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“ Mooncake festival ”
Tuesday, September 25 |5:47 PM

Today is of course Mooncake festival which will promise a huge amount of kiddys in the park, playing with candles and lanterns. I hope I spot Chang E and her boyfriend tonight at the moon. There's something I don't quite understand. Why is mooncake festival called mooncake festival? You mean mooncakes originated on this very day? What has mooncake festival got to do with Chang E and Boyfriend? If that is the case, call it Chang E festival or maybe we can invent uhmm, Bread Festival! Heh.

So, what's a Mooncake Festival when there isn't mooncakes? Careful with the drool on your keyboard!

Delicious, ain't it?

Sadly, I don't quite have the habit of eating mooncakes. It's fattening! Good for fellow mooncake lovers! Bad for non-mooncake lovers. Why? No one asked you to buy mooncake! Yup, that's rightt. But there's always this family, I suppose is a volunteer of this particular church near my house, who goes around forcing people to buy receive their gift. And that happens for most of the occasions. We won't want them to waste their resources on us, because 80% of their mooncakes didn't went into our stomachs. They decayed and were thrown into the bin. I have no idea why my family is quite against mooncakes, but I just don't have this habit of eating mooncakes. I find it fattening. Plus, I'm supposed to be on a diet.

Diet. Urgh, I guess I'm probably going to consume porridge for breaks and dinner. (I'll skip my lunch) Why is that so? I gained one kilogram (i have no idea why I spelt it out.) even though I exercised almost everyday. Qing said it's because I gain muscles. Hmmmm.

We, Qing and I, went for mini lunch at Hougang Mall this afternoon. It's been long since we had our private timeee. Most of the time, there will be people like Vivien & Sherminh. You may ask, what happened to Vivien & Sherminh? Vivien is officially angry with the three of us. I have no freaking idea why. (I'm going to blog about that later.) And sherminh is down with a slight stomach flu so she went off first. Leaving the two of us for lunch. (: I talked about WangZi the whole day long.

Qing tried to show me how this particular woman walk weirdly, BUT she was looking at some slimming pills and we didn't had the chance to see how she walked. We wanted to stalk her, but we lost her. ); I started behaving weirdly. Example: Waving frantically at some other PL-lites whom I don't exactly know, stalking this group of girls & another uncle. We went to every other shop to touch and play with the stuffs, but we ended up not buying anything. I guess the salesgirls were all damn furious or something.

And guess what happened at the bus stop? We missed 2 buses of service no 113s and more than 4 buses of service no 62s. Incredible, isn't it? I could have reached home 1 hour earlier if we weren't to miss so much buses. I decided to take 113 because qing thought that she could only take 113, but ended up that she could take 62 too. -.- We missed the first 113 because we were too far, we missed the second 113 because this auntie asked us for direction of the bus, and happily boarded her bus when our bus went away.

Oh! And guess what. I forgot to turn on the automatic keylock for my phone this morning. I was drawing and writing with my hand on top of my hp pouch and then my phone ranged. I supposed I accidentally pressed "call" to someone and accidentally pressed "speaker", therefore the sound. I was soooo shocked and scared because I was sitting right beside a prefect. Immediately grabbed my phone, hid it in my bag, took it out of the pouch and... "ARLOOW!" I have no idea who I called. It was freaking loud, but I think my partner has some ear problems, she didn't hear the sound. I was shocked and the person went "ARLOOW!ARLOOW!ARLOOW!" I freaked out but I managed to hang the phone before the person goes crazy.


Today wasn't very enjoyable though. Vivien was pissed/angry with the three of us. I have no idea why and I am also very pissed with her. Tsk. We never knew the reason why she is angry with us and I have no idea why I am so concerned of her emotions. Ever trying to please her ALL THE TIME. Someday I am going to burst out because I can't stand her (sometimes).

