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“ Make me a fool ”
Sunday, December 30 |12:58 AM

2 more days to the start of 2008. Sighs.

Went to bestie's house just now to do some project. 0_0 We're always the two who's doing the work and meeting up, why? Nevermind, we just took infos from the net and pasted it on Mircrosoft Word and the rest is up to the others, lol? Okay, Jinghao called her. So? What the hell has bestie and jinghao got to do with me right? It's their problem, lol.

-some facts-
Before what I'm gonna say, let's get the facts.ONE Qing agreed to go out with me on Monday (which is the 31st). But when I reconfirmed with her that IT IS THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR, she rejected me because she wanted to go out with her dearest dearest Jinghao, and so yes, I GOT REJECTED BECAUSE OF HER BF. Nah, it's okay, bfs are always more important, in this case.
-end of facts-

I overheard their conversation - (I think) Jinghao had to go out with his badminton team on the 31st, he asked her along because they actually wanted to go out. Bestie rejected the offer because the whole badminton team consist of only guys and she felt awkward. After they hanged the phone, bestie asked me if she should go, and I said "follow your heart", lol. So she called Jinghao and said that she decided not to go, but I think Jinghao wanted her to go and they talked for awhile, then bestie asked me "You wanna go out on Monday?" and no, I did not say agree, I rejected her.

"You wanna go out on Monday?" - Qing
"No." - Me
"You very direct. You really don't want ah." - Qing
"No. You rejected me first, hahaha." - Me
"Oh, I just got rejected." - Qing

lol? :D She damn cute pleaseeeee. I didn't only reject cause I wanted to 'revenge' or any sort lah, I will feel awkward too okay. Like the other time Jinghao's birthday party, everyone's from badminton and I'm not, plus who am I to go for his birthday? His girlfriend's bestfriend or aqquantaince? Just total weird even though he did invited me there. & everyone else sort of know each other because of badminton relations, not me. AWKWARD! & sighs, I've always been rejected by you because of your boyfriend, now you know the feeling of being rejected? Double sighs. I'm always there when your boyfriend isn't free for you, triple sighs.

Even though we're bestfriends we only see each other in school. Okay, we do go out, but not as often as the rest. ): Known you for almost 9 years, been in the same class for 7 years, you've been always part of my life. I know you more than half of my life! Yet your boyfriend you met last year is more important than me, sighs. Urgh, nevermind about that.

BoyFriends = BF, BestFriends = BF. The initials are the same but the whole meaning and importance of BF(s) are totally different. 0_0

:] I was telling bestie that "My mom liked Ku Cha, plus plus plus I didn't even tell her that I liked the song and it was sang by BBT, she just came to me and told me she liked the song that I was listening. I was damn touched. Gosh, like someone finally likes their song (okay, not totally theirs though)! I never thought it would be my mom, ohmg, damn touched." She looked at me earnestly and said "You really like Bang Bang Tang..." lol, I couldn't even continue her statement because I know I won't like them forever, haha.

I don't know but I've been listening to BBT's album since I touched the laptop. Not superbly fantastic though, but the more I listen the more I find it okay, like LISTENABLE. I invented that word. :] Uh and I was finding songs to burn for my mom, then I suddenly thought of 5566, gosh, their songs brought back countless memories. Friendships, Wan Yu and many others. I really really miss them now. But I prefer their old style.

Anyway, what happened to R&B? I really liked their voices and their spirit! I know they've disbanded, but they're really talented (as in the voices) and I think they have the potential to continue their career in the entertainment industry. Sighs, I really love their songs! You see, even their first album sounded so nice, I love the way they blend all their voices together. I seriously feel that they sing well, perhaps not marketed well. :/ Okay, I admit they don't look attractive but they really have nice vocals! So far their the only idol groups that I thought had nice vocals. Eh, FIR is not considered idol lah, they're potential ones, lol.

& (very randomly) fahrenheit hates me.

I was bored so I did this online match thing I found. Results were negative, fahrenheit just hates me. But that's also not my real name, the last chinese character of my name can't be found in the chinese computer dictionary, so yeah, I just anyhow input. My name is just too unique.

& this is so well spread. There's nothing above 50%, lol. Xiaoyu and Xiaojie not bad, but I want Wangzi more.

Gnah, this is so stupid. I am not even going to meet them in real life, and they're not even gonna fall in love with me. Wake up shiqi. *slaps self*

PS: There isn't any 5566 one, so I didn't have a chance to try that out.


You know it's always fustrating when I watch entertainment shows on tv(or youtube), especially taiwan's. It's really depressing when you see a 16 year old guy/girl on screen trying so hard to earn money in the industry. They're just a year older than me, yet they're so independant - working out there while I laze at home to watch what they're doing on tv. :/ Really strange isn't it. Some may even be younger than me! Even though this isn't very common in Singapore because (so you know) studies is priorty. (?) But I think it's quite prominent in Korea, Japan and even Taiwan. Their kids there get into the entertainment industry at a very young age! Look at Boa, she's came into the industry at 14 (correct me if I'm wrong), look at those Japan groups! Ohmg, they're all so young! & look at mfbbt and hshmm, there are some boys/girls whom are 14 years old. Sighs, it makes me feel as if I'm useless because they're out there working so hard for life and here I am lazing at home. Sometimes they don't even look as if they're so young! ): Very depressing, tsktsk.

It's the same as telling me that "Aye, look at the people on the screen! Younger than you/almost same age as you, but they're so famous and they're earning money. Not like you, sit there only know how to spend money, don't know how to work."

I was thinking to myself, eh, they can make it on screen, that means I can too! haha, but it just seems impossible, even though of similar age. Argh, frustrating issue.

Anyway, adolescent girls idolising male celebrity is a very interesting phenomenon. I came across this research on the net.

A research by Karniol (2001) found that girls who do not feel they're ready to have a boyfriend tend to idolise a more feminine idol (this can mean a female idol or male idol with feminine attributes - think JaeJoong of DBSK) compare to those who want and feel ready to have a boyfriend.

Intrigued? I was. Most teenage girls idolise male celebrity isn't it? Be it from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan... :/ Every girl has at least a idolise a male celebrity in their life, unless you're not a girl, lol. I don't know about you, but being in a girls' school for the past 9 years (10th year on its way.) I realise that almost every girl (in my school) has a idol, be it you're a tomboy or an ahlian a A class girl or F class girl. Sure die die also got idol. I really see cases like this okay! Haha. Like I remember what Esther said to me "I think I'm kinda late, starting to like an idol now. You primary school already like." lol, because that time I kinda toned down.

& idols are always packaged nicely and they look so damn stunning because of their stylist, will they look like that if they're not a celeb? Will they be classified under jerks if they aren't themselves now? :/ You never know, celebs always look glamourous and perfect, like those guys you never see in this real world, haha.

I read what amanda wrote on her blog, gosh, did yalun actually say that "希望有些團體不要只賣5566張"? English translate: I hope some boybands won't only sell 5566 alvums. OHMG, did yalun say that! It's very shocking leh. And I read Flh's news just now. Dadong told his fan "Come into my Xin Wo!" then yalun said "I think you go into his bed, more comfortable." And the news said that 'Recently what aaron says really shocked everyone.' Oh and there's this news that yalun said that bbt can't sing. :/ Shrungs, his words are really shocking even though I don't know if it's true or not. Until I see the REAL NEWS/VIDEO CLIP (of what he said), I choose not to believe the things I hear and see around at people's blog. Hear no evil, see no evil. :]

Rewatching Brown Sugar Macchiato's last episode. :] First show I rewatched, that goes to show I really like bbt/bsm. Well, it was this show that made me like Wangzi and bbt anyway. Drama influences alot. Ah, I still hate whoever who decided to cut short this series, it's so rushed out. Poor A Wei, Xiaojie and Weilian, cause they're love stories isn't very developed.

I'm going to sleep early tonight because school's reopening soon! Have to get back my sleeping routine, I woke up at 11AM this morning, damn shagged. I even slept while watching HuanHuanAi, yes, that's how tired I was because I slept at 5AM. I'm so happy now because I'm tired, heh heh.

A damn bee tried to attack me, and I tried to kill it but I didn't succeed. ); Argh, anyway, I'm going to sleep now. Heh heh. 12AM now, damn early to sleep, lol.
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