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“ Walking down the memory lane & booktalk. *edit* ”
Tuesday, November 27 |4:30 PM

Ohmygosh. Just now I disconnected my mouse & when I connect it back, it's not responding. I tried with other mouses but it didn't work. I thought the USB thing on my laptop was spoilt, I was so worried because that's the only one. I restarted my computer, but it took more than 2o mins... I then shut it down and on it again.

Meanwhile I prayed to God, hoping that the mouse would respond. When I opened my eyes, the mouse miraculously blinked twice and the red light underneath it was visible. I don't know if it were God because I prayed when I rebooted the computer. Anyhooo, I am just trying to state what happened. (;

I want a webcam seriouslyy. I have two on my hand now, one is superbly useless. Like watching horror movie like that. And I don't have the installation cd for the other one. Booooo.


"What day is it today?"
I checked my book & told her "27th"

It was then I realised that it was the 27th of November. I think it's my father's birthday. I don't even remember for god's sake.

& I was being sucha gooodie just now. I did a poster for the fanfic I liked (because it didn't have one.) left the link with some online name. She won't be able to track who am I anyway. Heh! I hope she uses it. I'd be damn happy.
"OHMYGOD." - my mother.
I thought what happened, earthquake or something tragic. I walked down the stairs and saw... the picture frame (that was hung on the wall ever since I was 3) was on the table. With one of the parts broken. Wow, what a thing to scream at (OHMYGOD).

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This is not a ordinary picture. It's the picture hung in my house and the biggest picture hung in my house, lol. It's not very ordinary, it has a story.
I was at Sentosa with my family (Yes, including my dad.) Then I just randomly walked over to the stone or whatever, sat down and posed for the camera.

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Same day with awful sunnys.

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At the botanic gardens or bird park? No idea why was I soooo tanned.

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Never ever bring out your identification card pictures. Always horrible.

The 1st,2nd and last picture is horrible! 1st & 2nd picture has really weird hair & fringe. I pinned it up and I don't know how to smile.

3rd picture was the best of all. LOL.

The last picture is in my IC! Hell oh hell. I'm gonna use that picture till I am 30! I chose other nicer photos but the woman gave me the black face and told me "Your head slanted. Can't see the ear. CANNOT." Wth! I look so blur & pale. Grrrr, plus these few small pieces of pictures are so expensive! I wanted to retake, but no money.

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And I'm like that now. (; That's one day before taking my IC photo. Why is there sucha big diff?! lol.


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I've not been blogging lately because I'm addicted to Photoshop (once again), Fanfics (once again) and books! Never did I dare to picture myself holding a book since Primary 3? Haha, that's the last time I really read a book. I bought almost all Enid Blyton series and read most of them because I wanted to compete with Anna. & that's the best part, I read the book because I wanted to compete with Anna. See who reads the fastest kinda thing What a shame, shiqi, what a shame. I never read a book in my life just because I wanted to. Talk about those book reviews we get each year during the holidays, they're all from the almighty World Wide Web. Plagarisizm I know.

& see what the boring holidays did to me? I actually went to San's Bookshop to borrow a story book. You didn't see wrongly, I DID WENT TO BORROW A BOOK. Not a library, it's San's Bookshop, you need to pay, lols. I borrowed this book titled "The child called 'it'". I guess most of you have read it while you're in Sec 1 or even younger... But it's never too old to read, at least I read it. I couldn't find Gossip Girl & Kite Runner. Such a disppointment. A trip to the San's Bookshop magically took one 50 dollar note away from my mom. (She borrowed a book too) My mom was so disppointed because her 50 dollar note just flew off...

Oh, and I've finally met up with my beloved bestie. Awwww, haven't seen her in two weeks, and that's really torturing you know. She was at Heartland's perming her hair (!) while I went there to borrow a book. She's leading a great life without me man, perming her hair at Jean Yip while I die of boredom at home. (Okay, actually life wasn't that good for her, lol) Drop by at Jean Yip's to say hello, chatted awhile, then I left.

Few hours later I saw her online. She was soooo sad that her hair was ruined and it looks horrible. Webcammed and showed me how was it, awwwww. Was supposed to meet up with her today to complain Jean Yip, but Eddie (The hairstylist) was on MC, he must have ran away! Haha. I am relieved I didn't perm my hair there. (in fact, I haven't permed...) As a old customer of Jean Yip... My mom then warned Qing not to let Eddie do her hair because my mom had been a guinea pig for years and her hair is getting lesser. Everything was too late, she permed and she regretted it. I didn't even expect her to step into Jean Yip because her brother is a hairstylist. (Fareast? Idk) Fareast / the place her brother working must have been million times better than Jean Yip! LOL. Then she told me her mother reccommend Eddie because she said he was goood. What can I say... Mother's taste is kinda horrible especially you know.

Note: I am not against her mother nor am I against Jean Yip. I used to do my hair there when I was in Primary School. But it's the hairstylist I'm actually against. (:

Y'know, my life isn't like fantastic. In fact it's really horrible, for example, my house items are going on auction on the 18th of December! That's near Christmas, very unlucky. I used to be a mommy's kid.

My mom fetched me to and fro from school when I'm 13 and 14 years old. But that I have to mention... because the school is far from my house. (Excuses! Oh my) When I was younger, I dined in Restaurants every weekend. Foodcourts are just nono, they are totally out of the list. I get the toys I want(or don't want) with my fingertips. Toys are just a finger point away. I get the luxury average kids don't. I owned sets of Barbie dolls, my Barbie dolls had more relatives than I do. Play Dohs were not only dohs but teeths. (The dentist kind of Play Doh.) I was showered with soo much love.

I think I used up all of my luck in the very first stage of my life.

& fyi, all the toys were from my mom's earnings. My dad was flithy rich but he chose not to invest on me, instead on prostitutes. Maybe if he didn't find prostitutes/(mentally) abuse my family, I would have already owned a Bungalow. I'd be shopping in Orchards, buying anything I like without even looking at the price. I would be doing manicure/pedicure/hair extensions/eyelash extensions/laser hair removal/slimming courses (haha!). I would have enough money to go for plastic surgery for my ultra big face, small eyes and flat nose. Not because of the debts you left us to pay for you, not because of the lawyer's fee, not because of this whole company thing, I WOULD HAVE.

Nevermind, what's over is over. I am happily living my life now, even though I do frequently fantasize how my life would be like if everything didn't happen.

I need to live with what I am left with. (; I can't go for plastic surgeries? So I thought of a great way to deal with my flat nose. The answer is the ultimate clippers! (That's what I call it.) Yes, I used that to clip my nose, I hope by one day I have a nose as sharp as any Ang Moh out there. (I tried photoshopping it. But I look worst.)

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Home clothes make your eyes sore. (;

I do feel that my nose is a little sharper now. ;D Meanwhile I still have no idea how to deal with my eyes and big face. ): Oh, and if you wonder how I breathe... I breathe through my mouth. That's normal for me because I don't really know how to use my nose to breathe (I'm always getting block noses!) All I can do now is to efficiently clip my nose everyday.
What do you do with a BBQ criss-cross thing?
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Barbecue idiot! You're the idiot if you said this, haha. Be creative and do something else!
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I am shocked by the ability that I can blog such a long post! 0_0