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“ F4, 5566, Fahrenheit, BBT?! ”
Sunday, December 16 |3:24 PM

Kinda support ghettolove@imeem Thankyou. ;D

I seriously feel like an outsider when I visit ----- (Hint: it's not a person or a living thing, you can't call that a place either), my presence seems abundant & i'm seemingly invisible to anyone over there. No one bothers and no one cares because I've ---. Used to be my second home, now it seems so foreign.

Yes, I know I used to do my own layouts, but I'm just sucha lazy bum and I wonder if anyone appreciates my layout or do they even see it. I don't do my own now because it's just toooo tedious, credits to detonedlove! Very nice layout indeeed. (;

Wasn't photoshopped at all, hehe. I like the lightings. (:
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I've been sucha fan nowadays. I thought I was all over 5566, but I still do smile and laugh at myself when I hear they're voices on 933FM. I'm quite lucky because I didn't know they had a phone interview. Heheh.

It's really weird. The same time last year, I thought got over Renfu, but when I heard the news that he's coming to Singapore, I actually went to chase him.

No actions taken this year. Since my friends around me don't support them anymore, I doubt I'll be as crazy. One element gone - Peer pressure. & since that no peers influence me, I stop going to websites/forums to chat/check their news. UH, and that's where the problem lies - lost touch with the crazy fans and news and therefore not much of a craze for them. 0_0

Yes, I still do support them. But not to the extent of going to autograph sessions/chasing, unless someone asks me to accompany her. (: I shall be that type of fan who supports them silently by listening to their songs and not queuing in the hot sun to wait for their arrival. Such life is far too crazy for me, I should lead a peaceful life at home. Heh heh.

Maybe, the question is who. 5566 seems more like a elder person now, I mean... not someone who I'll scream or whatever, someone whom I'll look up to. Perhaps, if BBT were to come, I'll go and see them.(if my friends come with me, that is). That's a different case because it's they're first time here and if they were to come, it's the first time I get to see them.

0_0 Very unlikely because I'm having O's next year. So all of such chasing/autograph sessions should be BANNNNNNNEEEDDD. Even if Tom Cruise were to come I also won't go and see him. That's just an example, I do not like Tom Cruise. (: I won't be able to predict the future, but chances are low.

In the past it's "DIE ALSO MUST SEE THEM."
Now it's "Eh, don't see also nevermind. Last time see before already. Can see them on tv good enough le" or "If got people ask me go then I go. If not then nevermind, it's okay."

They're having autograph session tmr night, but I doubt I'll be going. Yessssirree, I haven't even preordered the album. That's in case they do come out different versions.

Ohmg, do look at this link.

This is very pathetic you know. 5566 currently has a 4 digit vote number while the rest has 5 digits. Hahaha, ask me a golden question: Are you going to vote for Lollipop or 5566? Eh, I won't even vote. I like all four boybands, no matter how old or out of fashioned they are. I only posted the link at 5566jstar because I didn't want 5566 to lose so badly. I support all four boybands, i don't understand why fans have to scold other boybands, can't they just support all? The vote question is: Which boyband's album are you going to purchase? I don't even know if I'll buy at all... The last album I bought was Danson's, because I was going to his autograph session. If Vivien were not gonna ask me to accompany her to the autograph session... the last album I bought was, Love Miracle 3 (excluding FLH's, because I bought it for the autograph session also).

I don't quite the lyrics for their new song - He Cai Bei Jing.

[Explicit content, if you can't take it. Skip this whole chunk. Thank You.]

The tune is catchy and nice, but the lyrics make me feel as if they're boot licking China. Seriously, they're from Taiwan. (Fine, Taiwan is part of China, is it?) Alot of singers make me feel as if they're boot licking China - Lee Hom & Jay Chou. They tend to write cheena music, hmmm? Not many songs has countries in their lyrics, I suppose. Why is it BEI JING (I know it's not a country) in their lyrics anyway. I don't care if they're going more of the "DA AI" style or what, they don't have to talk so much of Bei Jing in their lyrics. I was thinking, is it because their targeted area is China, that's why they add Bei Jing in the lyrics? I don't know about you, but I feel that way.

Now I know that they wrote the song because of the Olympics. Fine, but it's still alittle boot licker-ish. BLEH.
[End of explicit content]

"Idols are supposed to allow their fans to fantasize them. If fans can't fantasize on them, then they'll be out" I heard that somewhere.

Quite true actually. I've got friends whom are fans of Renfu, and since he had a child she stopped supporting him because HE HAD A CHILD. What nonsense. But it's true when there's nothing to fanatize about, the fans will eventually find someone else. I see no reason why actually, but I do feel that way sometimes. It's a weird reaction, haha.

Anyway, I've just came up from watching the 4 hour Star Awards. Conclusion is... I still do love 5566, I laugh when I see them. I followed the actions they did okay! Damn cute, got alot of "V" signs, heh heh. I'm wondering, is it that their popularity went down or what. Usually they appear the longest because they normally gave out Top 10 female, now they gave the New Artiste award. 0_0 Instead XiaoZhu gave out the Top 10 male artiste, oh well, I hate to admit but Xiao Zhu's part felt like the highest point, plus he did perform in the award ceremony, while 56 performed backstaged. Oh, but I was thinking Xiao Zhu felt extra because the rest are like a family and he's from somewhere else, LOL. But anyway, he's part is the funniest.

I was shocked that Ou Xuan didn't get Top 10 and she left earlier. -.- Eh, and Kinship didn't got in for any awards? Or is it for next year? LOL. Fann Wong & Christopher Lee super OPENED with their relationship uh. She should have taken care of her appearance, helloo~ She's in a award ceremony and not a party. But nevermind, it's funny.


Wang Zi copied me.

He used my famous pose.



Fine, I know he doesn't know me at all. But isn't it coool, he's using MY POSE, hahaha.

Imma gonna watch They Kiss Again, byeeee.