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Thursday, October 4 |10:12 PM

Listening to: Jolin's Jie Pai Qi

No hurries, I"ll definitely explain the title of the post. But before that, I'm going to talk about my results.

I feel like a complete idiot. This was the very first time I actually bothered to study till the eleventh hour. I wasn't really prone to studying at night in the past, I usually sleep early because I need the sleep. I studied extremely a lot this year, drank 123567 cans of coffee till my health deteriorated, still, my results were not satisfactory. );

But I think I'm still quite O.K with my results, because my friends around me had to face the possibility of retaining. Maybe, I'm one of the luckier ones, at least I passed all my subjects.

Sec 1: Honeymoon/Hack-care Attitude
Sec 2: Streaming year; mugged.
Sec 3: Supposedly 'honeymoon year; mugged more than sec 2.


Self defense was much better than expected... Because there was this cute guy! Ohmg, handsome guy I mean. He was supposed to be cute last week. Sadly, I missed school and therefore missed his previous hair, making him cuteeee.

We're the extreme case.
1. We automatically joined his group
... When no one dared to join because he's far too shuai (lol?) We were so freaking auto, I am amazed how we did that. (: But sherminh told him the wrong class & I doubt he heard her correction.

2. We stalked him
Stalked. Not just stalked, but we (qing&i) ran after him. Then people will question us..

"Eh, you all damn hua chi (flirt?) ley, stalk him. Run somemore!"
"No lor! We go help sherminh buy ICE. She dislocate her arm leh! Must help."

HAHAHA, no one believed.

Sherminh did dislocate her arm. If only HE came to help her locate it back, I think she'll faint DIE! HAHA. But he didn't, yay. (:

Oh, and thanks to her. I've fixed my comp's taskbar! ;D Xiexieni.

Saturday & Sunday will be a blast. (: Will blog about that.