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Sunday, October 7 |8:18 PM

We went for suntanning! (;

It's been quite some time ever since the three of us caught up (especially with Esther). Esther came to my house, painted nails and left to meet Qing at Serangoon. We did retarded actions... example; sitting down in the train, blasting loud retarded musik (Cha Sao Bao), fake kisses.

The very retarded threes reached HabourFront but couldn't find our way to Sentosa. We asked the Information Counter but apparently her explanation sucks, so we figured our way by stalking (yes, again. I love stalking people!). As always, I chose the right person to stalk. (;

Three really stupid girls forgot to bring mats and plastic bags. Tsk, how stupid can that be! You have to forgive us because it's our very first experience of suntanning. We walked like 10km (!) to the damn shop and then we walked 2km to our designated area for suntanning. & guess what? The weather was soooo unfavorable, it poured for awhile. It happened the other time we went to Sentosa too! Tsktsk.

We went into the sea and I drowned at approximately 70metres. ;D So interesting uh. There was this lady in the washroom... She stripped and was naked. I swear she was the centre attraction! SHE STRIPPED AND WAS NAKED. *Jaw dropped* Mind you, this is Singapore and not like.. China? Even though we might not be too preserved, we still don't expose our bodies like that in public.


Had dinner at VivoCity's food court. Esther had Thunder Rice, Qing and I orered Korean Bim Bi Bam. It was so freaking hot, it nearly killed the both of us. Vivocity contains bad memory of HOT & SPICY foood. We look so idiotic when we had to drink cups of Lime Juice/Bandung and Ice. We were only 3 girls, but we had more than 10 drinks on the table. Never take the Bim Bi Bam at Vivocity, it kills.

Stayed over at Qing's. Played Dai Dee and slept. We have no night life. ); Our plan of sneaking out failed terribly. Not because we were caught, because they were tooo tired. They slept and forgot to wake up. Tsktsk. The radio was left on for the whole day... At some point of the day, I hear ghost stories. Both of them slept peacefully throughout the whole story. I was the only was freaking out. LOL.

Nevertheless, I had great time. More of such outings, pleaseeeee & most importantly... CAMWHORE. Why doesn't any one like to camwhore! ); I need to camwhore. We took so little pictures, so little that I could count it with my fingers.


I'm super tired I don't know why. Maybe because I was packed with activities the whole day? Went to Marina Square for lunch, Suntec for Mattress, Parkway for Mattress, Ikea for furnitures. Ended up with Bed Sheet, Quilt and one side table. HAHA, I DON'T EVEN HAVE THE QUEEN SIDE BED AND BED FRAME PLEASE. BUY WHAT BED SHEET AND QUILT. LOL .

Byebye world, I'm sleeping.