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Tape Roll
Roll the tape

Pause it if you don't like it, lol.

“ The whole new Blessedbe ”
Friday, September 21 |12:07 AM

So how's this layout? Please comment on it. It's been some time since I did a IMAGE layout.

It's some sorta navigation cum non navigation blog, lol. Yeah, I know navigating around sucks big time, but who cares.

Personally liked it, but there are still many hiccups. The tagboard doesn't auto refresh, things get chipped off in IE. Things like this always happen.


Okay, I still have more to touchup.

12 hours ago, I was just meeting up with my fellow PW mates. And 12 hours later (Time check:1200) I am slacking, posting and editing my layout. And 12 hours from now, I am going to meet my fellow mates again. By that time I'm supposed to finish my floor plan which is supposed to be drawn to scale.

Now, I admire Phua Chu Kang for being such a good contractor. Phua Chu ____ for designing the houses (?)

HAHA, enough of new stuffs for the day. I'm going to draw the floor plan.