing so. He's just sooo THE PAST. So what if you won? You just make occasional pop ups here and there. People tend to forget you.

*NAH* Reminisce all you want. I actually took the effort to make 56 icons for him, gosh. I was so crazyyyy. (I have no idea why the quality is so bad, afterall it has been a year. Things in the net do get rusty!)


I freakingly got myself down with a sore throat accompanied by block nose cum flu. ):

What shit is this. I'm taking Paper One for both languages on Monday and not forgetting Chinese Oral in the afternoon. What now? I'm freakingly down with a sore throat. I tried gaggling with woods, glopping down loads of water, ate Pi Pa Gao, drank Pi Pa Gao plus water but it's not going away. Argh, and I have no more good quality tissues for my nose! Shitzxz. This sucks.

15 more days to EOYS!
I sound so excited, I'm not.

Shawn won the overall champs for Campus Superstar. But I wanted Keely to win instead. Or IF Benjamin won the male champs, I'd wish he won the overall champs. I never thought a 13 year old adorable small kid actually won the overall champ. He looked so innocent. Zhenning was alright. Keely was G.R.E.A.T, so was Benjamin (except for the part he went out of tune!) I didn't want Shawn to win. He's too young to be a superstar. I'm sorry, I do like his voice okay. (Only that he sounded weird today, perhaps he was too tense.)

To the fellow BJM supporters:
The results has been announced and no one can change the fact that Shawn had indeed won the overall champs. So please stop whining about the fact. Stop grumbling and defaming Shawn on your blogs. It isn't Shawn's fault because Benjamin didn't clinch the male champs. You people didn't vote more. Grrrr, I am damn pissed with those who defamed Shawn on their blogs.

Disclaimer: I support both Shawn and Benjamin equally. I am just trying to state my views.


Qianqiang by Ella. It's nice.

Huan Huan Ai's Ending! Ohmg.