Hey, since you are with us, can you just stop mentioning "Pearlyn, Moykit, Wei Kee, Jessica, Fiona, Jamie". I don't see the reason why you aren't happy in our clique.
Point one: You said we outcast you and left her with Sherminh.

And so we tried to engage her in our topics and pulled her closer. The closer I pull you and qing together, the further I see myself is away from her. Making me the outcast. What's the point of pulling my bestfriend closer to you, so that you're happy and I'm not? And, are you sure THAT BELOVED CLIQUE of yours didn't outcast you? I am pretty sure you, yourself feel extra because you're the only one from another class. You can't engage yourself in their 3B1 world.

Point two: What is so great about them?
You can't stop talking about them for a second. You go "Pearlyn say, Moykit say." What about "Tan Qing say, Shi Qi say"? What we say have no stand. What they say is 100% right, even if we say the exact same thing. Ridiculous shit. Whatever THEY do wrong, you won't grudge them. Whatever minor things we do wrong, you'll put it in your heart and remember forever. Have you ever thought of the times they sided MAUREEN LEE and scolded you even when you're the innocent one? Have you ever thought of the times we backed you up because the whole clique is against you? Have you ever thought how saddening it is when you think of them all the time and treat us like a backup route for you?

Point three: You rejected us. We didn't reject you. Hey, I want to have time with my beloved Qing and Esther privately okay. Why do I have to invite you with us? It's because you said you felt extra. In order to make you more comfortable, I invited you to go out with us. And what? You rejected us. You said "You all go out will wear very nice, I am not comfortable with it." What a reason to give. We said "We can wear fbts out with you..." and what did you say "Don't want." Why should I invite you with us when you didn't invite me with your clique. (even though I'll reject it anyway.) I don't see a reason why because Esther and Qing are both from your class too, you were once close to them.

Point four: You were unhappy because you didn't like the idea we had for Innovation Week. But you didn't suggest. Neither did you put in any effort. Aye, what's the point of complaining like shitzxz when you don't want to give us any idea! How are we suppose to please you. Complain about Sherminh playing the computer, then what about you? Watching the tv and sleeping on the bed! The pot calling the kettle black. "I am going to give low marks for Sherminh." Uh, you think your mark very high is it.

The four points above are sufficient for me to obtain a license TO BE ANGRY. *fumes* I think we should be more pissed than you are to us. You don't have to show it so obvious, we know.

If you dislike us, jolly well go away. Get back and cry to your pearlyn. I want to see what she can do to save you. Transfer class? Scold us? Hur. Her stupid project didn't even win the consolation prize for God's sake.

Seriously, I don't think you'll be angry with us for more than a month. By next month, you'll be back to us because we're gonna have tuition and you don't have any other people to back up for you. We shall seee. If you freaking continue this type of attitude, maybe even pearlyn gonna think differently about you. Who knows?
Innovation week was screwed. My group's presentation sucked, but I was proud of myself because I did the plan drawings! (:

And and, my computer is unhappy with me, it's throwing tantrums. THE WHOLE FREAKING TASKBAR AND ICON ON THE DESKTOP IS GONEEEE. Yes, how pathetic. Multiple tries of rebooting the computer didn't work at all. And now, the only thing I can do on the computer is to open Firefox. I can't run MSN neither can I run audi and photoshop. ): My media player and everything is screwed.
I shall announce that ShiQi has a temporary idol. And that is Wang Zi. The person on the right of the bottom picture. favorite couple. That is, Guigui & WangZi.

(: Nah, he isn't very handsome or anything. I have no idea why I liked him in the first place. BUT Guigui & WangZi makes a cute couple. They look so compatible pleaseee. And the more I notice the both of them, the more I like Wang Zi. HAHA, but I think he looks ugly in some photos. Especially when he takes it from the right side of his face, he looks kinda bald in that angle, or is it the hairstyle? lol.

Ohh, I am so addicted to Brown Sugar Macchiato & Gong Zhu Xiao Mei.