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“ Friend or Foe? ”
Sunday, October 7 |10:57 PM

Sometimes I do get irritated by myself. I hate people for their character, but I may actually have similar character to them. (That sentence was just random)

Sighs, it's really irritating when someone doesn't believe what you say, but chooses to believe another person who said the exact same thing. Come on, that is bias-ness. I didn't even realize when did I start feeling numb towards you. But I don't seem to feel pissed or angsty when you mention her name anymore. It seems like a natural process.

You aren't a bird, I can't keep you with me forever...
I know you wish to fly, but the problem is how high.

You don't seem to treasure our friendship. I am not trying to forbid you from making friends... But still, you're so distant even if people say I am close to you. You go with someone else when they have the same interest, you talk to them, sit with them, have fun with them and... you came with us during break. What do you take us for? Your spare tire or backup? (It means the same thing anyway) Since you want to be close with them, go ahead! No one's keeping you back.

You walk away happily with them whenever you want. But when we leave you with them alone... you complain that we are leaving you alone. Hello? You're the one who left without even telling us. You didn't bother, even, to say "Hey, I'm sitting with her." When I tried to make things better by leaving my partner alone, and asked you "Eh, I sit with you okay? (: " You replied me "Don't need liao la, I sit with L." When L leaves, you come back and try to retrieve the closeness we had together... You don't understand! The feeling is gone, I don't feel a little bit close with you at all.

We're just strangers who is trying to act as if we're not. But for who to see?

I am not as stupid as you think I am. Tsk, you may think I can't feel the difference... But I surely do. You're coming with us during break because you can't stand being with only ONE OTHER PERSON. You feel as though you are left out because you're not in a clique. But this clique is superficial. We're just together because we have no other friends to go with. That is our common interest, face the fact.

I dislike your attitude. I know you have your good friends, I didn't stop you from having any. I know I can't be as good as your good friends, but can't you keep a low profile? Do you have to make it so obvious? Look, how will you feel if I asked you to stay with me for lunch but when my bestie appeared, I shifted place, sat with her and left you all alone? YOU WON'T FEEL GOOD AT ALL. I think you'll hate me for doing it even the first time. Just count how many times you've did that to me?

I didn't leave you out, you are just merely staying in your own circle. Since we can't take you out, we're gonna leave you in that circle. But you just can't join them because their breaks are different from us.


This has been happening ever since secondary one. You're always coming to me when you have no friends and you leave me alone when you've found your new bestfriends. The problem now is that you're so-called-new-bestfriends has their own clique... I AM NOT GOING TO FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOU. AND STOP TREATING ME LIKE THIS. I HAVE MY TEMPER TOO. YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN ACT SO PITYFUL TO GAIN PITY FROM THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. STOP SPOUTING SHIT ABOUT US AND GIVING US A BAD NAME. GO AWAYYYYY.

I wished I said that to her, but it's far too difficult. You'll never know what will happen in the future. I shall keep it safe. );

Friendships are oh-so-superficial.
It's a relatively emotionally post.
Will add in some drawings I did later. (: