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“ Back From Hell. ”
Friday, September 14 |8:53 PM

Dharlo! (:

Dharlo is the new word for Darlings Hello.

How's life with Shiqi's rantings? Great I know. Anyways, bad news to you people, Shiqi's back from hell = More rantings.

Ciao, blog later.


Analysis of my subbys.

English, Chemistry, Emaths, Amaths, Chinese - Most probably pass .
Physics, Literature, SS - Not likely to pass.

Amaths today was retarded. They gave us the formulas. So all we needed was to apply. But some questions are still difficult. Physics sucked hell lot. 1hr15mins was way too much time given. I finished in 30mins, took break in between at 12 caused it rained and I was too sleepy then woke up to finish my paper.

The weather was way too nice I came to sleep right after I bathed and took my breakfast. Then just stick myself to the bed.

I'm suffering from Jetlag.

Yes, I am suffering from Jetlag. I woke up at 615pm thinking it was Saturday morning 615am, wondering why is the sky so bright. Walked unsteadily to my mom's room then realized it was in the evening.

HAHA, guessed I slept tooo early/late the previous night. Chatted with Qing and Vivien all the way till 430am then went to bed. I'm still feeling very dizzy + sleepy.

Anyways, chionging HuanHuanAi now. Then Brown Sugar Macchiato, Gong Zhu Xiao Mei and I don't know what's there still to watch. I need to do up my layout, do more graphics before I chiong for O levels. Pack my room, buy the things I want. Catch up with my besties. Manymanymany other things to do.

Having my final paper on wednesday - Combined Science MCQ. Which there isn't much to study because I already did. (:

My mom ditched her Acer Tablet and 'upgraded' to Dell.

Don't know what happened to the keyboard also. All the keys came off! hahaha. I was bored so I did this...

Don't know what happened to the keyboard also. All the keys came off! hahaha. I was bored so I did this.