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“ Room Revival ”
Thursday, September 27 |5:37 PM

On rare occasions I actually find myself loving my room, on even rarer occasions have I even thought of decorating my bedroom. But, since the issue of Ikea's 2008 Catalogue, I found myself in an anticipation to experiment.

I can't recall the last time I decorated my room, or if I ever decorated my room. I don't really hog up in my room the whole day since I usually do my work in the study room/living room/dining room and use my computer in the study room. (That's 2 months ago.) I don't even have a proper room!

My bed frames weren't used for the past 9 years because I do leave my bed on the floor and sleep on the floor. As a child, I hated the bed frames, because I'll fall. My bed frames are useless because they only store beds in the day. And since the rare use of the bed frame, it's seriously faulty now. The children bed frame can't withstand my weight and it produces squeaky sounds. & to add on, my bed itself is a failure. I have 3 single beds and all three of them has needle liked stuff inside. I suppose it's the spring that went faulty. I can feel coils and coils of springs every night. But that's going to change, thanks to the Ikea's 2008 Catalogue.

Was flipping through the 283 page catalougue, and I began to feel excited. I don't know about you. But I personally feel that Ikea furnitures are quite beautiful and is quite affordable. Everytime I go Ikea, I feel like buying the whole of it down. It's just sooooo nice.

My room is honestly some shit I only go at night.

It's da in boook.

Digging the wardrobe, bed sheet & headboard.

Digging the table.

Digging the chairs

If only my room is big enough and I had enough sponsors. (: That'll be awesome.

Ikea's children bedrooms are so unrealistic. I never had such a colourful & utilized bedroom. How many had such bedrooms as a children?

Not many.
I think I should stop this renovation topic, it's not very interesting. Anyhoo, I am still excited. ;D
Gave school a miss today. Mumsie allowed me to skip school for a day, and she brought me to Ikea. DOUBLE YAY.

I wanna change bed frame, I wanna tear down the damn cupboard, I wanna buy new bed sheet, I wanna buy new curtains, I wanna put tv in my room, I wanna have a bigger bedroom, I wanna change the door, I wanna paint my wall, I wanna have new table, I wanna have new chair, I wanna have the whole of IKEA, I wanna clear my things, I wanna buy new CPU, I wanna sack my maid, I wanna be more brave, I wanna have more money so I can do most of the things stated.

): Money is the root of all sadness.

Mumsie gonna retire HSR and join some other company. Hopefully she can earn more money, hehs.
Anyways, I went to visit the Chinese Physician yesterday for my eczema. He said I didn't have enough blood and therefore leading to eczema. o.O Quite interesting because he can find that out by pressing your palm. I hope I can cure my eczema soon. (:

Discussed about the outing with Esther & Qing yesterday. I'm quite excited for it, and yeah. I miss the three of us. ): I wanna turn back time...

Sorta caught up alittle tweeny bit with Esther yesterday. (: Met her at the bus stop and talked quite awhile. But still, it isn't enough. We haven't talked to each other since... i don't know how long.

Loveeee you twooooo.
Arghhh, I am so pissed because my maid .

1) She lost the cardigan I bought for 20bucks and acted as if it wasn't her fault and it was mine. For god's sake, I haven't even worn the cardigan once! (Except for trying) I didn't even know where you kept it!

2) My school called up and below is the convo according to my maid.
School: Where is Shiqi, she never come to school.
Maid: She not at home, she sick, go see doctor.


Hellllloooooo. I am not sick, I didn't go take mc. I'm supposed to act as if I was going for funeral. Spoil my whole plan, ARGHHHHHHH. Only know how to create problem.

Nothing is better than being a maid in my house.

You don't need to:
  • Take care of kids/me
  • Play with me
  • Tolerate our nonsense (such as crying or whatever shit)

  • All you need to do is:
  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Sleep
  • Wash clothes
  • Kill the lizards

  • Madam (my mother) never scold you
  • Talk to you nicely even if you're in the wrong
  • We never disturb you, you got your own privacy lor

    And still you're creating such problems. Go other house, you die I tell you. We never ill treat you, we never don't let you eat. Not because I scared of the night/ghost, I don't even need you please. I must as well hire a body guard. Wlaoo, is this very difficult? And your cooking isn't very nice leh. I still have to entertain you and eat finish everything because my mom and HIM don't usually eat at home. And with you around, I don't really have privacy. Tsk

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    Miniroommaker saved me from boredom. ;D Because I couldn't open WMP, Photoshop, Audition from my comp. *shrugs* Can you imagine how boring your life can be? And all you can do is to see your computer die down there when you can't do anything but wait for ___ to repair it.

    Here are some of my creations. ;D

    Mummy & Daddy.

    The girls' play room.

    The boy's play room.