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“ No, it's not over ”
Saturday, September 22 |12:09 AM

Have you ever heard of accupuncture therapy and komodo dragon?

Bet you didn't. Don't you find it cute for a komodo dragon (or any other animals) being accupunctured? Just visualize the scene, so cute! They actually have a fake komodo dragon dummy for the staffs to know where to insert the needle-like thing. Very interesting, isn't it?

Alrightees, that isn't the point of my whole post.

Met up with my group mates today (again). We discussed the skit and came up with something related to Phua Chu Kang.

I thought it was quite good and it'll fabulous if we really dressed up. & now, someone's complaining to me about the current skit. Here I am trying to resolve and create world peace to avoid further complications, and there you are creating more trouble for me. I am trying to comfort you with white lies (perhaps), but hey, please appreciate my effort to comfort you. I ain't no good comfort-er, yes I suck in comforting but please don't make my life difficult. We tried to save you from long hours of non-productive planning for the skit. If you jolly well don't like the idea, think of a fabulous one yourself! You don't want to contribute, then stick to this and shut your mouth.

"Trust me, such people do exist in your group."
-quoted from Mr Lim.

But hey, we don't only encounter one of such kind, but two. Yes, two or maybe even three. (Out of five members in the group) This particular girl whom I am close to doesn't give a damn to the project. Maybe she does, she offered to complete the proposal/sketch/3d drawing/ppt (choose one, or it'll be obvious.) but she doesn't contribute to the ideas. Guess what she did in my house? She logged into msn and played habbo, I was so furious I decided to disconnect the internet today so she can concentrate. God knows what, Qing mentioned that she can't pass her lisence and she offered to pass it for her. & so it was my fault to disconnect the internet, therefore leading to her - not helping qing to pass her lisence. Qing wasn't even desperate to level up, so what's the hurry. *rolls eyes*

Anyhooo, the project is more or less done up. Don't wish to give a damn to it. It just contributes to heavy eyebags, more white hair, less exercising and deprived sleep.

After which, we produced the new REN YI MEN MV originally sang by Rainie Yang.

It is a MUST SEE ultra cuteness I tell you.

Director : Sher Minh
Viewer: Vivien
Bear Controller: Shiqi.

Sorry there is some hiccup here. BECAUSE WE COULDN'T FIND A WAY TO ROTATE THE VIDEO.

This is the original. You can compare, the dance steps are almost the same, BUT it's hands are tooo small, so it's harder for it to dance. (: