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“ X'mas Part II ”
Wednesday, December 26 |2:11 AM

Christmas was, well, better than expected actually. ;D The presence of my family/relatives does brighten my day and cured me from loneliness, they're stupid Teochew jokes. And they laugh like witches! So much so, they can go dub the voices for the witches next time. I think it runs in the genes. Haha, you feel like you're listening to a bunch of wizards/witches laughing (the evil type) or a spoil radio broadcasting many different channels.

I'm going to post pictures up tmr, & blog more about it, I promise. Yes, I edited the post and posted the pictures!

I'm sorry, all of the pictures is me, hahaha. Act cute, act pretty, act cool, act act act! whatever you say la, I just want to post the pictures.

& my relatives got a shock/couldn't recognise me because I wore like that.

Nice? :D Did it myself hor! And it's real nails, lol.

Sorry to that woman, but it sure is weird with the plaits, hahaha.

So, I thought Christmas wasn't very good. My aunt (who suffers from depression or some sort) called my mom early in the morning, crying over the phone. Which we all believe that her husband mentally tortured her, the Christmas Party then got cancelled andmy only Cheryl (my cousin) and my 2 aunts are coming over to my house to resolve the problem. After and hour or so, my mom told me that the Christmas Party is still on, I asked why and she said "Aiyah, your that ah yi. She insist she want to go over to the party because she bought a new clothing." LOL? So the Christmas Party was still on.

We drove all the way to Yishun to fetch my uncles and aunties then my grandma, which actually wasn't on the way, then we went to Tampines. We're surprising the earliest there, lol, we're always the latest. I walked behind one of my uncle and aunty, and guess what! My aunt (the host) actually thought I were their daughter, and she said "Hey, LENA!" I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy or sad. Happy because that cousin's dress sense is really fashion and she's skinny, sad because she can't even remember my damn name! She pretended that she didn't say "Lena" and said "Merry X'mas" to me, lol.

Ah, I won't want to elaborate much about the party because it'll bore you people. To summarise, no one recognised me . Prolly because my lack of public appearance or that the last time they saw me I looked like a normal girl next door, wearing tees and jeans with glasses on and tied up hair. :/ Hahaha, very happy because I've shook that image away, like finally. I AM NOT THE SHY/QUIET GIRL NEXT DOOR, but I act and pretend like one, lol. Oh and yes, I finally touched a dog, lol! It's my cousin's but I've never seen it, and fyi I am afraid of dogs (who bark), lol. The dog's really quiet and tame though. :D

*end of edited post*

All I know is that I am superbly tired & I still need to write Commonwealth Essay! Grrrr, why does our school force us to write Commonwealth Essay? The questions are so hard to write, growls. Let's say for example: An intergalactic market research company is canvassing opinions on whether Planet Earth is suitable material for "first contact". What do you think?

What the hell? Tell me how on Earth am I suppose to respond to that question. Oh I beg your pardon, what is intergalactic and "first contact"? I'm giving up on my sleep to finish my holiday assignments, one of the biggest is Commonwealth Essay. Sighs, going back to my commonwealth.

Okay, I just realise that the word limit is 1200-1500. Wth? My current essay is only 400 words, and helloo! Even the O level standard has a maximum limit of 500 words (yes?) Yet you're asking double the amount. I hope the teachers get murdered by the amount of words they read, one essay 1200 words leh, everyone in our school is supposed to write an essay, I hope they die of reading too much.