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Friday, October 26 |9:40 PM

Hey earthlies.

Song reccomendations.

1) Niu Zai Hen Mang - Jay Chou.
Quite a catchy song, not quite Jay's style.

2) Cai Hong - Jay Chou
Quite soothing, can be bedtime song.

3) Wo Bu Shi F4 - Zai Zai / Vic Chou Yu Ming
Written by Jay Chou. Yeah, quite nice actually. (:


I know most of the primary/secondary population must be enjoying their life out, and there's a minor population (sec 4s/5s) taking their Os. And me? I'm the minority who's not enjoying my life not am I taking the BIG Os. I'm just a normal sec 3 pupil whom got dragged back by school for extra lessons. Uh yeah. School's quite kiasu uh.

Anyway, I was supposed to exercise today, but because my mom is using the room, I can't use it to exercise... Not considering the living room, because I don't wish my maid to see me panting my head off, she'll faint, hahaha. Thus I'm watching R.P now. Heh, the story is quite interesting now, since Jing/Jin & XiaoMai have already expressed their feelings for each other. But, it's quite fustrating because the damn AhPek said he found the real 'princess' which is not her and is Genie! Twisted as it seems. I wonder if that's the AhPek's strategy or it is real. But I doubt it's a strategy because he won't allow his dearest granddaughter to cry right. How can he just chase XiaoMai away... Plus, he has already introduced her to public. Pooor thang.

I was supposed to exercise & watch R.P & bathe till 430. My mom wasn't happy because I was hogging on to her computer, so she chased me out. Tsk, so while I was bathing halfway she told me "Hey, I'm going out already." WDH? I was prepared to let you use the place so I gave up waiting, just so nicely you told me you're leaving. What a great timing. Couldn't you have told me earlier? Mind you, I was bathing halfway.

I'm fine now. No worries, no war yet. ;D

Extra lessons are quite conductive, except Combined (Chem)... Because we were sitting right at the back with Ms Joyce. I got distracted by her and her stories throughout the lessons. 0: Well, English & Literature was not tooo bad. We went through really important points for situational writing and literature was just some video show of Mid Summer Night's Dream(MSND). I was so glad Ms Dong didn't teach us during the two periods because I seriously can't stand her way of teaching. Anyway, MSND is really confusing. It's like Hippolytaca, Demetrius, Helena, Hermia, Thetus, Puck, some fairy some cave man and all of them look alike. I can't imagine myself reading that book, analysing it for the whole of next year. ): And mind you people, they speak Shakespearian language. For example; Thou shalt not speak more, for thou shalt die. That bolded phrase is sooooo suitable for what I'm gonna mention later.

My school just got on stomp. Shan't comment later kena suspended siah.


I was surprised it got it's way to stomp. I thought it'll be history already.
I chanced on XX blog then I realised that our school got on stomp! I went there with 100+ views and 2 comments. 5 hours later I checked on it again, it has grown it population and there's 600+ views and 60+ comments. It's quite obvious that it's our people speaking over there, I'm sure Mrs Lee will be furious after seeing what her students has done on the internet - THE WORLD WIDE WEB.

I needa exercise and munch on mathematics/science/social studies. I can't believe I'm so kiasu, prolly because of the peer pressure around me. ); YAY, less than a year to the BIG Os people. I can't believe I'm going to live in nightmare for one whole year, sec 4 is a terrible year. I've not enjoyed my sec 3 life yet. Grrrrrr.


Click Five was supposed to come to my school! ); They eventually didn't & since today was the last day of school (for the majority and not sec threes), Mrs Lee addressed this matter to the whole school in the last one hour. My schoolmates are the best, they actually wrote in a petition to Mrs Lee, with 400 over signatures, if I'm not wrong. Mrs Lee tried to clear her name, pushing the blame to us. *rolls eyes* She tried to make herself sound so right, just because she's holding on to the mike, it means that she's more authoritative and no one dares to oppose her. But deep down everyone is pissed, duh. CLICK FIVE WANNA COME OUR SCHOOL SHE GO REJECT. WAHSEH, TRYING TO PLAY HARD TO GET IS IT. THEY WANT TO COME TO OUR SCHOOL YOU STILL GO CHOOSE. YOU THINK YOU LEE KUAN YEW AH. Tsk.

Her speech is damn ridiculous. I'll quote and give my opinions. Quote one; "I'm sure some of you find this paper familar. *fast forward* I am going to explain why I didn't allow Click Five to come. They called me up and asked me, I replied 'NO'. As a school, I think the most important focus is the O's, if I were to allow them to come to school, how will others think of the school? How will others think of my role as a principal? I shouldn't allow them into the school because the sec 4s are having their O's. It's going to blur the focus of our school, which is studying.If it's the holiday I'll sure let them come. " Explanation one; Mind you, Mrs Lee (I respect you and call you MRS LEE.) the population of girls in the school taking Os is only 1/4 of the whole school. The majority of us, I strongly believe, wants Click Five to come to our school. There is no harm in them coming right? And the secondary fours need a break. "If it's holiday, I'll sure let them come." As if. It's the last week of school, what's the difference? & if it's a holiday, they won't even have school promotions. Who will be in school? The damn school will be closed. Quote two; "This petition has 400 over signatures on it. I know some of you are fans of this group, but I am sure these 400 pupils do not represent the whole school population. I have to care of the welfare of the other school pupils who aren't fans of this band. And girls, please take the signatures from individuals it is wrong for one person to sign on the paper multiple times.

Explanation two; Are you trying to act stupid or are you really stupid? "I have to care of the welfare..." As if. Even if we aren't fans we will act our role and support them. And please, how did you even know that anyone signs the paper multiple of times. If you don't want them to come or you're trying to prove your innocence, you don't need to push the blame to us.
Quote three; "If we invite them to our school, I must make sure that everyone likes them and not just this 400 pupils. We only invite people whom we show support to."
Explanation three; As if. You invited the police man every year, talking about the same topic with no changes in the slides. You invited some motivation talk person, you invited so many other boring and shit people. YOU THINK WE REALLY SUPPORT THEM MEH. WE DON'T SUPPORT THEM LEH, WHY YOU INVITE THEM? The football referee also came to our school what, what's wrong with Click Five. Stop your one sided feelings.

Quote four; "I don't want our school to be seen as a Click Five Fan Based school."
Explanation four; Are you trying to critisise/discriminate Click Five. Hello they are some famous band, you are trying to say they aren't worth being in our school just because Sec 4s are having Os? They're coming for free, don't you know how much they get for a paid performance? You just blatently rejected them without thinking much. What's wrong with being a Click Five Fan Based school? If someone comes to our school, it means we're a _____ Fan Based school? Wow, I didn't know how much it means just because some band/singer comes. Wahseh, Click Five don't mind coming to our school seeing your damn face, you should be happy already, still dare to reject them, you Lee Kuan Yew or Minister? Don't act big shot. Imagine if our school performing art groups offered to go to neighbourhood schools/nurseries/kindergartens to perform but they reject you because i'll change the focus of the kids. Seee how you'll feel.
Having them in our school helps to publisise our school my dear mrs lee. Who wants to read articles such as

"PLMGSS celebrates their 90th Anniversary, sings 90hours marathon.""PLMGSS walks back to their school." "PLMGSS students won ____ competition."

The dear paper readers go: "Oh lame. Not my problem. What a boring school."
What about... "CLICK FIVE AT PLMGSS" Readers go "Oh my god! Click Five! Why go that school! I wanna go to that school! Then next time can see other idols..."What a contradicting and superficial speech of hers. Maybe just because you didn't know who Click Five is, therefore you rejected them. Just because of that, you have gained more opposition parties. (; Why make yourself a sore eye. There's no point of me ranting my ass off over this matter. They're going back today anyway, no point.

Another matter I'd like to address... regarding campus superstar. I know it has been long already, but I just thought of a relatively good rebuttal to shoot Mrs Lee back since she doesn't allow our students to join...

So the teachers wants us to have our dreams/goals. What is wrong with wanting to be a Singer? Some students in our school just wants to fufil their dreams or experience what it is to be a singer. Why can't you support them? Why aren't you supporting your students! You're just crashing their dreams into pieces...

Mrs Lee is such a nag. Why isn't she retiring, or at least retire the old fashioned brain. She still said we're a "innovative school" as if.

Hmmm, I was packing my room then I came across my mothers old photos! She looks soooo old, she's much prettier now. I saw old pictures of my grandfather (maternal side) and father. I kinda miss both of them. (I must spilt this paragraph. It's sucha bad thing to put him with my grandfather, not even fit to. That beast. )

I then came across this black box with the MP4 my dad gave me... I immediately thought of the things he did in the past. Because the MP4 he gave me 2 years ago as a birthday present was used before and manufactured in China. China reminds me of China woman and therefore prostitutes. Prostitutes reminds me of the woman who stole was with my dad and caused all the unhappiness. Aiyah, but I can't blame her right, maybe that beast throw himself to the woman then the woman took advantage of him because he's flithy rich. He changed many girlfriends, and all of them were Cheenas, prostitutes I suppose. I wonder how many woman has he slept with. I hate him so much I want him contacted with HIV/AIDS. He asked for it. Hellooo, how many men does a prostitute sleep with a day? He confirm kena one right, somemore sleep with so many. Serve you right. Stupid fat ass moley ohley old man.

Actually, prostitutes are quite pathetic. Most women in Singapore (or maybe even in the world) thinks that they're family-breakers. Should I paraphrase it? I think China woman are quite poor thing, because they associate with prostitutes and many Singaporeans dislike them. I don't blame them, they don't want to be a prostitute either, right? Who wants to be one! It's because men are far too dirty, they think of s-x all the time. If men controls their inner desire properly, there won't be jobs such as prostitutes because they won't have any business. It's the mens fault for creating jobs such as prostitutes. (: