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“ ze room revival. ”
Sunday, November 4 |12:03 PM

I'm almost done with staying with the same furnitures in my room since I was 3. One more day till my new bed, bed frame and table to come! (;

Everything's really unexpectedly fast. My mom just told me yesterday that she's gonna get me the bed set soon... Woah, we went to Ikea today and paid for it.

It's seriously unexpected because we had this mentality of not going out. We only wanted to go out to pay the taxes, I tagged along hoping to buy a baking tray. Couldn't get it at Hougang Mall so they suggested to go to AMK. So we got the baking trays at about 4bucks (Quite cheap compared to the one in NTUC - 7bucks) We were hungry so we went to buy chicken rice, while eating we thought of playing Majhong, then we headed to NTUC Xtra at Hougang to purchase a Majhong table which was 20bucks, couldn't find it so we went to some area around my house to look for the table and coincidentally looked at the beds there. The beds were too expensive so they went to Paya Lebar to look for one. Couldn't find what I liked so we went to Ikea.

Hahahaha, my family the best la. Say don't want to go out, ended up 9hours outside like a Kanjiong Spider because he woke up at 12 to work and not to accompany us. LOL.

Anyway, we got really budget. Even though I wanted my room to be ZEN or WHITE but due to the damn cupboard attached to the wall, I couldn't. );

I wanted these;

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Price; Unknown (Haha! I forgot & lazy to check)
Image Hosted by
Price; Unknown (Lazy againn)

But I got these;
Image Hosted by
I got the Queen Sized version of this. $99

Image Hosted by
White Version of this. $19.90

& (those I couldn't find a photo of)
  • 1 vase
  • 2 artificial flowers
  • Notice Board
  • Mirror
  • Some Plastic thing fofr the table
  • Cheapest Queen sized mattress
  • Table (Brown-Black)
  • Quilt Cover (Green & White)
  • Two pillows

  • All from Ikea. ;D

    (Photos from

    Anyway, I went to Ikea today (sunday) for my fitted bed sheet. Oh well, then decided to change my table colour so my delivery was postponed to Wednesday. Had a small quarrel with my mom though. I've waited for sooo long already, what's more 2 days? I get really excited I can't sleep, hahaha. I'll post pictures of my room, the before and after. (;

    I'm waiting for Qing to come to my house nowwwww, she's late. Grrrrr.