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“ Negative . ”
Wednesday, September 12 |4:38 PM

Oh, that's my twin acting emo.
I'm on major hiatus till this friday, the 14th. You can leave a tag when you come by, so i'll know who's not studying! (:
I was supposed to be hiatus, yes?
Hahaha, that was posted by the function of my W660i. Original and unedited by any photoshop skills, only the phone. (:
I know there is alot of noise in the photo. You see, my phone is not a professional camera phone, it's a walkman phone, bear with it.
Okay, I'm now using my mom's laptop. (she bought a second hand one!) And that is why I can blog when it's the crucial period - EOYS! Hahaha, cause I'm blogging and watching tv at the same time.
Anyone interested in my eoys? Nope? Nevermind, I just wanna voice out. YAY, i am relieved that Social Studies is overrr. No more memorising shit no common sense content! I'm left with Phy, Chem, English and Addmaths! Hoooray. Three cheers for myself.
But I have no confidence in any of them, did really badly. Okay, what's over is over. No point crying over spoilt milk.
After that I shall party all I want & watch the people from other school die from eoys! MUAHAHHAA.
Alrightees, I wanna change my layout. I've got a idea already, but i'm not sure if I can make it possible.

Oh and I'm listening to oldies now. Shocking as it seems, but yes. I think I've gotten myself too much stress from eoys, something in my mind is screwed up. I get very hyped up when I hear oldies. For example: Tian Mi Mi, Cha Sao Bao, many more.
Somehow it does brighten up my day cause it's sooooo hillarious.
Okay, another 2 more days then I can sleep all I want till tuesday and go back to school on wednesday for one hour of MCQ shit.