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Saturday, November 24 |3:51 PM

Hello there! It's been long since I came to blogger. ;D

I've been using Xanga throughout my mysterious disappearance on Blogger. Heh heh. I seem to be missing in action when I accidentally deleted my whole Blog & no entries were left. I couldn't retrieve my blog entries nor I could remake the same blog url of because blogger doesn't allow hyphens anymore.

& the whole process of redoing my whole blog layout, renaming the blog url, going around asking people to relink is kinda tedious. And I've been changing my url, so I don't think anyone is gonna bother relinking me, it's so tedious. (I hate it when I receive numerous request of relinking blogs, especially when the person keeps changing it's url. Once/twice is fine though.)

So I moved on to my (backup) Xanga.

During the holidays, I reinstalled Photoshop into the laptop, meddled with it. I had some kinda phobia, I call it the lostrophobia - phobia of losing thing. Lostrophobia surfaced when I fail to save my documents safely and lost all of the documents in my computer, including my images and graphics made, many times.

Therefore, I made it a point to upload my images and keep it somewhere (hopefully) save which is my photo blog/graphic blog (or so many one calls it). Yes, and that was when I remembered of the Blogger account which I had some of my graphics in it. Now, I do constantly upload my graphics there. This is also when I remember of my old, rusty blog which had almost all my accounts of my daily life. I clicked "View Blog" (it was on the same account as the photo blog) without hoping any content in my blog. Fyi, I changed the url. That's why I could view it. To my horror, the entries were mysteriously retrieved & were back to normal.

That is why I am here on Blogger, writing another Blog entry. :D

Okay, if you don't understand the whole chunk, just know that I accidentally deleted my blog, all entries were gone. Few months later... I checked back, everything was okay. Very weird phenomenon. Short and easy to remember. But I am relieved that my entries aren't lost.

And now I am back with another url, I won't (wishfully) ask you to relink, I just hope you know I exist.
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    PS: The xanga account is locked & only 3 entries can be view in Public, so it's kinda useless, if you're gonna click it.
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    The last time I blogged here, I was still kinda crazy over cheena idols, now I'm not. You've gotta be surprised at what I'm addicted with recently, Gossip Girl. Believe or not, I am really addicted to such shows. That kinda show that I think teachers will name it bad influence, like The O.C, because it promotes pre-martial sex. (I think) The characters are only 17/16.

    Blair & Chuck= Bluck = hot.

    Serena & Dan = Darena = Sweet & Cute.

    Nate & Jenny = Nanny (?) = Not yet together, but I hope they do.

    Oh, big change shiqi, big change.
    You won't know what I did to my own hair. Champion siahzxz.

    I woke up one day, feeling that my hair was really horrible. So I took a scissors, layed the toilet sink with magazine sheets & snapped. I have uneven bangs now & one side of my hair is thinner compared to the other. Champion champion.

    No, I didn't go out to cut just because I changed my clothes! lol.

    PS: Whooops, the images looked srewed because I saved them in GIF format. Sorry!


    I'm elated that I've got a new look.

    & for the highly edited/super ahlians ones.

    Ohmygod, this picture reminds me of Kelly.
    Cause she wears hairband, alot.

    Okay, random picture. My computer is lagging like hell. Anws, i got to sleep, it's 2:26AM.
    Self-note: Upload the posters!