Shiqi :D
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“ Life rocks. ”
Friday, September 7 |12:37 AM

Do sense the sarcasm.

Hulllooo. I think studies make me go bonkers, I slept @ the time I was supposed to go to wake up on normal school days. I was, still tired but I forced myself to wake up to watch SPONGEBOB! Since it's friday, it's the last day I can catch spongbob on tv, since I'm supposed to be in school at that time.

Heh, my second time catching spongebob.

Oh, and I dreamt of Xubin as my bf. -.-! HAHAHAH. It felt so real I actually went to to see if they broke up. Read the first part of the post and I tio shock can. "i'm like tearing now" Cause it seemed like they really broke up, but no, hahaha, it wasn't referring to him.

LOL. Blast off for social studies. ):
Ohmg, life rocks. Daily routines all screwed up. It's 0430am noww, & I just came back from the Hawker Centre after consuming a bowl of Mee Pok. -.-! Yeah, I know it's fattening and whatsoever, but I'm really hungry and I couldn't sleep.
Let's be a sadist. :D

Eh, that's the trend? MVs are getting sadistic. First was JJ's Sha Shou, Fahrenhiet's Chu Sheng Ru Hua and now Jolin's Te Wu J. Oh, maybe not. I think Jay Chou started it, in one of his mv. (Forget what's the title.)

Anyhooo, I think if I had half of Jolin's attitude, I'll be a damn happy kiddo. I'll ace my subbys lor. (: Just look at her, she damn pro, buay tahan. She's the woman.


Hahaha, I'm going to camp with photoshop after my exams! (: I wanna do Jolin's, Secret's, Rainie's, Dadong/Yalun's posters/banner/wallpapers/whatever shit.

Whooohaaa, staying over Qing's tmr with Vivien! Hahaha.

Mygod, I am damn hungry now, I need food. But! it's midnight. ); I can't eat tidbits, cause my throat is pain. argh.