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“ Curse Vivo(city) ! ”
Tuesday, November 27 |12:22 AM

"A poster a day keeps me happy all day"

Today is much of the worst day everrrrrrr (as in shopping). I am so disappointed with the largest shopping paradise/ movie threateres/ family entertainment/ (!) in Singapore, Vivocity.

Today was the very first day in 3 months that I actually went window shopping with my mom. & window shopping actually with moms actually means more paper/plastic bags to bring home. Well, today was very much different. We window shopped with nothing out of the biggest shopping paradise in Singapore! Very rare indeed.

The place has the worst crowd control and direction control. Everywhere looked the same and there were so many people blocking the way! Signboards are sooo not helping, we got lost numerous of times! Even though the place is big, it doesn't mean it has the best of shops. The shops are so american-ish (not my style, yet) and everywhere was crowded, you can't shop peacefully. They are expensive and not budget enough. Heh Heh.

I was so disappointed because such a large place didn't even contain what I wanted! Pumps and checkered shirt. Simple as that. Nono, are you gonna say... "You prolly haven't shopped the whole place!" I'm not sure if I did, or did not. But I'm pretty sure that I've shopped almost everywhere there, because I've been there since 4PM. I've been walking around and seeing the same shops all the time.

So we decided to go to FarEast for my shoe & checkered shirt. Mom wanted to top up her card, so we went to the machine at Lvl 3 to top up. God knows what... The machine deducted money from my mom's NETS but did not add value to the cashcard. We went down to Information Counter (actually shouldn't. Long story), this really unhappy lady served us and called the damn security guard. Mins later, the phone at the Info counter ringed but no one answered. We waited for 26mins and yet the damn guard didn't appear.

I was thinking... the guard may have lost in the way/did not know how to come to the info counter/maybe he called just now/he's gonna come down and pass us to OCBC bank... Guards are useless fellas!

My mom went to ask the woman, she called and said "Oh, the security guard ask you to make sure with OCBC bank." WHAT THE HELLLL. After 26mins, you tell us that. All your fault for not answering the damn phone! And she continued "sorry for waiting so long..." and gives that superbly fake smile. -.-

I am very disappointed with the way they handle things. ): Whole day at Vivo and yet nothing back from there.

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Vivo, you're boring. My picture says so.
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Random shot.

But I got something from Fareast.
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This is it! (; The last time I ever bought a new shoe was two years ago. (Exluding slippers) I can't believe this too! Now I can throw my old shoe away and wear this.
Yesterday V asked me to help her with M's birthday poster... Even though I didn't really want to help her because 1) I wasn't sure I could make something nice. 2)Meddling with personal pictures are definitely nono, heads are so hard to photoshop into posters! 3) I just didn't want to, who the hell is M to me! No inspirations, plus the pictures are big turn off. ( I simply meant hard to photoshop, the quality and everything), I still agreed to help her because I didn't want her to be angry with me.

I can't believe this. There's once I did thought of breaking ties with her foreverrrrr. There's once I tried to ignore her because she hurt me again and again. There's once I was out there to piss her off. There's once I really hated her. There's once I thought that "Hey, I'm not going to care. I exist to piss her off" In the end, I forgot about everything she did to me... All I wanted was to keep this friendship and not for her to dislike me because I rejected doing the birthday poster. That's why I did the bloody birthday poster for her.

She went offline so I sent her through email. I saw her online just now, asked her if she received it.

And all she said what "Ya, why is it so green?".
Okay, acceptable if she can't understand the artistic in green. D; I replied her "Not happy don't use." (I was good enough to help her already)

Next she said "N (M's sister) said it's coool"
Okay, I understand that.

Few minutes later she said "I showed K, she said it supposed to be M's birthday, should put more of her pictures. Too much of P already. Just take off the party hat and remove the parts with P, replace with M"

Well oh well, K, I'm sorry that I do not meet up with your high expectations. I am truly sorry. Was I to blame for putting too many of P's picture? (it was just 2 out of 10) I didn't know what you all expected for this. All I was told to do was "Just do a poster lah. Anything also can." You didn't even give me a theme/scheme to stick to. I'm sorry if you didn't know what a theme/scheme is, you should, by all rights, find out what you wanted first. I know it is M's birthday, therefore her picture is in the foreground and the other smaller pictures are smaller and not so clearly seen. I thought you all wanted more of your own pictures! You know, I told my mom today that I could make a birthday poster for Uncle B, but he doesn't have alot of pictures. Guess what she said? She said "Put my picture mah!"

Helloooo, different people expect different things. Why didn't you people even communicate before asking me to do this? I was sent these pictures, I haven't got the time to complain about how bad the quality is and how hard it is to work with bodyless people, uneven lightings. Oh, you got me first. Congratuluations. If that's the case, you should just send me all of M's pictures. *rolls eyes*

I AM SO SORRY I AM AT FAULT. (sense the sarcasm pleaseeeeee)

Oh, btw, if you think I did a ugly job, jolly well go and do it yourself. Hello, you have a creative P over there. You mean she can't do a card for her friend herself. I am not even close to M, why on Earth should I do this for you! I am not opened for requested posters, hellllooooo. I DO NOT ENJOY DOING A BIT OF THIS FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS. Perhaps, I was sooo sleepy on that day, but I did it till 2AM. You even had the face to ask me to hurry up. Hey, who's asking who for a favour! What was all that effort for?

I don't even get a single word of thanks from anyone of them. No one knew how to appreaciate this effort from me. No one knew how to encourage me even though if it's a bit twinge of ugly? At least say "It's kinda weird looking, abit dark... change here, and there.... but it is OKAY" a word of OKAY will just wrap up the whole thing. I won't be even here ranting of my thoughts, wasting my time on this when I'm supposed to be watching dramas. I did this wholeheartedly, and no one said THANK YOU. Is it so hard to say THANK YOU!

I can't believe how stupid I am. She was telling me how they felt about the poster then she said she had to sleep. Guess what I replied her "I send you the one I edit to your email. If I can lah." I immediately regretted when I said that. How stupid was I? The image was saved in JPEG, and that's hard to edit. Idk why am I sucha softie to you. I don't wish to be controlled like you dolly. The whole world could be angry with me, not you. Not because you are my bestfriend (Error, you are not even my Bestfriend), but something is just restricting me.

I didn't know all these years of friendship meant nothing to you... 5 years and 2008 will be the 6th year. I always thought that maybe you prefered P's gang & we were considered the 2nd 'bestfriend' on your list. Never did I know that we were the FIRST backup friends. Being backups ain't that nice you know, especially when we treat you like one of us but you treat us like some shit. What they said was worth golds, what we said was worth nothing. ):

I am so glad that I chanced upon Qing online at 12AM, she told me she was sleeping! Telepathy was it? She came online when I was really really down. Although I can sense that she was very sleepy, but she still listened to my rants. (: Heh heh. Thank you very much bestie! <3