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“ Minor hiatus. ”
Monday, September 17 |1:58 PM


Update. I've got good news! and a bad news.

Thumbs Up: There is no school on thursday and friday! (: Only went to school today (wednesday) this week. Plus, it's the official end of eoys!

Hahaha, anyone feeling envy cause I've got no school?

Thumbs Down: No school because it's innovation week. We're supposed to design school hostel with proposal, skit and proper attire in the agape concert hall, that is, if we top the class. (which is very unlikely)

So, it isn't very good after all uh. Plus we don't have experience on architect & engineering. ):

Better do up my layout by today before I get busybusy from tmr onwards. Gdbye.


alrightees, minor hiatus from now on. (: srsly can't stand the sight of my blog. So I think I should stop blogging to complete my new layout.

30% done, the 70% bulk is from the htmls. *sighs* The background and image is done. (:

Anyway, I am determined to slim down. Gonna exercise everyday from today onwards till I get my ideal weight! That's the price for being vain, ain't it?

Oh and KU CHA sang by Bang Bang Tang & Hei She Hui Mei Mei reminds me of something. Yeap, something because I don't know what it is. It gives me this real familiar feeling. The people singing it ain't that fabulous neither do they sing real fabulously, but somehow I think it's nice because it reminds me of something. Argh, now... what is that something ? >.< ------ yayyiiess! Shopping with mumsie yesterday again, @ Bugis. Bought the cardigan and two jeans, three-quarters and above knee. (Teh picture below) (: More shopping = more ego-ing. So just pardon me. (:

I wanna go more shopping! (:
I actually quarreled with my mom over a shorts. Because I told her I didn't like the shorts, she was damn furious cause we already purchased it. I told her I'd wear it even though I didn't like the design but she in turned said she'll buy another one for me. I felt guilty, so I said never mind. Instead of being happy she scolded me lah. I tried helping her to save the money, but she didn't want. Shouted at me in public. >.< Alright. Everything is fine now.

So I watched Gong Zhu Xiao Mei. It was alright. I hope to see more exciting parts in the show.

Currently working on my new layout. Searching for images. 0.001% done.