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Sunday, October 14 |7:08 PM

Awww, the cute and sweet baby. (; Nah, he's not my brother, father, boyfriend, friend and the list goes on... He is Mrs Tng's newly born son. (haha, she was online!) He was born on Funfair day, the 29th September. Still remembering those times when Mrs Tng said she wanna name her daughter Tessa, that is if she has one. She told us that when I was Primary 5 *counts* which is, specifically 4 years back. Anyhoo, I miss Mrs Tng and 6Patience '06!

Love you bestest!(;


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nEbO Café is quite a nice place to hang out with nice delicious finger food. The waffle is abnormally nice and the decos in the place is trendy. What's more? They allow you to play board games such as monopoly. (;

It's a must to go there at least once in your lifetime, lawls. Located at AMK HUB beside GV cinema.

*End of advert*

So I guess I won't be updating that regularly because my computer is sick and I hate using my mom's because it is suberly slow, even slower than my grandmother.

Congratulations. My computer is infected with some virus, it is now officially a vegetable. It just recovered approximately 2 weeks ago and it's infected again.

Being the closest human being on earth to my computer, I didn't take the responsibility to take care of it. ); Although being the closest, I wasn't aware of its emotional needs, and therefore, I think it has taken actions to protest its really irresponsible user. );

On a brighter note, I sneaked into two NC16 movies and bought a fake rubiks cube.
It wasn't intentional to sneak into the NC16 movie, haha. My mom wanted to watch Drummer, and therefore bought the ticket with me beside her. I was shocked I saw the ticket stating that it was "NC16" but the GV worker didn't caught me when I was standing beside my mom. What's most saddening was that I was wearing only a black tee and a over sized jeans (I came right after school, and that was what my mom brought for me) but I still managed to sneak it! The movie was sucha bore, it's not even qualified to be rated as NC16 please. Just that tweeny bit of violence. -.-

So, with my first success of sneaking in. I got bolder and decided to sneak in my second NC16 show at GV Marina. (; I managed to sneak in the second time! This time, the movie was way better than what I watched the day before. I watched Resident's Evil, it was okay, but quite scary at times. But the ticket was much more worth it compared to the day before...

Just came back from town with qing & sherminh. My first time in the year out with sherminh. First time for this combination! Nothing much to mention, just that we couldn't find Far East Plaza & some donation crap (Argh, I'm pissed)

There wasn't any shows to watch, so we watched The Detective. Of course, being the timid girl I am, I freaked out whenever something that seemed scary happened. However, the whole plot was super retarded, it was all because of the ghost, lawls.

I am supersupersupersuper pissed off! >.<>OH-THE-NORMAL-REACTION-IS;
HAH, you deserve it! Who ask you go out shop till you broke ley. Buy so many useless things, of course broke la!

If you react like this... shit you.

This is my spending list of the day;
Movie ticket - Aprrox $6.50
Yoshinoya - $5
Popcorn - Approx $3 (?)
Loan to Sherminh - $10
Donation - $10

Stupid guy; Hello ladies... Please don't go, I'm not going to eat you up. Just give me a few minutes. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.
We; *shocked* ermm... *opens wallet*
Qing; Eh, I only have 2bucks...
Stupid guy; She confirm have 10dollars one. (:
Me; ermm... but I later need to eat one.
Stupid guy; Both of you share la. *Takes qing 2dollars pass it to me and took my 10dollars* Okay, thankyou very much!


We were so sad, we almost cried. Just when we were moaning/grumbling about everything. We saw jingming. Ohmgosh, how coinsidental is that luh. I was sooooo sad over my money I teared in the MRT station. );


I thought I've totally erased you from my mind, I'm wrong. Whenever I thought I've forgotten you, you somehow made it to my dreams. Those dreams constantly remind me of you. It's really hard to forget even though the times we spent together was so little. A few more days to my birthday, will you bother to wish me? I'm waiting...