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“ unhappy lah ”
Thursday, November 1 |11:26 PM

"Do you know Gui Long! He drinks milk!" "Uh ya?" "Huh! You watch until what episode already!""Less than 10" "Then how you know!" "I think I saw before..." .
"Seriously lah, must go and watch okay! *minutes later* I like so you must go and watch."
"ORH." "Aye, you very mean leh."
"I like so you must go and watch what."
"Then I like the show you also never go and watch!"
"Oh, you mean the Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo?"
"I don't like Bang Bang Tang, I DON'T WANT TO WATCH!"
Yes, I am here to spite you. (;
You know what, I think you have issues. If you dislike us, jolly well take your leave. Oh, you've taken your leave so why are you still coming back and taking us as a backup plan for you? Do you know you've hurt some people? For example: Wan Lin & Mei Ee(Maybe) & the three of us. I totally understand how Wan Lin felt, she felt so left out she had to follow us just because you shoo-ed her away. She has been complaining that you shoo-ed her and has been talking about Lynette the whole day. And Mei Ee... Maybe she isn't that sort who cares alot about friendships, but as the third party, I can see that you took Mei Ee as if she was your backup plan too, you went to her as an when you liked, but left her alone when you had someone else. Lastly, the three of us... It's like you've became a bird, so you decided to fly.. Forgetting those who taught you how. You just left us like that, like that. I once took you as a good friend, but I find that you're a total stranger now. I don't understand what's with you.

It's really awkward you know. You once told me "I don't like to go out with just one person, sooo lonely." When I was with you, you tried to find people to tag along with, because you disliked twosomes. Oh, and when you were with Lynette... you were happily living in your twosome world. I'm sure Lynette doesn't actually treat you as a goodfriend as what you've been treating him. No, I'm not trying to spoil their relationships, I wouldn't even want you back. Those two days, you stuck to Lynnete as close as possible. Have you ever thought why only that two days? Because we were having Chinese for the whole day and Lynnette's friends are all having HCL. She took you as a backup too, but the difference was that this backup just stuck to her, and not the usual another way round. & Today you came back to us after sooo many weeks because you were with Mei Ee and you felt lonely with her? Idk.
You go eat shit la.

Anyway, I've realised that Gary's actually Geral Jie's friend's (Samantha) friend! Sucha small world isn't it. Hawhaw, I found his friendster! (;